Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business
Lutishia Lovely
Bianca Livingston is tired of playing second place to her to older brother Jefferson and she’s just back from Europe is ready to cut her teeth into the newest addition to the new family’s business: Taste of Soul L.A.. Jefferson wants this restaurant too but wants to relocate for more than one reason, a new love.

Bianca’s fiancée Cooper Riley Jr., is not happy with her wanting to re-locate and put off the wedding he waited so patiently for her while she attended Le Cordon Bleu. Both the Livingston’s and the Riley’s have been friends forever and no one can understand her sudden determination to leave the nest, for the west coast.

But she’s got a secret, that she thought she left in Paris…

Cooper is devastated when she breaks the engagement and vow’s to get even.

Jefferson’s new love is not the person he thinks she is and when he finds out who she really is… all hell breaks loose.

Huge amounts of money starts disappearing from the family fortune, and it’s looking like it’s an inside job. The family hirers, Sterling Ross, a prominent detective, to find out who’s out to destroy the family.
They are also still looking for the man who shot Adam and nearly destroyed a family legacy.

Adam and Candace’s marriage is finally back on track after a nasty itch gets out of the way, until a deal breaker shows his hand

Chardonnay is as always all up in the business. Looking for a huge payoff and she just got the information she needs to be set for life. But of course there’s a “Lovely” twist!!

Lutishia has a way of keeping you salivating for more as she teases you with just a taste more. She brews a great story and stirs the pot (pun intended) keeping the story simmering to a boil. And the story lines are hot enough to burn these characters in your mind.
This part 2 of new Lovely Series is The Business


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