Thursday, September 1, 2011

Taylor Made

Taylor made
By Sherrlye Kiser Jackson

Pamela "Pill" and Corey Taylor are 6 months into their marriage and are having some serious issues already.

"Pill" her nickname, is a hair stylist and a fashion diva who wants nothing but the best, even if she can't afford it. She hides her bags and baggage from her hubby, who is a UPS driver with his own dreams, differred.

"Pill" was always struggled and has carried over into her life and marriage a lot from her mother who was more concerned about getting over, getting high, and using her daughters.
None of this her husband knows.

Corey comes from a family with means but wants to make his way on his own. But after finding out his new wife's addiction to shopping, the newlyweds start a marriage maintenance class at their church, to try and get things back on track before they derail for good.

Corey also has some baggage that he needs to stop dragging around too, That his new bride doesn't know.

First Lady Rawls becomes their counselor after Deacon Tripp realizes this young couple are in much more trouble than they thought. She has a very unique and unorthodox way of counseling but understands Pill's baggage and Corey's frustration.

This was a very enjoyable read. I liked the personalities of all of the characters and appreciated the lessons that were given. Devotion to each other with a couple of slaps upside the head may be just what's needed to keep things in perspective of what's Taylor Made for you. Which can be a bitter "Pill" to swallow


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