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The Vision Board The Secret To an Extraordinary Life

The Vision Board
The Secret To An Extraordinary Life
By Joyce Schwarz


• Hardcover: 208 pages
• Publisher: Collins Design (November 2008)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0061579084
• ISBN-13: 978-0061579080
Forward by Bob Proctor,
Featured teacher in The Secret
Afterword by Jack Canfield
Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

This book is EXTRAORDINARY!!!
What a Gift!!!
The gift is not in receiving the book, but getting the message.

This book is truly gorgeous.
The Cover made me run my hand over it because it is just beautifully done, with a strip of vision boards wrapping around it.
As I opened the book I was extremely pleased at the quality of the paper and the awesome images were phenomenal.


OK I Thought…. Is this all beauty and no substance????
That answer is a resounding NO!!!

Joyce has created a FANTASTIC piece of work. The book touches on everything about creating the life you want. She is teaching us how to “picture your outcome and goals”, visually.
She has done an outstanding job breaking all the reasons why and how to create the life you want.
She even has case studies, activity sections, which I call “mind-work”, and areas throughout the book where you fill in the blanks, to help you really visualize what you want. She even has pages in the back to write notes to yourself,
but I could never write in such a beautiful book…. I’ll do post it notes!!!

Joyce really bring the point on that you are responsible for creating your happiness.

I loved her realization system called GRABS
G is for Gratitude
R is for Release and Ask
A is for Acknowledge and Ask
B is for Be and Believe
S is for Share

She also uses different key phases such as
“Like Attracts Like”,
“What ever you’re thinking you’re a attracting”,
“Suspend disbelief

Pause and think about just those statements alone.

The book is filled with wonderful affirmations and positive creative energy. I found myself day dreaming my “Outcomes”.

Creating your Vision Statements and Vision Board is a Gift to You.


I am working on my Vision Board and I hope it makes her next book!!!
I’m adding a music button to mine!

I am very Grateful to Joyce for her kindness.


Something else I saw in her book that I think is totally awesome is
Created by Jennifer Lee of
Make a Pocket-Sized Vision Board

Your Unfolding Your Life Vision collage book will be a personal, portable work of art and a visual affirmation of your values, goals and dreams.
This is the coolest thing, visit her site to see the video

Joyce also references this book, I read it, I want the audio version
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

This book is AWESOME as well !!!

CONTEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joyce was gracious enough to send me 2 copies of this
One for me and one for a lucky winner!
Answer This Question
The best and closest answer to the message in this book well be the WINNER!!!!

What is your VISION for your Life?

Contest ends December 18th 2008
So I can get it to you for Christmas


My true wish to all that read this is…
That you have,
Joyce Schwarz’s The Vision Board
And create one
That you carry,
Jennifer Lee’s Pocket size Vision Board
And that
You read and understand,
Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret

It’s all about The Law of Attraction and Living Your BEST Life
“If your not Grateful for what you have, You’ll never have more

Simpy Said, Debra
Debra Owsley

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Joyce Schwarz

Wow, I'm SO glad you like THE VISION BOARD. I love your bookmarks -- I think they are perfect for the start of the new year. I'll be back to you to see what we can 'create' together after the holidays. Good luck with your contest!

jennifer lee

Hi! Wow, thanks so much for the Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit shout out. And so glad you liked the Vision Board book.

Oh, and btw, my website is

And kits are for sale here:

Happy Visioning!

Simply Said Reading Accessories

Your Welcome Jenn!!
I think
"The Pocket Size Vision Board", helps to keep you focused during the day. Especially at work, when someone is getting on your nerves!!!
It also will help keep in perspective what your VISION is.
I have this on my Christmas list!!
Thank you so much for responding.

Simply Said Reading Accessories

your book The Vision Board is Awesome!!! What I have done so far is started my Vision Board bookmark to keep my place in your book! I also have started one on the computer to use as a screen saver and to frame and place on my station at work!!! The actual full size one also has been started to be place over my computer where I spend the most time when I'm home.I want to finish reading the book before completing my projects. Who ever wins this book will be in for a treat.
This book is such a gift. I would LOVE to CREATE something with you
Thank You, Debra

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