Thursday, September 30, 2010

Read and tease

Read and tease
Most people who know me, know I LOVE BOOKS. They know I am reading something or just got finished a book or 3. So my clients at the salon know it even more. I always have the last few and the current books I've read or reading, at my station, by the dryer, or in my purse. I get to share, discuss, and tease my girls.

After I relax and put a conditioner in their hair, I put them under the dryer with a current read. I rinse and talk about what they have read for the last 15 minutes. I then roll or mold and put them back under for 30 to 45 minutes more. As I am blow drying, flat ironing, or laying that hair, we are talking about what they have read, now, an hours worth. I love to tease them about what's coming next, and oooh girl you gonna love the ending.

Those who are new to the salon will ask " I can I borrow it" those who are not, know better! "I don't loan books, authors don't get paid on loans, only banks" is my standard answer. I'll hand them a bookmark or even write the authors site on the back of my card. Yeah, I have gotten some smart ass remarks. But you get paid for working, why should they?

I then promply send them on their way to the book store or to the site to continue. I LOVE when they come back and we can really get into the story because then, I know they have read the book. The surrounding ears are hearing us laughing and discussing and want to to know which book we are talking about. I start the process again, under the dryer. Subliminal suggestion, gentle persuassion, soft sell, maybe. Just letting it do what it do.

Now the moral of the story is............

you figure it out and let me know what YOU think, please post a comment


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