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Think Pink bookmark

There once was a woman who woke up one morning,
looked in the mirror,
and noticed she had only three hairs on her head.
Well," she said, "I think I'll braid my hair today?"
So she did
and she had a wonderful

The next day she woke up,
looked in the mirror
and saw that she had only two hairs on her head.
"H-M-M," she said,
"I think I'll part my hair down the middle today?"
So she did and she had
a grand day.

The next day she woke up,
looked in the mirror and noticed that she had only one hair on her head.
"Well," she said,
"today I'm going to wear my hair in a pony tail."
So she did and she
had a fun, fun day.

The next day she woke up,
looked in the mirror and noticed that there wasn't a single hair on her head.
"YEA!" she exclaimed,
"I don't have to fix my hair today!"
Attitude is everything.
Be kinder than necessary,
for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Think Pink

Read and tease

Read and tease
Most people who know me, know I LOVE BOOKS. They know I am reading something or just got finished a book or 3. So my clients at the salon know it even more. I always have the last few and the current books I've read or reading, at my station, by the dryer, or in my purse. I get to share, discuss, and tease my girls.

After I relax and put a conditioner in their hair, I put them under the dryer with a current read. I rinse and talk about what they have read for the last 15 minutes. I then roll or mold and put them back under for 30 to 45 minutes more. As I am blow drying, flat ironing, or laying that hair, we are talking about what they have read, now, an hours worth. I love to tease them about what's coming next, and oooh girl you gonna love the ending.

Those who are new to the salon will ask " I can I borrow it" those who are not, know better! "I don't loan books, authors don't get paid on loans, only banks" is my standard answer. I'll hand them a bookmark or even write the authors site on the back of my card. Yeah, I have gotten some smart ass remarks. But you get paid for working, why should they?

I then promply send them on their way to the book store or to the site to continue. I LOVE when they come back and we can really get into the story because then, I know they have read the book. The surrounding ears are hearing us laughing and discussing and want to to know which book we are talking about. I start the process again, under the dryer. Subliminal suggestion, gentle persuassion, soft sell, maybe. Just letting it do what it do.

Now the moral of the story is............

you figure it out and let me know what YOU think, please post a comment

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pleasure Principles by Lesley E. Hal

Pleasure Principles by Lesley E. Hal

Listen to the sexy preview here:

Can Bianca keep a married couple from finding out that the person they’re cheating on each other with is her?  Or will living the love-them-and-leave-them lifestyle that Rick James and Teena Marie sang about in the eighties be more fire than desire? That’s the mantra that has become Bianca Brooks’ claim to fame after being stood up at the altar by her longtime fiancĂ©, Michael Jones, five years ago.

Since then, Bianca’s life has consisted of a steady string of bedmates and running her burgeoning event planning company, Pleasure Principles, with best friends Cody and Reggie. With love having nothing to do with her newfound lease on life, Pleasure Principles is her one and only commitment, until she meets Taylor, wife of Dallas Mavericks golden boy, Eric “All Air” Sims. A torrid affair ensues with Eric being none the wiser until he pays Bianca an eye-opening visit. During his stay, Bianca’s world is turned upside down when she finds herself in the middle of a forbidden love triangle, adding even more drama to her already flawed sex life.

Even though Eric’s being unfaithful, his insecurities run rampant, prompting him to hire a detective to see where Taylor’s infidelities lie. When given the proof he needs, all hell breaks loose and everything about Bianca’s promiscuity brings forth malicious consequences of revenge.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Diary of the Secret Wife

The Diary of the Secret Wife

Synopsis - People always say that journaling is good for the soul...those people don't know Sheree. She knew the deal when she married Matt. She was suppose to be the silent wife, but when that silence made her invisible, it was a problem. Her invisibility allowed Kelly to be the woman in the eye of Matt's friends, family, and colleagues. Matt was the kind of professional that had to keep a perfect image; an image that didn't include a black wife and mixed breed baby. Trying to deal with Matt, Kelly, and the fact that she can never be seen, was proving to be to much for her. To add insult to injury, their baby is stuck not knowing his fathers side of the family; he is the biggest secret of all.

All the while she continues to be the perfect wife and mother. The rage inside and builds until she can't hold it anymore. There is a plan brewing and her diary is the only one that knows...

• Excerpt

“Hold on,” he told the person on the other end of the phone. Looking at Sheree, “I am not discussing this with you right now. I am tired and I need to get some sleep before I have to go back to work at nine,” he informed Sheree calmly as he walked off. He pinched the baby’s cheek and walked up the stairs toward the bedroom. “I’m sorry, what were you saying?” he continued on the phone.

Sheree couldn’t believe what had just transpired. She and Matt had been married for a little over a year and had dated for three years. She had never seen him act like that. She was used to coming second when we in the eye of the public, but never in their own house. He was treating her like some ho off the street. Sheree didn’t understand it, but she damn sure wasn’t about to settle for it. She put Lil Matt’s swing on automatic and ran up the steps. By the time she got to the top of the steps she heard the shower start. She attempted to catch him before he actually got in the shower.

“Matt!” she pounded on the door. “Matt, open the fucking door!”

“Sheree, I am not in the mood for this right now; I just wanna clean up so I can get a quick nap,” Matt replied in his normal, non-emotional voice.

“Not in the mood….just wanna clean up?! Don’t you think I need to know where you been all night?!”

“A meeting ran late,” he responded.

By this point Sheree was heated. She couldn’t believe he was acting like it was no big deal that he hadn’t been home since the morning before. It was almost as if he thought since Sheree hadn’t made a big deal out of anything before that he could do whatever he wanted to.

“Matt if you don’t bring ya ass out of that bathroom, we gonna have a problem,” she threatened.

The door didn’t budge. Matt was not going to open that door. Sheree decided that if he wasn’t going to open the door himself, she was going to do it for him. She ran down the steps to grab a butter knife. She heard noises on the way down the steps. She had completely forgotten Lil Matt was in the swing. He was giggling and enjoying another half hour of Blue’s Clues on the TV. She tiptoed behind the swing into the kitchen. If he saw her he would want to her to pick him up. She inched into the kitchen, opened the silverware drawer and grabbed a butter knife.

She tiptoed back by the swing and ran up the stairs. Matt was still in the shower and it didn’t look like he even attempted to come out and talk about anything. She was livid, so much so that she couldn’t get the knife in the straight keyhole because her hand was shaking so much. She took a couple of deep breathes, gripped the knife with both hands. She slipped the knife into the long shaped slot and turned it slowly. She didn’t want him to know she was coming in.

She turned the doorknob and entered the bathroom and looked around. His clothes were on the floor and his cell phone was on the sink counter. Sheree thought about checking his phone to see who he was talking to when he entered the house. Matt had no idea she was in the bathroom and she wanted to keep it that way. She grabbed his cell phone and pushed the talk button. The last seven calls came up on the screen. Five of those calls were from Kelly. Most importantly, she was the last call outgoing call. That call was made at three forty-five in the morning. It was almost like he had been with her at the ‘business dinner’, left and went out with the potential clients and met back up with Kelly later on that night. The pattern of the calls made it evident that she was calling him to see when he was going to be done with those clients. Sheree was far from stupid and her imagination was far from being dull. She put that whole scenario together by just checking a phone log. She placed the phone back on the sink counter and thought about what she should do. She had no concrete evidence, but she knew the two of them were together.

“Matt?!” she yelled at the shower curtain. “You ain’t gonna just walk up in here and not acknowledge the fact that you just got home! It’s almost five in the morning…”

Matt slid the shower curtain back and gave her the nastiest look, “Why are you in here?”

“’Cause you wouldn’t open the door. And I’m not leaving until you answer some questions!” she screamed holding the butter knife upright, as if she was threatening to stab him.

“I am not answering any questions you have. I told you I had a business dinner and that is that. You need to put that knife down before you do something you are going to regret.”

Biography - T. Nicole has always had a love for writing. As a young child she could be found in her room writing anything from poetry to short stories and graphic novels. Her love for the written word has continued to grow and she now has decided to share her projects with the world. T. Nicole has experienced much in her short time on this earth and she allows her everyday occurrences to guide her in creating innovative and never to be duplicated works. She takes every moment in her life and uses it as inspiration to do better things.

T. Nicole currently resides in Philadelphia, Pa. where she works as a Social Worker to at risk youth. She enjoys reading the works of others, listening to music, and hanging out with her girlfriends. She takes life as it comes, one second at a time.

To find out more about T. Nicole go to

Interview with Author T. Nicole:

1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I can remember when I was about 7 pr 8 years old and I had an assignment in school. The assignment was to write a poem. Now most of the children in the class wrote the typical "Roses are red, Violets are blue", but not I. I decided to write a poem about something completely different involving intense feeling about my 7 or 8 year old life. Ever since that day I have been writing.

2. When did you write your first book and how old were you?

I have written several short stories in my younger years, but never did anything with them. I took all the poetry I had written over the years and put them together for my first book. That was released in December 2007.

3. How long does it take you to write a book?

It depends on what the book is about. Some situations and characters come easy because they are loosely based on people I have encountered in my life. Other books may take longer if I am basis the characters off of one or nothing. It typically takes me about 6 months to come to a final draft of a book.

4. Do you have any suggestions to help others become a writer? If so, what are they?

The one suggestions I have for others trying to become authors is to stick to your guns. Listen to your inner voice and strive to achieve what you have set out to accomplish. Also, attend as many literary events as you possible can - they are filled with information and chances to network with other authors.

5. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

It is not as cut and dry as the readers may think. The writing of the book is the easiest part. Publishing your book is what is going to test your dedication.

6. What’s next for you?

I am working on several projects right now. I have my third novel, The Diary of the Secret Wife hitting stores on September 14th. I am always busy working on my next creative venture.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Synopsis: The story of Love, lust and memories lost. Sam Bradford is the only hope of a desperate professor, the only love of a jealous harlot and the only friend to a man facing insurmountable odds. While Sam holds the key to so many lives, he can't remember anything of his own life, not even the reason an ambitious prosecutor hopes to lock him away forever.

Rising from her chair, the old woman slowly stepped towards an open window. “You young folks are disillusioned by your fancy machines and your cell phones. You’re too busy Facebooking and emailing to know what real emotion looks like. I know it. I’ve seen it. I know that boy is innocent.”
Pointing her finger outside the window she motioned for each juror to join her. “Look, look over there” she instructed. “See those people? Tell me what you see? Ms. Mad-at-every-man, tell me what your eyes see over yonder.”
“I see people walking” the girl reluctantly answered. “Why? What does it have to do with anything?”
“Oh my child” the old woman winced. “It has everything to do with everything. You kids are so unfeeling now. Alla’ these shoot’em up movies and killing makes you forget what real smiles and frowns look like, you’re missing the big picture. When I look from this window I see that young mother walking her child to school for the first time. I see the fear in his eyes and in hers. I see the way he holds his head and the uncertainty they both surely feel. I notice her apprehensiveness to let him go and the pride she has that he’s grown. I see it because I’ve been there before.”

Maxx Kilbourne was born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit, Michigan, an area known for drugs, gangs and violence. Kept in line by a stern mother, supportive father and strong male role models, Maxx graduated from Denby High School and received a Bachelors Degree in History from Thomas Edison State College in Trenton New Jersey. Maxx worked in the radio industry for ten years before leaping into the world of writing, penning his first novel, "Heart of Justice" in 2009 as a tribute to a fallen comrade.
Maxx carefully crafts his novels in a manner that appeals to readers of all backgrounds, he's a product of the inner-city, not a hostage. Maxx knows the "hood" is more than sex, drugs and violence and believe Urban novels should be more as well. Each Maxx Kilbourne novel is written to entertain readers and offer insight to virtues of life, each interjects comedy, drama and pleasant subtleties of life without a single phrase of profanity. Maxx Kilbourne novels are easy reads offering messages of hope and understanding to men and women alike.
Maxx is currently writes for The Source Magazine and working on a Masters of Education degree from the University of Southern California.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Prologue True Confessions by Electa Rome Parks

True Confessions by Electa Rome Parks

Twenty-eight year old Kennedy Logan is gorgeous, educated, talented, and in love. Unfortunately, Drake Collins has other ideas about the true state of their relationship. Kennedy hopes to turn him around; Drake just wants to turn her out sexually. Kennedy is also searching for her biological mother, who gave her up at birth. She wants answers and she has tons of questions. The enormous weight of these predicaments leads to a failed suicide attempt.

Her overprotective and overbearing mother, Dorothy Logan, moves in with Kennedy and makes it her mission to get her daughter's life back in order. The first step is getting rid of Drake Collins once and for all, but that's easier said than done. Drake has no intentions of going anywhere. Kennedy's ever loyal and fun-loving best friend, Taylor, and her absentee father join forces to help support Kennedy in her time of need.

At her psychiatrist's advice, Kennedy uses writing as her therapy. She starts to keep a daily journal detailing the erotic circumstances and family drama that led up to her despair. Through very personal, funny, and graphic entries, readers will share her confessions. Brace yourselves for a very steamy journey!

Prologue True Confessions by Electa Rome Parks
(Erotic Thriller)

My reality is surreal and happens in super, slow motion. A nervous giggle escapes my chapped, dry and parched lips. I lick them to restore moisture. Then, there is utter, deadly silence. If I listen closely, I can hear my heartbeat beating away at an accelerated pace. My senses are heightened and I marvel over the brilliant, bold colors of my bedroom as I inhale my favorite fragrances, from their spot on my antique dresser, colliding into one another with their potent allure. Even my sense of touch is different somehow. Everything is magnified to the nth degree. It’s like I’m looking down at myself from a huge movie screen with surround sound as I ready myself for the big finale---the final shot and then fade to black.

I’ve never been good at saying goodbye, even on short, weekend trips. I keep the handwritten note short and sweet and pray to God that mother will understand, and hopefully, one day, forgive me.

I don’t mean to hurt her or cause her any fresh pain. I sincerely don't. I hope she understands that this isn't her fault, that I love her with all my heart and being. No matter what, that fact will never change. I’m so thankful and forever grateful that she chose me to be her daughter out of all the orphaned babies in the world. She chose me. I told myself over and over again that that made me special. I needed to feel special instead of unwanted and discarded.

I’ll miss mother the most, but the hurt I feel inside is too unbearable and indescribable. It is too painful for me to continue, day in and day out, with just a hollow emptiness that erodes and corrupts any happiness that briefly surfaces. The dawn of each new day only brings me more heartache and renewed memories. Some memories are like leeches. They latch on for dear life and slowly, ever so slowly, suck and drain all the blood, all the living out of you. You are left with just a shell of the old you and that's no way to survive. Not for me, anyway.

When they find me, I want it to look like I’m sleeping, peacefully. Just like Sleeping Beauty who only needed a handsome prince to kiss her and awaken her from the darkness that engulfed her. However, for me, there won't be a handsome, charming prince to wake me, save me, and ride off into eternity. All my so-called princes were monsters in disguise with their own hidden agendas that attempted to crush and stamp out my self-esteem. Yes, just blessed sleep awaits me.

I chose pills. I couldn’t subject mother to a messy, bloody scene that comes with slitting one’s wrists or shooting one's self. I refuse to take my final breath with that heavy on my heart. I don't think my heart could handle anything else weighing against it. As it is, I feel like I have three hundred pounds weighing me down. Crushing the life out of me.

As I settle myself comfortably on my queen-size bed, slowly pull the red, satin comforter up to my chin and stare at the full bottle of prescription pills carefully nestled in my right hand, I can’t imagine not waking up in the morning.

What will it be like to not see the rising sun? To not hear my alarm clock going off announcing it’s time to get ready for another day of work? Not hitting snooze to give myself another fifteen minutes? Not rushing to finish my morning rituals before I dash out the door and into rush-hour traffic? What will that feel like?

More important to me now, though, is will it hurt? I hope not. I have never been able to tolerate too much pain, physical, mental or emotional. Yet, that’s what Drake has caused me for the last year of my life. Pain. Intolerable suffering.

I only wanted to love him and for him to love me in return. Simple enough. Was that asking too much? My part of the equation was accomplished, effortless. Drake claimed he loved me, but he really didn’t. Probably never could. Didn't know how to love or receive it. After what happened last week, I know he didn’t. Yet, I gave him everything: my heart, my body, my soul. Now, I have nothing left to give myself. I'm empty inside.

As tears slowly flood my weary eyes and blur my vision, I look around my cozy bedroom for the last time. Ever. It used to be one of my favorite rooms in my small two bedroom, one bath apartment. There was nothing better than lighting several fragrant candles, drinking a little white wine and cozying up with a good romance novel. Yes, that was heaven. Simple things excite me. Always have. Watching a sunrise or sunset, waking up to birds chirping in the treetops, walking hand in hand through the park with the one I love, all these things brought me great joy.

Mother will have to understand. I left her a note, propped up on the nightstand, in full view, that explains how much I love her and daddy. What will she think when she can’t reach me tonight? I would love to hear her soothing, loving voice one last time. Yet, I know I wouldn’t be able to go through with my plan if I did. I’d give away my intentions over the phone or mother would pick up on my foul mood and that would be that. I’d wake up another day with this aching, dull pain inside, tearing me apart, bit-by-bit. Pain that dulls and diminishes every ounce of my strength, all the way down to my pores.

Drake Collins. His name leaves a bitter taste on my tongue. Just the thought of him brings bile to the back of my throat. I will forever regret the day I met that man. If I could turn back the hands of time, do it all over again, I would have called in sick that day or run for the hills. I was just fine with my life the way it was. Sure, it wasn’t exciting or glamorous, but it was enough for me. Drake came with the charm, movie star looks, glitz and high drama and reeled me right in like a bass caught at sea. I gladly jumped into his net.

I say a silent prayer of forgiveness as I place one, then two colorful pills on my tongue and swallow dry. I didn't think of getting a glass of water. I can't think. The lump in my throat quickly diminishes. There’s no turning back now. Just like there was no turning back when Drake turned me out. The countdown begins. Ten, nine, eight. . . I've lived a happy life. I have tons of good memories. I've treated others the way I wanted to be treated.

I hope this happens quickly. I steadfastly place three, four pills on my tongue and swallow again. Hot tears start to spill forth and stream down my cheeks as I realize the final result of my actions. Seven, six, five. . . It’s for the best. I need to stop the pain. Will he even miss me? Or will he just move on to his next victim? Will all this be in vain?

I guess I’ll never have that family now. The one I used to daydream and write about in my journal. The family with the almost perfect mommy and daddy and two kids, a boy and girl. The boy would be the oldest, and he'd look out for and protect his younger sister. They'd have cute, adorable names and they'd know they were wanted and loved and cherished by their parents. They'd never feel unwanted.

Four, three. . . I swallow a handful of pills this time. I've lost count as to how many I've digested. As spittle escapes from my mouth, I gag. I wipe the overflow away with the back of my hand and keep right on shoving pills in my mouth until the orange-brown medicine bottle is empty. I look inside, in awe, shake the bottle, and can’t believe the pills are gone so quickly. Just like the illusion of love. If you blink, you'll miss it.

I wonder if Drake even realizes how much I loved him? Now, I wait for blessed relief and peace to take away my hurt and pain. I’m so tired. Tired of loving the wrong men. Tired of giving my all, coming up empty, and getting absolutely nothing back in return. Good sex isn’t the end all to everything. Drake taught me that lesson.

Two, one. . . It won’t be long now. I faintly smile and lay back against my down pillow.

I welcome peace. In my mind, I start silently repeating Psalms 23. I shall walk through the valley of death; I shall fear no evil, for thou art with me. I’m so sleepy. I can barely keep my eyes open. I can feel myself giving in to the fog that slowly invades my mind. Maybe if I close my eyes for a few moments. Yeah, just rest them for a few minutes without seeing Drake’s face behind my heavy eyelids.

Suddenly, I feel lightheaded, like I’m floating on a big, fluffy white cloud, bouncing up and down, giddy with not a care in the world. This is a different sensation that I literally reach out my right hand to embrace and never let go of. Not a care in the world. Nothing matters but blessed, uneventful sleep. I close my tired, weary eyes as the countdown ends. Fade to black.

(continues in the book)

True Confessions by Electa Rome Parks
Order your copy today!

© 2010 All rights reserved. Book Excerpt Reprinted by Permission of Electa Rome Parks, author. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author's written permission. Copyright infringement is a serious offense. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only. Share a link to this page or the author's website if you really like this sample from True Confessions.

About the Author
Electa Rome Parks lives outside Atlanta, Georgia and is the best-selling author of six acclaimed novels, The Ties That Bind, Loose Ends, Almost Doesn't Count, Ladies' Night Out, These Are My Confessions (anthology) and Diary of a Stalker. Dubbed a "book club favorite," avid readers have embraced Electa's true to life characters that tackle prevalent and heavy hitting issues that take them on an emotional roller coaster.

The self-proclaimed Queen of Real, Electa has been a frequent guest on radio shows, nominated for many industry awards and interviewed by numerous newspapers and national magazines. Electa is currently following her passion and working on her next novel and first screenplay.

Connect with Electa Rome Parks online at:

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Sweeter Than the Honey Blog Tour

Sweeter Than the Honey Blog Tour

LaShanda Michelle is an author and a playwright. In her free time she enjoys reading, dancing, and spending time with her family. She is a native of Huntsville, Texas.

About the Book
Kamilah Wright has a lot on her shoulders for someone entering their senior year of high school. Not only does her mom expect her to raise the other seven children in their home, but she’s also required to turn a blind eye to her father’s infidelity, as well as maintain a perfect 4.0 GPA in order to get the academic scholarship she desperately needs to attend college. To complicate matters even more, she’s also a rape victim. The only person she’s told is her best friend, Eric, whom she’s secretly in love with. Through all of this Kamilah convinces herself that she has everything under control.
That is until she meets Summer Freeman. The beautiful new girl at school, Summer introduces Kamilah to a lifestyle that she’s never known, including fashion, luxury, and alternative viewpoints that conflict with her Christian upbringing. Pretty soon the love she has for her new friend evolves into something more, and Kamilah has to prove which love she will devote herself to. Will she stay in the same sex relationship that feels so right, or will she embrace the faith she didn’t know meant so much to her
Book Trailer


PODCAST 1 - About the Book

MP3 File

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PODCAST 2 - For Readers

MP3 File

OR Link to …

Click here to listen...

Book Review
I'm still reading but this was a great review posted on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars A Feeling Deep Within, July 7, 2010
By The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers ( and - See all my reviews

This review is from: Sweeter Than The Honey (Paperback)
SWEETER THAN THE HONEY welcomes us into the life of Kamilah Wright, a high school senior who is at a crossroads in her life. She holds a long-time crush on her best friend, Eric, and can't bring herself to tell him her true feelings. Along comes Summer Freeman, the new girl in school, who turns heads the minute she steps in the door. Will Eric fall for Summer and never recognize Kamilah's true feelings for him?

Summer is a free spirit who opens up a whole new world to Kamilah. She opens up Kamilah's eyes to fashion, make-up and sexuality. While Kamilah loves the new transition, her holier-than-thou mother is not so fond of the change. Will Kamilah sacrifice the bond she has with her family? Is the change in her life a good thing?

Kamilah finds herself at odds with a strong mix of feelings and she ultimately has to make a decision between right and wrong. Her journey of self-discovery, and of weighing good and evil, is one that many of us can relate to. LaShanda Michelle is a very prolific writer with a style that keeps the readers intrigued. I look forward to more of her work.

Reviewed by Marcia Brevard Wynn
for The RAWSISTAZ(tm) Reviewers

Purchase the Book Online at:

• Amazon -

• BarnesandNoble –

• Books A Million –

• Indiebound -

For More Information

Visit the author online at

• View the blog tour schedule at

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Urban, Not Necessarily the Opposite of Rural

Urban, Not Necessarily the Opposite of Rural
by Sherryle K. Jackson

Poor Merriam-Webster, how demoralizing it must be to put out an annual reference that is basically outdated before it’s typeset. Once again, I have to call him on one of his definitions: Urban. Of, or pertaining to a city was one of his listings. Is that the kind of Christian Fiction that I write? New genres are created everyday. Citified Christian Fiction, although I like the premise and overall ring of the title; it is not necessarily what I write.

What are categories anyway, but catch-alls, and that’s the catch 22. I write Urban Christian Fiction. I write for Urban Christian (literally, that is the name of the publishing company I write for). Urban, loosely, subjectively and connotatively means of or pertaining to African Americans. It’s that simple or complicated. Like I said before, it’s a catch all category.

Believing that African Americans even in a niche market like Christian Fiction write all the same is like believing all African Americans are citified. What about the Southern Belles and gents. I just came back from The Faith and Fiction retreat ( in Atlanta created by fellow Christian Fiction author, Tiffany L. Warren (What a Sista Should Do, Father than I Meant to go, Longer than I Meant to Stay and In the Midst of it All) where I learned that our audience, as well as why we write, is as varied as our skin tones.

Some write primarily to edify the body of Christ, and others dubbed as pioneers of contemporary Christian Fiction like author, Victoria Christopher Murray (Joy, Temptation, Sins of the Mother) feel compelled to write for those who may never grace a church pew. Me? I feel a certain weight to write in order to demystify the black church. I am a certified church girl that was tired of movie portrayals of church with their attempts to paint a caricature or rely on stereotypes of “church folk.” Folks who liken sitting in Sunday service to serving fifteen years to life in a maximum security prison.

I really hated those classic redemption scenes where the prodigal son or daughter literally crashes a Sunday service, joining in with the choir and dramatically giving their heart to the Lord. Sorry Steven Spielberg and his adaptation of Color Purple, but Alice Walker’s book shows what happens with Shug Avery between the time she’s singing Sista in the juke joint and when she comes down the aisle singing, Speak Lord in her daddy’s church.

I try to illustrate Christians exercising their faith. I love to write about burgeoning love and a burgeoning relationship in Christ. Either may or may not take place in a church. African American Christian writers are bound only by their conscious and publisher’s guidelines. We are CPA, self and mainstream published. We write multi-layered novels, often tackling taboo topics with the overall theme of God’s love, forgiveness and redemptive power. Our diversity gives us our edginess.

Here’s the catch 22. (I’ll ask you to hold my base steady while I ascend my soapbox.) You will not see Urban Christian Fiction authors in the Christian Fiction section of the local bookstores. I dare you to look for me or any of my titles. Lord forbid if we are placed in two sections. Where are we then? As if we are children of a lesser God, we are clumped into the two to four shelves set aside for African-American interest. We are in with Urban romance, Urban classics, Urban contemporary, Urban Erotica and Urban Urban or what is known as Urban Street Lit genre.

Don’t get me wrong, I know my audience is primarily ‘urban’. I know some authors prefer to be the only race categorized by ethnicity. I am sure there are Caucasian Christian authors who would prefer to be shelved in fiction instead of Christian. Like a true evangelist, I wonder who might be missing my message because they failed to realize or fail to wonder into African American interest section because they are not African American.

Just like rural doesn’t mean Caucasian, Urban does not literally mean African American. According to connotation, Urban is not necessarily the opposite of rural. You’ll find Christian fiction is more alike in its root message than different no matter what section you find it in or what race the author happens to be.

Meet author Sherryle K. Jackson
Multi-published author, teacher, wife and mother, Sherryle continues in her pursuit to be a fresh voice in Christian Fiction. Her triumphant debut novel, Soon and Very Soon (2007) was followed up by her sophomore release, The Manual (2009).

Sherryle is currently working on her fourth novel for Urban Christian (Urban/Kensingon) titled Taylor-Made. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two children.

Soon After by Sherryle K. Jackson picks up right after Jackson's 2007 release, Soon and Very Soon. Pastors Willie and Vanessa Green are no more than six months into business as usual, in the combined Mt. Pleasant Harvest Baptist church after marrying and combining congregations, when they receive word that Willie's former church has been burned down by an arsonist's match. With more than one person with interest in the deed to the property and still more with an emtional investment in the church itself, it's up to Alexis Montgomery a local reporter and Chief Herbert Rich to solve the the crime.

Soon After by Sherryle K. Jackson
Christan Crime Fiction
ISBN-10: 1601628676
ISBN-13: 978-1601628671

Purchase your copy of Soon After from Amazon

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Jazz, Java and Jesus

Jazz, Java and Jesus Blog Tour

Aleysha Proctor is an award winning Christian inspirational author & entrepreneur. She’s the author of three books; “With Style & Amazing Grace”, “He’s the Keeper of My Soul” and “Jazz, Java & Jesus”. Her passion in life is helping to inspire people to use their potential now.

Jazz, Java and Jesus Twitter Party

Chat with Aleysha LIVE on Twitter on September 20, 2010 at 8:00 pm EST

Follow Aleysha at
Follow the moderator Tywebbin Blog Tours at
• (4) signed copies of “Jazz, Java & Jesus” by Aleysha Proctor
• (4) copies of “Everyday With Jesus: Daily Devotional” by TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network)
• $25 Target gift card
• $25 Starbucks gift card courtesy of
Use the following Twitter Hashtags to be eligible for winning a prize.
#AleyshaProctor #JazzJavaJesus #Aleyshasbooktour

About the Book
Twenty-four Christian devotions and puzzles about jazz, java and Jesus. The perfect book to take to a coffee or tea house, or anywhere, and meditate on the promises of God.

Just the titles of the chapters are soothing, they are things we tend to say all day, out loud and in our heads. Teaming up this phases with the word of God and some smooth jazz and a cup of java, makes for a great little get away. I enjoyed the puzzles which are music and coffee inspired brain teasers.

Book Trailer


PODCAST 1 - About the Book

MP3 File

PODCAST 2 - For Readers

MP3 File

PODCAST 3 - Excerpt

MP3 File

Purchase the Book Online at:

• Amazon -

• BarnesandNoble –

• Books A Million –

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• Visit Aleysha online at

• View the blog tour schedule at

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Joey Pinkney

I get to turn the table on book reviewer Joey Pinkney today! I have been following Joey since our My Space days and has admired his 5 Minutes 5 Questions with Joey. He has inteviewed many of the authors that we know and don't know. I love how in 5 questions he gives us just enough to tempt us to look further. So the Curious George that I am decided to interview the interviewer! I got a better look at who Joey Pinkney is. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

1. What made you decide to start Joey Pinkney?

I decided to start initially to do something constructive with my Internet addiction. It started as a blog about a lot of different subjects. It slowly transformed into an outlet for books and authors from my love of reading and affinity to books. I noticed that many Black authors don't get the same amount of coverage as their white counterparts. I made the focus of Black authors to help promote and advertise their books to potential readers.

2. How long have you been doing it?

I've been running since June of '06. The 5 Minutes, 5 Questions With... Author Interview Series started in August '08. When I first started, I had to beg authors to be a part of it. (Now that I think about it, I still have to beg... Hm.)

As it slowly began to gain popularity, more and more authors became in tune with viability of the series. I think word-of-mouth and being somewhat consistent has really boosted the popularity of

I've been trying to learn different social media networking techniques to broaden the scope of that I'm trying to achieve. It's a lot of hard work, and I've come into contact with people that have given my priceless experiences.

Although the 5 Minutes, 5 Questions With... Author Interview Series has only been going on for two years, it feels like four or five. I really appreciate my readers for all of the comments they leave as words of encouragement for the various authors that stop through.

3. What types of services do you offer?

In addition to the interview and book reviews, I also do book giveaways, contests for author-related products and promote my author interviews on other websites. As I am learning more about social media networking,'s author interview and book reviews is starting to be seen by a myriad of authors, readers and publishers.

4. Who are you clients?

My clients area mostly independent authors and publishing companies looking to give an extra push to one of their books. It's a pleasure to work with a person directly who is really invested in the well-being of their book. Every once in a while I get a celebrity like Faith Evans, Tray Chaney (from HBO's The Wire)or Shoshana Johnson (the first African-American POW)

5. What is the most rewarding aspect of your business?

The most rewarding thing that comes my way are the candid comments and emails that I get from time to time. It's such a pleasure to read something from a person who genuinely appreciate what I'm attempting to do.

There are times when I think about quitting and doing something more profitable with my free time money-wise. Just when I seriously contemplate throwing in the towel, I get an email, a comment, a facebook message or something like that. The nod of encouragement puts me right back in the game and refuels my obsession.

6. What has been the most difficult?

It's very hard balancing all the tedious, behind-the-scenes stuff needed to keep functional with a work schedule, kids, wife and other very important people. There is so much that I want to do with the website that time and lack of money limits. But I started it with nothing, so I am still very proud of that has become.

7. What has brought you the most joy?

I don't do this for the accolades, but I am more than overjoyed when somebody says "Good job". Don't get it wrong, though. If I did the website for the ind words, I would have quit before I started.

I got a comment the other day on my website where a reader actually said that she told an author at a book festival that she first saw the author's book on my website. I thought it was so cool that the reader saw the book on my site first and told that author about seeing it on my website. It doesn't get any better than that!

Being nominated for "2010 Book Reviewer of The Year" by the AAMBC put me on cloud nine. I was on a BlogTalkradio show with the other nominees before the winner of that category was announced. I said, "I already won!" That wasn't me being conceited or cocky, although that's how it sounded.

I had to explain that I said that because I felt like a winner to even be recognized and nominated without even knowing that the award existed. I found out two weeks after voting had started. Two different people congratulated me with an hour of each other. I was like, "What in the world are they talking about?!" I spoke it into existence because I did end up winning.

8. How do you promote your services?

I try to let people on my social media networks know about my services. I email authors, publishers, agents. But word-of-mouth seems to be the most effective way to gain new clients. In terms of what I do for authors, I post a status update twice every hour, highlighting a recent author interview or thing. I'm constantly changing the ways I let people know about me and what I can do for them.

9. What do you see people do that drives you crazy?

One thing that really drives me crazy is all of the people who read these good books and never take the time to write a three sentence on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles. I wish readers would understand how important that is, even if it's a not-so-good review. A book on one of those websites with one review looks 100% better than a book has that "be the first to review this book" thing on it. You know?

10. Where would you like to be in 5 years?

I would like to be 10 years younger... Oh, you meant? I would like to be on a schedule of publishing a book or two a year. I would like to have the "5 Minutes, 5 Questions With... Author Interview Series" still going strong, bigger and better. I would like to have a deeper understanding of the publishing world, so I can help the up-and-coming authors gain traction faster.

11. Who would you love to work with?

That's hard to answer because I work with so many great people, whether or not they are well-known. I wish I could get more authors to participate with me on a whim. Sometimes, I reach out to authors, and they don't holler back at me. I know that they are busy, doing this, that and the third. Plus, other people don't know me. So, I can't really expect someone to hop on board at the drop of a dime.

12. Who are your mentors?

There are a lot of people who offer encouragement and great advice. Specifically I would have to name K.L. Belvin, Ni'cola Mitchell, Cyrus Webb, Mari Walker, Tamika Newhouse, Faydra Deon. L. Martin Johnson Pratt and Elissa Gabrielle. I know I'm forgetting somebody. The people that I have named have in one way or another really given me some solid, heartfelt advice on how to progress in this industry.

13. What makes your business or service, stand out from the rest?

A couple of things that makes stand out from the rest is consistency and familiarity. I have been posting author interviews every few days for over two years by the time of this interview's initial run.

I have authors of a variety genres stop by and grace my readers with their presence. I think that variety falls in step with the realistic reading habits of the readers who check out my website. In terms of familiarity, my author interview series and book reviews really dig deep into what makes books what they really are: a connection.

14. Are you adding any future services to your business?

I really want to sit down and learn how to put together good book trailers and other video presentations. I am going to learn more about graphic design, so that will be something else I will provide in the near future.

15. Do you have a staff or is it all you?

Right now, I do everything in terms of updating the website. I have been offered help. My system of getting things up and running is so eclectic that I wouldn't put anybody through the pain and suffering of trying to learn it.

Maybe when I simplify what I do, will I pull more people in. has been a one man operation since it's inception. I have Faydra Deon to thank in the past couple of months for helping get some of the back-end stuff under control.

16. What do you want people to know about you?

I want people to know that I truly love books, authors and readers. The amount of time that I put into everything dealing with and the money I currently get would average out to be minimal wage at best.

I would love to make more money at this. I would love to spend more time going this. If neither is possible, then I am more than satisfied the way things turned out, all things considered. If I didn't have to pay for things like web hosting, shipping charges, social media stuff and lunches, I would be more than happy to keep the money aspect out of

17. What do you want people to know about your business?

I want people the know that this is fun, but you have to be dedicated. I want potential authors to know that your support means a lot. I want the readers to know that their comments are valuable beyond measure. has my name, but I really look at it as a community of authors, publishers and readers.

18. When you have completed a project, how do you celebrate?

I am a glutton for Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill. When I get a couple of author interviews lined up and paid for, I usually go to Crazy Fire during lunch for my day job. It's something about making your own spicy dish that's so fulfilling... I'm getting hungry typing this.

I also tell my wife when I hit a milestone for the website. She would rather I take my tail to bed at night, but she is as supportive as possible.

19. What has been the most surprising thing you’ve learned from your business?

I've been surprised about how some authors choose to put very little time and effort behind marketing their book. As a published author, I know exactly what they mean when they say writing the book is the easy part. It's amazing that some authors expect that since they have a book that it's all sales and awards from there on out...

20. Would you change anything about your journey?

I would have started writing and saving money to publish a lot earlier. I would have spent less money on Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill and saved it for a trip to a conference or something. Other than that, nothing... I like the journey and what it has taught me so far. I just wish I was a faster learner.

21. Do you have any advice for people in business?

I don't think Ben Franklin said it first, but "Keep business hours, and your business will keep you..." This means put consistent, focused time into what you are trying to achieve. It will eventually pay dividends.

22. Success leaves clues, whose clues did you follow?

I've pulled from so many different sources that I don't know where to begin or end. I would say Black people in general have left clues on how to be survivalist and not letting what they see affect what they do.

23. What have you realized about yourself since doing this business?

The one thing that I learned that really surprised me is that I can operate weeks on end with a lot less sleep than that I thought I would require. All through college, I was a sleepy head. I did a lot of fun things. Oh, I got an education, too.. But I got tons of sleep.

Nowadays, I spends plenty of late nights and early mornings updating and tweaking this or that. My family jokes about me going to bed after then and waking up before them on a daily basis. I have to do this, so it's not a joke to me.


**Other than the Bible

1.One book that changed your life:

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene (Penguin)

2. One book you'd want on a deserted island:

Survive on a Desert Island by Claire Llewellyn (Andromeda Children's Books)

3. One book that made you laugh:

1-900-Anytime by Tracy Price-Thompson (Atria)

5. One book that made you cry:

Torn by Keisha Ervin (Triple Crown Publications)

6. One book that you wish had been written:

The Greatest Book Over Written by Fulton Oursler (Triumph Books)

8. One book that you are currently reading:

Biker Club by Kenny Blue (Journey Publishing)

9. One book that you've been meaning to read:

Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson (Hyperion)

10. One book you've been meaning to finish:

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene (Penguin)

11. One guilty pleasure:

Tons of Chocolate. Tons!

12. What’s your theme song?
"Raggy Road" by Capleton from I Testament

Sites and Contact information

Joey Pinkney

Monday, September 6, 2010

5 Minutes with Joey

Simply Said, Reading Accessories is a “Novel” approach to marking your words in a reader’s heart and mind as well as holding their place. We custom-design and create keepsake “Gift-Marks”, such as bookmarks and book thongs, note cards that we call “Love Notes” and other promotional items for authors, book stores, book clubs and book lovers.

We design our hand-crafted treasures exclusively for you. I started this in 2005 as Christmas gifts to my clients, at the salon, and has turned into a business I never dreamed of.

Joey Pinkney:
Many authors and readers think postcards and bookmarks when imagining book accessories. What do you do to offer with Simply Said Reading Accessories that goes above and beyond the mundane?

Debra Owsley:
Bookmarks are an industry standard, but these “Gift-marks” are not the standard. They are keepsakes for your fans and your contacts. These are not throw away items. These souvenir type promotional tools are excellent marketing items that are designed with your fan base in mind.

When creating this product, all of your promotional and information is retained, giving that personal, hands-on touch. These Gift-marks are perfect for promotional and thank you gifts, giveaways, book signings, book events, release parties, contests, party favors and additions to your press packets

JP: You do more than just reading peripherals. What other services does your company offer to the author who is looking to take his or her book to the next level?

DO: I coach authors on how to promote their books on a tight budget. I help them brainstorm there way to a marketing plan that fits there pockets and niches.

I knew I was on the right track when I started to really look at the way the industry does business. Authors are not rich even though their works are. Most struggle because the advances and world wide tours left with Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

We fans hear of huge advances and see photos of authors all over the globe doing signings and guest appearances on TV. If your name is not Rowling, Grisham or Patterson, you’re pretty much on your own. Even those lucky enough to be signed with a major house soon realize it’s all about what YOU do because they won’t do much.

In listening and hearing and watching for the last few years, dealing with authors and their promotional needs, it dawned on me that you, the authors, are so wrapped up in the writing of your books that when it comes to promoting them: A – your clueless and B – you’re broke.

No longer the days when you could sit back and live off your advance and royalty payments. You are now a marketer, a publicist, and an agent; AKA Book Pimp! This book is written for you to show how on a very tight and limited budget, how you can make things happen.

I am first and foremost a huge fan and avid reader. I am looking at things from a fans point-of-view, something that you may not be able to do. We fans look at things from totally different angles, ones you may have never thought of. So my hope in this offering is to help you see the forest, beyond the trees. I am telling you what fans want and how we see things. I am teaching you how we want to be treated, and best of all, doing it on a starving artist budget….

JP: What do you like most about that you do with Simply Said Reading Accessories? What do you find “more tedious”?

What I love the most is the design process. I love creating that perfect piece for each individual. I find making them to be very therapeutic, and I love coming up with new designs. I’m work on a project now that is very challenging. The tedious part is getting it out of my head into an actual piece.

JP: What has been your most memorable experience with an author or a reader who has come into contact with your reading accessories?

DO: There have been so many. I’ve done custom work for several best selling authors such as Donna Hill, Rochelle Alers, Marcia King-Gamble, Noire, Cheryl Robinson, Dwan Abrams, L.A. Banks street team, Pat G’Orge Walker, LaConnie Taylor Jones, SORMAG, Marissa Monteilh, Pynk, Lutishia Lovely, Zuri Day, and this is just to name a few.

All have been memorable and defining moments for one reason or another. I guess the time Donna Hill called me and said “ Hi, this is Donna”, I’m like, “Who…” “Donna Hill”, she said, and I almost fainted! It blows my mind every time an author who I’ve been reading, some for years, contacts me. It’s a surreal moment.

I truly love coming up with personalized items to create the perfect feel. And I love when I get a phone call or an email from my clients saying I nailed it! I did a large order for LaConnie Taylor Jones. When she called to say she got her package, I thought she was upset because she was almost speechless. I was almost in tears. She then gathered herself and said “Girl, they are perfect! They are exactly what I wanted” I was overjoyed.

There have also been times where the author did not “get” what I wanted to do. But when the order was received, a re-order was placed the same day

JP: What’s next for Debra Owsley and Simply Said Reading Accessories?

DO: I’m always looking for ways to expand and grow. I have several projects in the works that I’m extremely excited about, which is going to taking Simply Said Reading Accessories to another level. I’ll be adding several new items as well as new services. Stay tuned be subscribing to my site.

Simply Said Reading Accessories
A “novel approach* of making your mark

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Soon After Blog Tour

Soon After Blog Tour

Multi-published author, teacher, wife and mother, Sherryle
seeks to be a fresh voice in Christian Fiction. Her triumphant debut novel, Soon and Very Soon (2007) was followed up by her sophomore release, The Manual (2009). Soon After marks the return of her franchise characters, Pastors WIllie and Vanessa Green and the Harvest Baptist church saga. Sherrryle is currently working on her fourth novel for Urban Christian (Urban/Kensington) titled Taylor-Made. She currently lives in Maryland with her husband and two children.

About the Book

The Ministry birthed by one will be exploited by another. Can Willie Green stand idly by and let that happen?
When Pastors Willie Green and Vanessa Morton got married and moved to merge their churches, they never expected so much resistance. Now it seems someone is sending a strong message by setting fire to the Harvest Baptist Church building.
The newly unified Pleasant Harvest Baptist Church is no more than four months into business as usual before Co-Pastor Willie Green is drawn into the middle of an arson investigation. Alexis Montgomery, an overzealous reporter, sees the experienced pastor as a great source to latch onto as she tries to unearth the stories that might solve the crime. Instead of being bothered by the presence of this woman, Co-Pastor Vanessa uses it as a distraction to help conceal her own secrets.
Orchestrating the unification rift makes Deacon Charley Thompson a prime suspect. His unexpected silence only fuels the accusations of guilt, and his meek wife becomes his unlikely spokesperson. Meanwhile, his nephew, Abe Townsend, couldn’t care less about family allegiances. Led by an anonymous publicist, Abe and the remaining displaced members of Harvest Baptist Church gain notoriety when news reports garner an outcry of sympathy and support.
What should have been a simple unification of two churches has turned into something much more complicated, and it will take plenty of faith to hold it all.


PODCAST 1 - About the Book

MP3 File

PODCAST 2 - For Readers

MP3 File

PODCAST 3 - Excerpt

MP3 File

Purchase the Book Online at:

Amazon -



Books A Million

Indiebound -

For More Information

• Visit the author online at
• View the blog tour schedule at

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Intimate Conversation with Cheryl Robinson

Intimate Conversation with author Cheryl Robinson
Cheryl Robinson

BPM: Where do you find your inspiration? All of the inspiration I could ever need I can find from everyday life--the joys and the pitfalls. I can open one email from someone telling me how upset they are at the way I ended my last book and then turn around and open another email from someone telling me how much they thoroughly enjoyed it. That's an example of how life is in general. One minute you can be down, but in a second it can all turn around. You have to take the good with the bad and learn from them both. But honestly, sometimes I just want it to all be good.

BPM: What specific situation or revelation prompted you to write your book?
Some years ago, when I was about nineteen or twenty, I answered the phone at my parents' home and there was a woman on the other end who insisted that we were related. She was trying to tell me that she was my half sister and that we had the same father. I remember my heart sinking. In order for that to be true, based on her timeframe, that would mean my father, who I thought had been happily married to my mother for years, had cheated. But as the conversation continued we both realized that while the two men shared the same name they weren't the same person.

Still, for those few minutes, I had to ask myself what if that was actually the case. The thought never completely escaped my mind, and in some ways it was that event that prompted me to eventually get around to exploring the scenario. And now, in the age of social networking, it's much easier to find your missing relatives. And in the case of these three sisters, it's also true, and they do share the same father.

BPM: Who do you want to reach with When I Get Where I'm Going and the message within?
I am a Women's Fiction author. That does not mean I only write for women. Nor does the fact that I'm black mean I only write for black people. I don't write to exclude any one, but to enlighten and entertain us all. I write about women and women's issues, and of course, men are in my novels too. As an author I have an opportunity to go beyond stereotypes. I've learned over the eight years that I've been writing professionally that there is a way to entertain without offending.

If I, as a black woman, do not feel good about how we are represented in the media. If I don't feel empowered about what is being written about us on the internet and elsewhere and if I have to continuously hear from the media that black women are "the least desirable of all the races" or not a preference by some men even within our own race, as an artist, I have an opportunity to present a different message that isn't a negative one, but can still be realistic. It's like music. Some songs only have a good beat while others also have wonderful lyrics. I want to write books that make people feel good.

My intended message isn't given to readers, but written in such a way that the reader gets out of it what they came to the story with and how they view the story and the characters will be interpreted by how they view the world. But maybe, if I do my job as I intend to, they will have a different opinion after it's all said and done.

BPM: Introduce us to your latest book, When I Get Where I'm Going.
What would you do if you discovered that you had a sibling you never knew existed? Would you be like Heaven, so excited to connect to that person that you quickly took to Facebook and started searching? Would you be like Hope, too caught up in the trials and tribulations of your own life to even care? Or would you be like Alicia, skeptical at first, but willing to open up to the idea?

Alicia, Hope, and Heaven are three estranged sisters embarking on one special reunion. And it will take an earth-shattering discovery, a lucky lottery ticket, and a near-fatal encounter to finally bring three sisters together and have them realize that nothing can save a person like family.

BPM: What are two major events taking place? The novel is written in third person and begins with a prologue that occurs five months prior to the start of the story. And then the rest of the novel is divided into three parts and most of the chapters alternate between the point of view of each sister. Without giving away any spoilers, I will say that each sister has a major turning point that makes each of them reevaluate their life.

BPM: What are a couple of the specific issues addressed in this book? One issue in the story is domestic abuse. Heaven is involved in an unhealthy relationship, but like so many other women involved in something like that, she finds it nearly impossible to leave. Her story isn't from the viewpoint of a woman who is both a wife and mother and being abused, but from a young woman who has gotten caught-up with the wrong man and finds herself so confused that she doesn't know what to do and feels that her life in general is spiraling out of control.

Alicia Day's character was written for anyone who has been holding on to a dream for a very long time and wondering if it will ever come true. Aspiring actors, singers, and writers should be able to especially relate to her story. Black actresses, in particular, should also be able to as much has been discussed about the struggles that black women experience while trying to succeed in Hollywood.

BPM: Share with us your latest news, awards or upcoming book releases.When I Get Where I'm Going is featured in the September issue of Essence Magazine. And I recently completed my next novel, Remember Me, that will be released in September 2011.

Cheryl Robinson--When I Get Where I'm Going
Purchase your copy today at Amazon

is the author of five novels. Most recently, When I Get Where I'm Going, In Love with a Younger Man and Sweet Georgia Brown. She is a native Detroiter and graduate of Wayne State University. Robinson now resides in Central Florida where she is writing her next novel.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Testimony

Synopsis : My Testimony documents Arquila's remarkable journey from dating drama and distress to dating experiences with knowledge and revelation. This highly personal yet universally relatable book outlines how Todd rose from the depths of despair after finding the true love of her life, God. Through her inspiring story readers will learn:
What the Bible really says about relationships - key Scripture to uplift, enlighten and heal.
How to learn, grow, and mature from your past boyfriends or partners no matter how painful or dysfunctional, with the help from Jesus Christ. She sat at His feet and was transformed.
The secrets to living a happy, fulfilled single life, whether dating or not. Discover the inner strength you didn't know you had by relying on God's glorious Word.
Through Todd's honest frank and always engaging personal history, readers will gain life-changing insights into the way God really commands us to live and the peace and fullness of life that follows. This book is for all women who have ever struggled with the answers that solve their dating frustrations.

Excerpt: So many men have been conditioned by the reactions of women. A man will mention plans and not follow through, which causes the woman to chase after him because the woman wants what he has suggested. Pavlov was a scientist famous for demonstrating that if you give a dog something to eat every time you ring a bell, soon the dog starts to salivate when you just ring the bell because it has associated one stimulus with the other. It’s the same way with men. The ladies they date enjoy spending time with them, and after a while, they just offer to spend time with the women, who begin to salivate, wishing for the reward of being with these men.
Awareness of the situation is key. We have a choice to step back for a moment and witness what is happening. Is a man putting a carrot in front of his woman’s face because he’s so conditioned to seeing women chase after the hope of being with him? He wants her to chase after what he is offering or what he has. And if so, we can make a conscience choice to not chase that carrot. We accomplish this by not allowing their proposals to get us so excited that we plan everything or nag them about their suggestion. We don’t run after what they are offering; we simply allow them to give to us. We can see the proposal for what it is—just a suggestion—and say, “Oh, well, maybe he will follow through but maybe not. We will see. I am not affected by what he does or doesn’t do. I can make a conscious choice to not get bent out of shape if he doesn’t follow through. His proposal doesn’t make me or break me. His calling or not calling doesn’t rock my world. His follow-through, or lack thereof, doesn’t ruin my day. He doesn’t have that kind of control over my feelings. He is not the be-all to end-all. If he doesn’t make plans, life goes on. I am not thrown off one bit.”
Now, that’s girl power!

Biography: Arquila grew up in small town Phenix City, AL where her parents instilled in her a reverence for God. She graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Airway Science Management and has been an air traffic controller for the past 20 years. Arquila enjoys reading, vacationing and visits with friends and family. She lives in Arlington

Interview with Arquila

1. What was the biggest problem in your dating relationship? I put the man before God. I loved the creation more than the Creator. I had forsaken my first love which caused chaos in my relationship.
2. What was your biggest lesson you learned during your journey? That there is a cost for the sin I commit. Scripture teaches me not to fornicate which is having sex and I am not married. I could not be mad at the guy I was dating because of my choice to be disobedient which caused me pain. I was experiencing consequences for what I choose to do. In taking responsibility I could never say, “There are no good men left or all men are dogs.” If I want things to go better in my relationships, the change starts with me.
3. How was your past affecting your dating? I grew up in a house hold were my father would tell me I would never amount to anything and couldn’t do anything right. My ex-husband had that same condescending attitude towards me. What I learned is I had to forgive my father because that childhood relationship was still affecting me. And I had to learn what godly relationships looked like. I read how Boaz protected and provided for Ruth and she let him. Now this is my example and new standard for the special man in my life.
4. What did Scripture teach you as far as dating? First, Scripture taught me the difference in a man who treats me as someone who is special compared to someone he just wants to sleep with. The example is Jacob, Rachel and Leah where Jacob had an outward show of affection for Rachel. Jacob knew who he wanted and chose Rachel. He helped her with her task. He wanted to be in her presence. She was special and he waited to have sex with her. Jacob did not choose Leah but had sex with her and the next morning was calling for Rachel. Leah having sex with Jacob did not keep him from calling the woman who had his heart. Leah had sex with Jacob but was miserable and unloved. Jacob used Leah but loved Rachel. There was no mention of any outward show of affection or any mention of him spending time with Leah. All Jacob wanted was sex from Leah. As women we must decide if we are going to be a Leah or a Rachel.
5. How do you handle a guys disappearing act? By having a life that does not revolve around him. I had to learn to keep my appointments with my friends and family and it was okay to tell him no to us getting together when I had previous plans. Absence makes the heart grown fonder and too much of anything is not good. I do not want my male companion complaining of Arquila overload. Balance is key. So I volunteer with big brothers and big sisters, spend time writing books and hanging out with friends.
6. How do you handle the frustration when a guy makes possible plans for the weekend but doesn’t follow through which leaves many women sitting a home waiting on his call? I have him RSVP. I tell him to let me know by Wednesday if we are going to get together on Friday or else I will make alternate plans. This way my life is not on hold because of some possible plans he may have.
7. Does it frustrate you if a guy gets your number but does not call? No, I had to learn that when a guy does not call he is not the one for me. God blocked the connection and instead of being angry I am thankful. Life is all about perspective.

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