Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lord' Williams Author Interview

Hello Lord, how are you!

Tell us, what led you to write Shadows of The Heart?

I released Shadows of the Heart for so many reasons. The book has a paranormal feel to it because I wish to reach those who has physic abilities, to let them know they’re not crazy, most important to embrace their gift and not reject who they are. –The spirituality overtures and scriptures are aim directly at Christians, where I confront the core of our/their faith. –In Shadows, I try to display life as it effects you, I and those we live with. The classic battle between Good and Evil.

Are any of the characters you or someone you know?

This question is asked all the time, and it is so unfair, and that’s for reasons I cannot go into. –But the book is fictionally based on actual living people (and this is the first time I admitted so). –Some events are true, most are not. Who is who, I will never tell. These people are trying to find, or maintain peace within their lives, and I must respect that.

What genre is it?

Fiction – Suspense, Romance,

What is Shadows Of The Heart about?

A husband and wife trying to reconcile their marriage before all hell breaks loose. The main character William, knows he’s about to die, but he don’t know when, or how, and he doesn’t know that woman he put out the house a month earlier is returning to him where she must decide to kill him or not.

What were the easiest and the hardest parts to write?

I easiest parts to write were the sex! LOL. But the rest of it was a job. –This book The Unicorns has been a work in progress for over 15 years. Dealing with real life, and real issues these people faced.

How do the Unicorns fit into the story?

Straight from out the King James Holy Bible. Many people believe unicorns are fairytales, but they are mention 10 time in the bible, along with the many references to the Horn. Unicorns are one of those cannot explain topics so it’s much easier to say “there is no such thing”, or “they got it wrong” –Instead of understanding that everything in God’s world is not privilege us in our degenerate state of existence.

I know your just starting this writing journey, but how has it been?

The publishing world is really a journey. I am learning, which makes it easier to accept, because I like learning. –There is a lot to this business, and that’s something new writers and authors don’t realize, this is a business, and it’s not an easy one to conquer.

Does Shadows have a sequel coming?

Oh yes,
A Stem full of Thorns. So get a box of tissues because there will be cheers and tears at the end.

As a writer, what has been your epiphany?

That I am not an writer. I am a story teller. I have always wanted to be an author, because I have the ability to teach, and help many through the art of telling a story.

What was the killer line in the book for you?

There are a lot of parts in the book I just love, but what kicks at me more than anything is when William explain the tattoo on his back. It jaw dropping.

When should we expect it?

Shadows is available where ever books are sold. If you local bookstore don’t have it, tell them to get it.

What do you like to read?

I have a wide range of genres, drama, suspense, mystery, crime drama, fantasy, horror.

What did you do while writing? Music etc?

I usually play music. I would create playlist, CD’s, tapes, whatever with inspirational themes.

When you finished writing Shadows, how did you celebrate?

You really don’t wanna know, but I’ll tell because you asked. I broke out a cheap bottle of Champagne for the wife and I. Finished our glass and got busy.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself having a wider audience and larger following, if that be God’s will.

What do you want people to know about you?

I want people to know I am just like them. –More than what the eyes can tell.

What is your Book and Contact information?

The title of the book is “Shadows of the Heart” 2nd edition. The book is available everywhere books are sold, or purchase it from my website where I will autograph it for you, and send you free gifts.
The book is OUT!!!!!
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