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When I Get Where I’m Going

When I Get Where I’m Going

3 sisters with one thing in common, their father.

Heaven is a confused, abused and a lucky girl.

Hope is angry, hurt and is a widow from suspicious circumstances

Alicia has been trying to make it in Hollywood for 13 years, with a friend who is her worse enemy.

The sisters find out about each other from a letter from their father, who is in jail for murder.

Alicia has been contacted by Heaven who claims to be her sister. They share the same father. So when Alicia comes home to have surgery, they have a family get-together. Hope wants nothing to do with this gathering nor Heaven or her father. Heaven and Hopes mother was killed by their father and Alicia was a high school mistake. Glenn, the father tells them they have an elder sister, Alicia that he hopes they will connect with. Hope has her own issues. The mysterious death of her husband 2 years ago has her still in mourning and with no closure. Heavens life is chaos. On probation, a man who beats her and she’s not living, she’s existing. She has also stole her sister’s identity and racked up 10,000 in debt, while her sister was going through the lost of her husband. So the two sisters are estranged.

They say you can’t pick your family but you can surely pick your friends. These sisters become the friends and family they choose. Persistence and several life changing events in these sisters lives, make them realize that they are a blessing to each other they never knew they had.

I truly LOVED this story. I felt the pain and anguish of each sister and LOVED how they came together. Cheryl is one hell of a storyteller. She had me so wrapped up that I could not put this book down. I also loved that she brought Olena Day, the character from In Love With A Younger Man into the story so we could catch up with her. I am always left wondering when reading Cheryl’s books; how much of this is true because it’s so real. Her stories always seem to come from so deep down and feel like they are true confessions.
This book was an outstanding read and is one of the best books I’ve read in 2010. Cheryl if I could give you a 10 on this I would but 5 is as high as I can go. High 5 Cheryl!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Romance Novel Remembers Katrina: STORM by Pamela Leigh Starr

Intimate Conversation with author Pamela Leigh Starr

This week we celebrate the survivors Hurricane Katrina, on its five-year anniversary, and remember those who were lost. On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, LA.  At least 1,836 people lost their lives in the actual hurricane and in the subsequent floods, making it one of the deadliest U.S. hurricanes.  Author Pamela Leigh Starr wants to honor those who survived and continue to thrive by sharing her romance novel, STORM, with readers around the globe.

CATCH the Spirit of Survival
and Renewal!

Discussion: STORM by Pamela Leigh Starr and 5th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Chat Date: Tuesday Night, September 14, 2010 at 8-10 pm EST
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Purchase your copy of STORM by Pamela Leigh Starr and let's discuss the book on BAN Radio Show, Tuesday Night, September 14, 2010 at 8pm EST. 
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Call into the radio show at: 646-200-0402. Three callers will win other books by author Pamela Leigh Starr. 

STORM is a story of hope and the renewal of the spirit that can only come from surviving the devastation of one's history and the loss of everything we hold dear."
--- 4 Stars, Romance in Color Magazine


Author Pamela Leigh Starr traces her love for writing back to her first creation, The Terrifying Night, a comedic thriller illustrated by a classmate. Long after, Mrs. Starr developed romantic stories, falling in love with the never-ending cycle of two people meeting, opening their hearts and finding their way to love.

Ella: Where are you from? How did you start your writing journey?
PLS: I was born and raised in New Orleans where I still live, surrounded by its unique culture of jazz, the best food in the country and people who know how to let the good times roll! Les bon temps roulez!

Ella: Pamela, please introduce us the book STORM and the characters within?
PLS: POST-KATRINA NEW ORLEANS: In STORM experience the aftermath of the worst natural disaster to hit the Gulf Coast through the eyes of the Lewis's as Sabrina Adams and Josh Lewis find and preserve love in the midst of devastation.

John has always been a fixture in her life and Sabrina knew she could count on him to do any and everything... Except admit that he loved her. Despite the fact that she threw herself at him, Despite the closer, deeper relationship that had grown because of the hurricane and its aftermath, John was determined to stay within the eye of the storm brewing between them.

Sabrina was going to make sure that they quickly passed through that false calmness; for it they could survive the horrible winds and rain of the hurricane and deal with the horrific aftermath and destruction of their city after it had passed, she would make him understand that they deserved each other.

Ella: What would you like your readers to take away from your book, Storm?
PLS: I would like readers to gain a deeper understanding of the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Though television allowed the world to witness the aftermath of the storm, the slow rescue and complete devastation of the city I love, I wanted to share a more personal insight of the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Through STORM, I was able to show the Post-Katrina effects on a family my readers have come to know and love. In my 4-book LOVE FOUND series, the Lewis clan gives a Pre-Katrina view of a black, southern family in New Orleans. STORM shows how this strong family came together to overcome the challenges Hurricane Katrina created in their lives as well as the discovery of a love despite them.

Ella: What is the most surprising thing you have learned in creating books?
PLS: The most surprising thing I've learned in the creation of my stories is that I should always listen to my characters. They "speak" to me as I write, guiding the story in directions I had not intended to go. When I begin a story I have an outline and set format. As my character develop they sometime tell me, "Whoa, Pam, that's not what I would do!" or "Are you crazy? I need to...". What can I do but give in to their demands?

Ella: What makes your book stand out and would entice a reader pick it up?
PLS: A pre-Katrina and post-Katrina view of family, love, resiliency and determination makes this series of books stand out. Readers have the opportunity to get to know and love a New Orleans family before Hurricane Katrina and then experience the changes in their livers after the hurricane. I began my LOVE FOUND series long before Hurricane Katrina blew into my life and the lives of the Lewis'.

In my 4-book LOVE FOUND series, the Lewis clan shows a Pre-Katrina view of a strong, New Orleans family . Through STORM, I was able to relay the Post-Katina effect on a family readers have come to know and love. STORM shows how this strong family came together to overcome the challenges Hurricane Katrina created in their lives as well as the discovery of a love despite them.

Ella: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
PLS: I would like readers to gain a deeper understanding of the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Though television allowed the world to witness the aftermath of the storm, the slow rescue and complete devastation of the city I love, I wanted to share a more personal insight of the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

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Article: Your Day Is Coming by Shelia E. Lipsey

Your Day Is Coming by Shelia E. Lipsey

Book Launch Party for My Son's Ex-Wife: The Aftermath by Shelia E. Lipsey
Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 8-9:00pm EST
Speak to Shelia by calling into the show at 646.200.0402

Chat with the partygoers here:

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.
This is taken from a well known passage of scripture, Ecclesiastes 3:1 King James Version to be exact. I have found this verse to be true with each moment that passes in my life. There was a time when I felt like I would never reach the pinnacle of success that I have achieved in my literary career. There were times I would cry and ask God, “When is my time?” I have learned through living that there is a time for everything, even when it comes to the ordinary things of life. Even when it comes to my writing, there is a time for everything.

I often dream of doing great and marvelous works. I have a desire to help others achieve their dreams and provide the resources they need to help them accomplish greatness. I believe that my time has arrived. It is my season to see the desires of my heart come into fruition. Not only has God blessed me to be a writer, but he has blessed me to be an award winning author of Christian fiction books. The desires of my heart are constantly being met, but not in my time. They are being met because it is my season. My season is now. I see doors opening and I see pathways being stretched before me. I am closer than I think.

If you are an aspiring author, I encourage you to remain full of hope. I encourage you to keep moving in the direction of your dreams. I encourage you to learn and study the craft of writing. Read what you want to write. If you desire to write fiction, read fiction. If you desire to write nonfiction, read nonfiction. If you desire to speak, listen to successful speakers. Learn your craft. Many of us ask for certain things to come forth in our lives, but we don’t want to do the work that is required to bring dreams into the state of reality.

Your desires, your dreams, your life’s goals, your hopes, are achievable if you first of all: Believe. Believe that what you desire is possible. Believe that your day is coming. Believe that you are closer than you think.

Next: Work. Work toward achieving your dream. Research, learn, study and do not give up. Work hard at what you want. Work hard for what you want. Network with others who are willing to share information with you. Work on your dream as often as possible. Work on being the best that you can be. Work. Work. Work.

Have Passion: Passion is what will drive you to never give up. Passion will push you toward seeing your dreams and the desires of your heart come to pass. Passion will ignite the fire within you to move in the direction that leads you on the road to success. Without passion, your dreams, your desires and goals will die. Keep Passion in your life, even when you don’t see anything happening.

Applaud. Applaud others for their accomplishments. Do not be envious or jealous of those who are already at the place you’re trying to reach. Applaud them because that means you have a chance to make it too. When I see someone else who has ‘made it’ then I know that God will do the same for me. If I am jealous and angry, mad or envious over the success of others, then I null the chances of my success. Always seek good for others and good will return to you.

Your desires may not come when you want them to, and that’s all right. They may not come when you expect them to. So what? All you have to do is believe that to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Believe, work, have passion and applaud others because your day is coming. As a matter of fact: "You're closer than you think."

Christian Novelist, Shelia E. Lipsey, is a native Tennessean, residing in the city of Memphis. She attended Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi, graduating magna cum laude with a BBA degree. Shelia is an award winning, bestselling author of four Christian novels. She is also an inspirational speaker, professional proofreader and literary expert.

If you would like to contact Shelia Lipsey, please do so at  or   Click here to read the full bio, preview her latest release and listing of books:

My Son’s Ex-Wife: The Aftermath  is the second book in Author Shelia E. Lipsey’s My Son’s Wife trilogy. The story of the Graham family continues in My Son's Ex-Wife. First Lady Audrey Graham is more than relieved when Stiles encounters the young, vivacious nutritionist Detria Mackey. Rena is equally captivated by recent divorcee, Robert Becton.

Does the handsome, science teacher Robert Becton possess what Rena needs to give her life a much needed jump start? When Rena returns to Memphis for less than pleasant reasons, Stiles and Rena realize they still have deep feelings for one another, but will their feelings overcome the past that severed their relationship?

Will Audrey manage to come between them again or will other circumstances intervene that will give them cause to rethink their past and move forward to the future. Available at bookstores and online at,, and

Order your copies today at the author’s website:

Brought to you by EDC Creations and Black Pearls Magazine. Visit the magazine here:

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Don't Blame the Devil

Don’t Blame the Devil

You can’t Blame The Devil for everything, especially when she shows up 40 years later. Deacon Pillar has more skeletons in his closet than a graveyard. One he thought was long gone shows up in the church parking lot. Delilah has her own interpretation of religion, and she thinks she’s owed something. Delilah looks like Lena Horne, sings like an angel but is hell in a Navigator. She and the deacon have some unfinished business that has come to pass. Unknowingly the time has come. The aging but still sassy diva has found some skeletons too that she abandoned but had been searching for, wrapped up in a neat package that includes Deacon Pillar. Jessie and Tamara have no clue what is going on between the deacon and Delilah, or that there is any history. They are wondering what in the devil got into the deacon little do they know the devil is Delilah, and the deacon also finds out you can’t bargain with her either.

Don’t Blame the Devil is a 5 Star story was really hilarious. Pat G’Orge Walker did a phenomenal job with this "Devilishly" funny tale.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Diamond

About the Author

The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Diamond Blog Tour

Chizellé T. Archie is an author, registered school nurse, mother and wife for thirteen years to her husband John Archie. She works for a private school and lives in Atlanta, GA with her family.

About the Book
Posh Manhattan investment banker Victoria Diamond Carti√©r lives a life of ultimate success: owning an affluent estate in Harlem’s Hamilton Heights district, working on 5th Avenue, and having the love of her devoted husband Malcolm. But when Victoria discovers that her marriage is a lie, she uncovers a deadly horror that may threaten her belief in healing, second chances at love with Marcel and God’s providence over her diamond life.


Chizelle Archie talks about The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Diamond

MP3 File


Chizelle Archie talks about what she hopes the readers will learn from reading
The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Diamond.

MP3 File


Chizelle Archie reads an excerpt from The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Diamond.

MP3 File

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Flaws and All

Flaws and All Blog Tour

Shana Johnson Burton is the best-selling author of Suddenly Single, First Comes Love, and Flaws and All. She lives in Georgia with her family and is currently a high school English and Journalism teacher and the co-host of "The Lovely Magazine" radio show . She was a 2009 Georgia Author of the Year nominee for Best Fiction (First Comes Love). Her next novel, Catt Chasin’, will be released in 2011.

Shana Burton talks about her latest novel, Flaws and All, and shares an excerpt.

About the Book

Faith, family, and friendship have always been top priority to lifelong friends Lawson, Reginell, Sullivan, Angel, and Kina, but each one is about to be put to the test during one turbulent year.

Lawson Kerry is a struggling single mother who has finally gotten her life together. Now, a fierce custody battle with her ex threatens to the tear apart everything she’s built.

Reginell Kerry is a starry-eyed singer determined to make it to the top of the charts, but will she change her tune when a chance at fame means shedding her clothes and her self-respect?

Sullivan Webb is the pampered wife of a charismatic pastor with political aspirations, but she just might destroy her husband’s campaign and their marriage if she can’t control her wandering eye.

Angel King has dedicated her life to nursing following the destruction of her marriage. Can she maintain her professionalism when she discovers that her newest patient is the woman who stole her husband?
Kina Battle has had enough of her husband’s verbal and physical abuse. When she’s pushed to the edge, the situation heads in a deadly direction, and there’s no turning back.

Nothing is sacred, all bets are off, and the lives of these ladies will never be the same. Will they have the strength to hold on to their friendships and put their trust in God?

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Book Review--One Who Loves You More by Andrea Clinton

Life Knows No Bounds: One Who Loves You More
by Andrea Clinton

• Alisa is a money grubbing gold digger who sashays through her days wearing this title like a tiara. Feeling life’s all about the expensive gifts and money a man can give her, Alisa follows the steps of her mentor and basks in the glory of using men, until she stumbles upon Omar.

Omar is an African American Muslim trying to fight his demons and find his way back to the Islamic life he knew as a child. Distraught over disagreements that divided the Muslim community a decade prior, where many Muslims became victim to inner city chaos, Omar became a product of his environment and is at the head of that chaos.

Tired of hearing her mother rant and rave about her gold digging ways, Alisa decides to take her great grandmother’s advice, "Always get a man who loves you more than you love him."   Stumbling upon Omar in his brand new Cadillac, Alisa decides to make him her man, or rather, her victim, or will the tables turn?   Hell erupts, splatters like geysers, while skeletons and bones fly out closets in, Life Knows No Bounds, “1 Who Luvs U More.”

Andrea Clinton: What Impact will this book have my readers?
Readers will learn about a very overlooked profession on the rise, "Gold Digging."  They'll get to see that there's more than what meets the eye when women toy with men's emotions and  use them for their hard earned money.

RAWSISTAZ Book Review -- 4 Stars
"Life Knows No Bounds: 1 Who Loves You More,"  Andrea Clinton's first installment in the LIFE KNOWS NO BOUNDS chronicles, is a harsh realistic portrayal of urban love and life in mid-1980's New Jersey. Alisa, a boastful, self-proclaimed gold-digger, finds herself lost in a world of love and conflict as she tries and fails to apply her great-grandmother's wisdom to her complicated love life.

Alisa is well known in her hood for her selfish, gold-digging ways. Despite aggressive warnings from her family, she has mastered the game of getting a man for everything he has and gracefully moving on to the next. But when she hooks up with Omar, she soon realizes that she has entered into a game that she is ill-equipped to play.

Omar, a young, sexy hustler from around the way, knows what it takes to get Alisa's attention. He uses his flashy car and genteel manners to lure her in, but he has so much more in store for her. They start a tumultuous love affair that's riddled with gun fights, jealousy, expensive gifts, explosive arguments, and Alisa's spoiled rotten attitude. When Alisa's antics push Omar to the limit as he struggles with the conflict of his religion and his love for her, the future of their relationship is gravely threatened.  "Always get a man who loves you more than you love him", the powerful last words of her dying great-grandmother which Alisa vowed to follow. When she finally understands the meaning of those words, it may be too late, as she comes dangerously close to losing what she fought so hard to gain.

With Life Knows No Bounds: 1 Who Loves You More, Andrea Clinton has created a dynamic urban love story, decorated with realistic dialogue and hard-hitting pragmatism. The story was compelling and the characters were vibrant. Although Alisa was a spoiled brat with an ugly attitude, I found her to be relatable and worthy of my empathy. I felt Alisa's and Omar's struggle until the very end and found myself routing for them despite their flaws and troublesome relationship. Life is no fairytale and Clinton has colorfully portrayed that truth through this novel.  I was able to thoroughly enjoy the read. I recommend this novel for those looking for an explosive urban love story with a realistic perspective.
--- Reviewed by Guest Reviewer Monique D. Mensah, The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

Author Andrea Clinton

About The Author:
Andrea Clinton is a novelist, poet and essayist, and aspiring screenwriter/filmmaker. As a Montclair State University graduate, she posses’ a degree in English, Film and Journalism. She’s the founder and CEO of the non-profit organization, People Helping People; worked as Editor in Chief of AMISTAD newspaper, New Jersey; and is presently working on a biography and screenplay featuring the life of her uncle George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic and the Clinton family. Visit with Andrea at the Around-The-Way Publishing, LLC website:

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Finding the Way Home by Fabiola Sully

Finding the Way Home by Fabiola Sully
This book is for any one who experience roadblacks, challenges, and obstacles in life. I am opening my soul and experiences to the world; so that readers will know that they are not alone.

I have written and published my book of poetry, "Finding the Way Home" in 2009.  It is a group of poems written from my early college years through the year 2008. The poems pertain to my life experiences, roads I have taken and obstacles I have faced growing up. I've dealt with my emotions and issues more effectively by writing them down. Whenever I felt low and going through situations, I wrote them down. My poems are about growth and finding your true self.  You can't find yourself or see what you are capable of, without dealing with the harsh roadblocks and walls in your life.  I have written this book for young girls and adult women who are dealing with a life of fear and doubts.

Book Video: Finding The Way Home

WHO I AM by Fabiola Sully

I'm the one you tease
Because I'm different.
I'm the one you bother
Because I'm merely there
I'm the mat you step on
I'm the rock you kick around

And you think you can control me
Like I'm the clay and you're the sculptor
Like I'm the robot and you press my buttons
But you can't control me

I may be nothing as you say
But your words don't mean jack to me
Sooner or later you'll see me on the street
With my head held high,
While you're eating my dust
And I'll be wondering
Who's laughing now!

About Fabiola Sully
I am from Long Island, NY but born in Brooklyn. I have been writing since I was seventeen. I became interested in poetry after taking a writing course in high school, this continued on into my college years. Currently, I work full-time and write part-time. I started taking part in poetry slams and blogs to show off some of my work. I would like to do poetry readings and perform in more shows.

You can view samples of my work and blog on my Myspace page:   or on Facebook under Fabiola Sully. Other than poetry, I am into movies, reading, acting, wrestling and basketball, the arts & theater, music and world travel. If you have any questions or comments, you can email me at  For more information, visit

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Bettye Griffin

Hello Bettye,
Deb: Who are you?
Just your average fiftysomething, black, left-handed, nearsighted Moonchild who writes.

Deb: Tell us, what led you to write Trouble Down The Road?
I’d gotten emails from readers over the years asking for a sequel to The People Next Door. At first I declined, because I felt the story was over, but I always left open the possibility, saying that if a good storyline came to me I’d write it. Then an idea began to form, and suddenly I had a storyline.

Deb: What genre is it?
Women’s fiction. I do write romance as well, but this isn’t a romance.

Deb: What is Trouble Down The Road about?
Let’s see…secrets being found out, lies being exposed, marriages in trouble, misguided loyalties…does that whet your appetite for a good book to devour? Publisher’s Weekly calls it a “tart and torrid tempest” and says that “Those who crave their drama fast and furious will surely enjoy.” And the editor of the Black Expressions Book Club (Trouble Down The Road will be offered as a Main Selection in their catalog) told me her staff loved the scenarios the book addresses. I’m happy to say that reader response has been positive…I invite you to read the reviews on,, and

Deb: Are any of the characters you or someone you know?
: Good heavens, no. Made-up people are much more interesting than real ones.

Deb: You have another book coming out also, The Heat of Heat; let’s chat about that.
: The Heat of Heat is a sexy contemporary romance, the main characters of whom were introduced to readers as teenagers in two of my earlier novels, Chantal and Sinclair Hatchet in From This Day Forward (2002) and Yolanda Jones in Closer Than Close (2003). They’re now in their mid-20s, living in New York, and looking for love.

Here’s the copy from the back cover:

Twentysomethings Chantal Hatchet, her sister Sinclair, and their good friend Yolanda Jones are working on building their careers. Their love lives, though, are another matter…until the night of rising singer Carlos Brown’s concert on his native Long Island, New York.

Chantal has a close encounter with handsome CPA Trystian Rogers…very close.

Yolanda catches Carlos’s eye mid-song, making for a very public love connection…but can it last?

Sinclair has no luck that night, but soon she meets magazine publisher Ivan Price, and from that first moment they, like the others, are caught up in…The Heat of Heat.

The Heat of Heat will be published as a trade paperback through my own Bunderful Books imprint and will be available this fall. I will be offering a fabulous deal on pricing through the Bunderful Books site, so stay tuned!

Deb: How many books have you written?
Trouble Down The Road was my 17th title. All have been full-length novels; I don’t do novellas.

Deb: Not calling any of your babies ugly, but which was your favorite?
The one I’m currently working on!

Deb: As a writer, what has been your epiphany?
Probably when I realized I’d be writing whether I was contracted or not.

Deb: How do you handle negative reviews?
When a reader says they just couldn’t get into one of my books, that’s okay; I understand every topic isn’t for every reader. When a reader complains, I read their gripes carefully and determine if they have a valid point, then do something about it. Don’t get me wrong…I have utmost confidence in my abilities as a writer, and I believe I’m quite good at it. But I certainly don’t believe that it’s not possible to improve. I’m very open to criticism—I belonged to a very tough critique group before I was ever published, so I was well prepared. One thing I don’t do is convince myself that the person who posted an unflattering review is out to get me for some reason, or try to soothe myself with that lame line about it being just one person’s opinion, because in my opinion, LOL, that’s just plain silly. It’s all about mastering the craft!

Deb: Have you ever written anything that left a bad taste in your mouth?
No. I’m not a hack, and I don’t follow trends. I write what I want to write. Life’s too short…and at this point, that ain’t just talk!

Deb: What else do you have brewing?
An absolutely fabulous women’s fiction story about a mother, two daughters, and a long-held family secret; and a political-themed contemporary mainstream-ish romance that I must say is pretty doggone good, too!

Deb: Why do you write?
Because it’s in me! Writers write, artists paint, poets, uh...well, you get the picture.

Deb: What makes your book stand out and entice a reader pick it up?
That’s really a question for readers to answer; I just create the story.

Deb: Where do you get ideas? Where you receive motivation?
Anywhere and everywhere. Sights, snippets of overheard conversations, the “what if?” game, newspaper and magazine articles, etc.

Deb: Which of your books has bought the most responses from readers?
Probably Once Upon A Project, which I’m pretty sure has been my top seller to date.

Deb: Do you read you?
Only when I’m editing, at which time I’m ruthless, tearing into what I’ve written like a hungry shark, leaving red ink instead of blood all over the place, but on the other hand, I’ve been known to read what I wrote and say, “Damn, I’m good!” as well.

Deb: Thus far what has been your greatest reward?
If we’re talking about something I can put my hands on, it would be the money. If we’re talking about emotional, it would be the emails from readers. Some of them are quite poignant, particularly those I received after the publication of If These Walls Could Talk. Many people who’d been in the same situation as those characters (who bought homes in the suburbs and found home ownership more challenging than they expected).

Deb: What are a few things you’ve done to promote your work?
Very little. I announce the publication, post an occasional excerpt, post reviews (the good ones), and create book trailers if I can find photographs of people who resemble my characters.

Deb: And you make the best soundtracks to go with the theme of the story..LOVE THAT!!

Deb: Who are your mentors?
Never had one. But my fellow author Marcia King-Gamble reached out to me when my first book was published. I’ll never forget her kindness. Authors are busy people.

Deb: Marcia is the one who encouraged me to do something with my bookmarks! She is very supportive!

Deb: What advice do you have for aspiring authors?
It’s a jungle out there. Try to come up with a fresh idea, and execute it well. Writing a novel might take three weeks, but polishing it should take months.

Deb: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Probably the same place I am now. I don’t write because I think I’m going to get someplace; I write because it’s in me.

Deb: What do you want people to know about you?
That I write a damn good story.

Deb: What are your future plans? Any new books? Upcoming book signings? Other literary events.
As mentioned, my next book will be a contemporary romance, The Heat of Heat. No upcoming signings (don’t really do those anymore) and no definitive plans for public literary events, either (don’t do many of those, either).

Deb: What do you do for fun?
Spend time with my husband and friends, cook, watch old movies, jigsaw puzzles, travel.

Deb: Can you share contact information?
You can email me through my website,
You can write me at P.O. Box 580156, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158. You can befriend me on Facebook.
You can visit my blog, And please do visit the Bunderful Books site at


(Other than the Bible)

1. One book that changed your life: Waiting to Exhale by Terry McMillan. I said, “Wow! A book about black folks who aren’t slaves or being persecuted or discriminated against!” It might sound silly now, but back then it was a big deal.
2. One book that made you laugh: Blue Heaven by Joe Keenan. Hilarious. This writer went on to create scripts for Frasier and Desperate Housewives.
3. One book that made you cry: Plenty Good Room by Teresa Watson-McClain.
4. One book that you've been meaning to read: What Mother Never Told Me by Donna Hill. It’s often hard for me to find more than a few minutes a day to read, and good writing usually spurs my desire to create my own stories!
Deb: Donna's book was awesome, it was worth the 10 year wait. It is the sequel to Rhythms.

Thanks, Deb!
You're welcome Bettye, great interview!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Kool to be Smart

Synopsis: The tale of a young boy who is ridiculed and disrespected by his school mates because of his God-given gift of intelligence. Nigel an 8-year old boy must learn how to overcome the persecution of his classmates while also dealing with the death of his father. Once home from school Nigel finds comfort with his two best friends Juan and Frankie (who attend catholic school). Each night Nigel prays asking God to take away his gift of being smart. Will Nigel be granted his wish or does God have a better plan for the boy?

Janice Reaves, the author
, grew up in a single-family household in San Francisco. The product of a neglected school district, she barely graduated from High School with a 9th grade education. It wasn’t until she went on to college where Janice remediated her education. She never believed in her true gift of writing, it was not something she enjoyed. However, Janice’s instructors would often return her assignments with comments such as, “great metaphor”; “wonderful transition”; or “good analogy”. Janice had no idea what her teachers were talking about. However, years later, on a dare, Ms. Reaves wrote her first book, and within 12 months her first work of fiction, Hidden Reality, was self published.

Janice Reaves hopes that the works of literature she pens will empower, encourage and inspire children to read and believe that they can become all that they imagine themselves being. Contrary to what Ms. Reaves experienced growing up, she hopes no child ever feels ashamed to read out loud or to be who they are; whether they are black, white, brown, or poor. Janice believes all kids are talented, she’s quoted as saying, “We just have to nurture that talent to ensure it is develops properly.”

Janice’s focus & mission is for children to know that God has made them all a promise and all they have to do is believe and achieve. She feels our disadvantaged youth can become writers, poets or whatever they envision for themselves. Ms. Reaves hope to someday create a traveling youth summit with an outreach extending from city-to-city and state-to-state.

Excerpt: Once home Nigel would cry to his mother telling her how mean the kids were to him at school. Nigel wished that he wasn’t so smart and maybe than the kids at school would like him. Nigel’s mom prayed with Nigel daily explaining why the kids made fun of him, because they were envious of him and wished they could be as smart as he was. Nigel found that very hard to believe so every night before he went to sleep he would pray asking God to make him not so smart, but every morning when he awakened nothing changed, he was still smart.

Interview with Janice:

Why do you write Children’s Books? I feel our children are in need of help. In so many homes there is no guidance, no direction, and in so many cases no supervision.

What do your readers like most about your book? They see that change is possible and this gives them hope of a positive future.

Is Kool to be Smart coming from your childhood experience? Yes! I think when a writer writes in some way or another he or she will pull from a known experience.

How did you create such an inspirational children’s book? I feel the pain of those around me and that motivates me to find a solution.

Will we hear more of Kool to be Smart?
Kool to be Smart will be a series that will empower, motivate, and inspire our children to be all that God has created them to be.

I heard that you became a writer because of a dare? Yes! A friend dared me to write a book and a year later my first novel Hidden Reality was born. I never enjoyed writing, I never considered my self a writer; but those around me saw a talent that I was blinded to. I had professors who would often write comments on my papers like “great metaphor” “wonderful transition.” I had no ideal what they were talking about. This is why I do what I do. I want to make believers out of non believers. I want our children to know that God has made them all a promise and if they believe they will achieve.

Where can readers find your books? They can always find my information on

For Booking Information


Janice’s Publishing

Visit Janice at
. Email:
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Dying on the Edge

Dying on the Edge Blog Tour with Francine Craft

Getting to know Francine Craft…

Since romance novels have a pretty set formula that they follow, how difficult do you find it to continue to write stories that will make loyal romance readers overlook that aspect of the book?
Actually, if you like romance, the plot ideas are endless. Where do you suppose those prolific writers like Norah Roberts and Brenda Jackson find their ideas. The world is full of romantic ideas. My head is and always will be full of romantic ideas.

Do you ever suffer from writers block? If so, how do you get past it?
Except for that 11-year period I mention when I was so hurt and upset when my first novel was published in 1975 by Berkley, an excellent publisher, and given a lurid, ridiculous cover and the copy was run completely unedited because it was interracial and a woman who obviously hated it sent it over as camera-ready, I have had no more blocks. I have enough novels in mind to last for 50 years.

How do you handle negative reviews?

I utilize the old southern saying: Consider the source. Some negative reviews are so plainly the hatchet job of someone who wants to want or has tried to and envies you your success at being published. These days a lot of people believe they can succeed without the effort it takes and they’re frustrated. Yes, I just consider the source.

About the Book

A Multicultural, Multilayered Romantic Voodoo Mystery) – Click here to view the book trailer


Film star Maggi French is on top of her game, and she wants billionaire real estate mogul Kurt Wilder for herself, even though he's married and has a child. He owns Wilder Film Studios, and Maggi's drive for power demands she have him as her husband. She'll go to any lengths to get him, including voodoo. Maggi lives on the edge of an emotional precipice. Will her hunger for Kurt provide the thrust that pushes her over?


Kurt Wilder has romanced many women and his wife knows all about them. Once he thought he'd divorce his wife and marry Maggi. Now he's drifting and she's clinging. Has he figured out a way to be free of her forever?

About the author

Francine is a long-time, prolific, bestselling multicultural romance and romantic suspense writer for publishers such as Harlequin, BET and Kensington. Her slogan is: Books that Warm the Heart the and Enrich the Soul. She is also popular on the international front, especially in the UK, and gets treasured fan mail from readers in the United States and worldwide. Several of her books have been translated and Harlequin distributed five as Introductory Books. She feels that nobody values their fellow humans more than she does, but adds that they can be trying sometimes which doesn't keep her from loving them.

With DYING ON THE EDGE, Francine has written and self-published a romantic voodoo mystery with Wheatmark Publishing and her own imprint of Craft's New America Press. Edge is well researched, written, edited and proofed. A lot of people who've read advance copies have loved it and she hopes you will too.

Leave a comment and be entered to win a wonderful Harry & David tower of treats courtesy of Francine! Winner will be randomly chosen by the author and announced on the last day of the tour.

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