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Dark Chocolate Man

Dark Chocolate Man
How long have you been an author?

I have been an Author for 3 years now...still new in the

Have you always written erotica?
No, this is my first adventure into this world

How do you come up with your topics?

My mind is always thinking of thought provoking ways of sexual pleasure and then i started to write them down...and the rest is history...Plus i wanted to really give erotica a spin from a guy's mind...most ladies write it, but I wanted to put my writing skills to the test and do it this way, plus with no one really knowing who I am...I wouldn't get fake responses to it...that is the most important part...But i can tell you about 50% of what i write I have done(Wink)

Where did you get your pseudo name, Dark Chocolate Man?
It comes from hearing ladies talk about chocolate all the time...and how much they love it...(Smile)

For the ladies give us a description of Dark Chocolate Man
Believe it or not I am a hopeless romantic, who loves to cuddles, watch TV together...I am looking for that "One" special lady to be in my life...the one I can walk on the beach with, I love the water it is so peaceful, The funniest thing is that I am that guy that you pass everyday, I love to stay at home and chill most of the until I find her....I am making my travels alone :(

Is your book a series of stories such as the ones you've been putting out on My Space?
Yes, lololol I have several more coming...this year I hope to drop about 5 more

How can we get your book?

You and your fans can find my books on once there put in the name Cougar Club in the search area
or they can come to my My Space page and they can click my buy button right there on my page and get my book.

Can you give us a little taste?
Ha ha ha well tell your fans to come by...because my stuff is for the grown and sexy and I cant post it here

I've been reading the comments; you've gotten a huge amount of fans. What are they saying personally to you?

I have gotten wedding trips to New York, L.A and even
most are excited about what I am bringing to the table. I have some who have even crowned me "The King" of erotica; I always remind them that the title has to be earned but I am doing my best this year to achieve that.

Your strategy on my space has been nothing short of phenomenal, was your marketing planned or by accident?
It was planned, I knew i had to try something different so when I pulled it off the fans started telling their friends and it has grown.

Tell us what how you got so many friends in such a short time?
My blog has brought a lot of them to me...then there was a challenge sent by another erotic writer...he told me he wanted to put his work up against mine. We did it; he posted one of my blogs on his page and i beat him 29-18...these were his fans...his page and so most of them came over to my he then got mad and shut his page down...I didn’t get that part because there are enough fans for all of us. I think most of them have come by my page by word of mouth...once the ladies started talking the friend requests were jumping...and before you knew it I had over 1200 friends in under a month and my blog has been viewed close to 6000 times already.

Do you ever plan to disclose who Dark Chocolate Man really is?
I made a promise to a dear friend of mine...I told her that once I sold One Million Books or downloads (it can be combined) that I would announce to the world who I am....lololol So I am sure she will hold me to my word!

Has your journey been what you expected?
It has been better than I could have ever imagined it would be...the show of support and emails has just been amazing!!!

What's next; what are you working on now?
I am working on my follow up to 'Cougar Club' If they read it they will understand why I have received emails asking about it already (smile)

How will you promote and meet your fans? In disguise?
Most of them are doing it for by talking...I just released Cougar Club and ladies are already talking about, but I will just keep to the internet right some other Interviews...answer ll of my emails and just talk to the fans one at a keeps me on my toes and it also keeps my heart humble. Once I let the world know who I am...I will put on a blitz all over and meet with book clubs...and have book signings


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