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Author Roy Glenn

I Came to Bring the Pain by Roy Glenn       

After the disastrous results of Wanda’s power hungry reign, a state of war now exists on three fronts. Mike Black is back and he is firmly in command of his family. Bobby Ray is serving as wartime consigliere and Rain Robinson has taken over running the day to day operation. 
“We’re at war now. And we’re not going to sit down and try to talk our way outta this.” 
Now Black must do what he has to do to crush his enemies. Even if that means forming uncomfortable alliances with an old associate.
Despite Shy’s warning to kill her, “because I don’t like your arrogant ass”, Jada West is still New York. She’s hanging around; testing the limits of her power and pissing Shy off. Soon Jada West will learn the Shy does not make idol threats. 
You won’t want to miss a second as The Mike Black Saga continued in this drama filled and action packed story that picks up where Treat me Nice left off.                                                             I Came To Bring The Pain On Sale Now!

It's A New Day by Roy Glenn

In the aftermath of Wanda’s Reign, Mike Black and Bobby Ray have resumed command of the organization they started and they were able to crush their enemies. There are still pockets of resistance, but Black is confident that Rain Robinson will do what she does best and bring order to chaos. 
Now that the war is over, Shy hoped that her life with Black would return to what it once was. But that is not the case. With Black being so consumed with running the business, Shy is left with idol time on her hands. And then there is still the matter of Jada West. But when a family friend of Black’s is murdered and more people turn up dead, Shy is at his side to unravel the mystery.
Known as the master of urban suspense, Roy Glenn is the author of Treat Me Nice, Wanda’s Reign, The Indictment of Mike Black, Misunderstood, and Is It a Crime, which became a best seller and gave birth to the popular character, Mike Black.
Other novels in The Mike Black Saga include; Beneath The Surface, Out of Control, No Loose Ends, Prelude to War, Secrets of War and A Tale of Three Women. Roy is also a contributing author in the popular series Girls From Da Hood and Around The Way Girls.
His other novels include Crime of Passion, Body of Evidence and Ulterior Motive which feature the character, attorney Marcus Douglas. After Hour’s Tales, Doctor-Patient Confidentiality, Killing Them Softly: An Erotic Tale of Murder.
Roy was born and raised in The Bronx and currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida where he is working on several projects including, I Came to Bring The Pain, the next installments in The Mike Black SagaAnd The Kimberley Process.
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