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Little Wisdom by Author: Sumayyah

Little Wisdom

Author:  Sumayyah
Publisher: Supreme Publishing
Genre: Children’s Poetry
Hosted By: Diva’s Literary World
ISBN-10: 0615869955
ISBN-13: 978-0615869957

About The Book
Little Wisdom is the debut inspirational book of poems from the mind of an eight year old girl. Some will inspire you and some will make you laugh. This book focuses on everything from loving yourself to family to death.

4 Facts about the Book
1. This book is not just for kids.  It offers wisdom for the young and the old..
2. This book teaches people to love themselves.
3. This book teaches us about dealing with death.
4. This poetry book was written to inspire and make people feel good.

About The Author

Sumayyah is a fun-loving, upbeat and smart nine year old who moved to Virginia with my parents last year. She loves to play with her friends, go to school, write, read, play and go to Monster Trucks shows (her favorite truck is Gravedigger) and riding horses which is her first love. Sumayyah hopes to be an Olympic Equestrian and write another book in the next 5 years.  She is the youngest of five children.

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Sample Poem from the book


In life, some things are the same
Some things are different
When things change, we don’t always like them
Change is not easy
It takes time to do things in a different way than we are used to
Always do your best
You have it inside you to do the best you can with everything you do
No one can stop you but you

No matter who you are or what you do, always remain to be you.

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