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Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference "Literary Lounge"

220 Communications Author Events

Sell Your Books At Our Multiple Events

Authors can now sell their books at our monthly events (Wine Tastings, Late Night Music Series). We will provide the avenue you provide the product as part of the admission price authors receive a negotiated price for your book. Move anywhere from 20-50 books at each event you have your work available. (note: Preference will be given to Authors currently signed to sell books with 220 Communications)

For more information, contact us.

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We have an opportunity for you to become one of the few published authors to participate in the Black Enterprise Magazines. Entrepreneur Conference in Detroit this coming May. Also other information on selling your book at our many events.

2009 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference + Expo
hosted General Motors & ExxonMobil,

DATE: May 18th -19th
TIME: 2:00-6:30 (both Days)
LOCATION: Detroit Marriott at Renaissance Center

220 Communications will sponsor a "Literary Lounge" at the 2009 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference + Expo hosted General Motors & ExxonMobil, May 17-20, at the Detroit Marriott at Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan. For 4 hours Monday and Tuesday the Lounge and the participating authors will be signing and selling their books to over one thousand business owners, networkers and other attendees at the event.

We feel an author is the ultimate entrepreneur and this unique opportunity to reach an audience with the disposable income and networking reach of this caliber was too good to pass up. Traditionally published as well as self -published authors are welcomed.

- No limit on the number of titles you sell
- Authors keep all profits from book sales
- four hours each day of selling

Authors Receive:
-Selling Space (Table and Chair)
- Advertisement of appearance in 220 Communications Newsletter
- Promotion to conference attendees
- Giveaway supporting your appearance (either trip or another large prize for attendees who purchase books in the lounge)
- Opportunity for discounted admission to the full conference

$75/author (both days, no table shares)

Discounted Hotel Accommodations Available at Hotel:

Interested Authors need to contact 220 Communications via email this week. Authors will be notified of their selection and will need to satisfy fee requirements within 24 hours of selection (guaranteed funds via pay pal).

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Monday, April 20, 2009

A New Conversation With Men

"I think your message is very current, important, and much in need today. If we can get just a few more men to hear your message, and ask them to pass it on, pay it forward and walk the talk, maybe just maybe we can reach some of those lost men, brothers and son’s".
Debra Owsley

Introduction to the phenomenal new book "A New Conversation With Men"

Introduce us to mission behind writing your book, A New Conversation with Men.

I fervently believe that the greatest challenge we face in this country is to redefine masculinity. What I mean is that we must empower men to embrace new ways of being men in todays fast paced ever-changing world. If we can engage men in this new conversation I believe we can begin eradicating things like high divorce rates, poverty, domestic abuse and addictions. These issues are tearing at the fabric of America and can not be resolved through political means. These issues are emotional, psychological and spiritual, they are not political so we cannot expect politicians to resolve them. What is needed is a new conversation with men because dialog is always the foundation of change. This book is creating a much needed dialog amongst men that I believe will begin transforming their lives in positive ways.

--- What are 3 words that sum up your book.

The three words that sum up this book are Responsibility, Accountability and Integrity. When a man takes complete responsibility for his life there is nothing that can stop him from living his dreams, If a man holds himself accountable for his actions then he never feels victimized by his external surroundings, and when he lives from a place of personal integrity and empowerment he becomes the master of his own destiny.

--- How long did it take you to write?

It is difficult for some people to believe but I wrote the entire book in only 32 days. But you must understand that there is more than twenty years of growth and experience included in these pages.

--- How did you come up with the title for your book(s)?

Approximately twenty years ago I asked myself a very simple question. The question was, "What does it mean to be a man?" This is the question that I have been attempting to answer and I'm sure most men have asked themselves at one time or another. It is a very important question that I believe my book actually answers, as a result of this question I came up with the title A New Conversation With Men.

--- How would you describe the genre in which you do most of your writing?

Most people would call it nonfiction self-help. I call it Transformational Education.

--- What motivated you to start writing in this genre? Will you branch out later with other books?
I have always been an avid reader and the majority of the books I read are non-fiction personal development type books. I only read about things that educate and motivate me to be a better person so I choose to write about the same things. I have committed to writing at least five more books in my lifetime. I already have titles and chapter outlines for these upcoming books. I will complete the follow up to this book before the end of 2009.

--- What, for you, was the most profound chapter?

As a writer I don't see the book as individual chapters. I view it as a single expression of creativity. Therefore neither chapter is more profound than another although the chapters on The Five Illusions of Manhood and Transformation are the most important chapters in my opinion.

--- Would women find interest in this book?

I've actually had more women read the book than men. Although the book is targeted to men the message actually transcends gender. The content provides fuel for contemplation for men and women and I think it's important for both sexes to engage in this new conversation. Women have told me that they learned a lot about themselves from the book even though they purchased it for the men in their lives.

--- What makes your book stand out and would make a reader pick it up?

I believe men are hungry for something new and different. They want to be empowered and they want specific strategies to help them improve their lives. This book does just that. It provides concrete action steps for any man who is ready for positive change in his life. It is written in a very conversational style that is easy to comprehend and relate to.

--- Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?

It's important that we recognize the importance of this new conversation. Because we live in a male dominated culture, most people will assume that there isn't a need for this type of book. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason this book is so important is because the current male culture simply isn't working. If we really want to resolve the majority of the social issues affecting our country we must get to the "cause" of the problem. I believe the cause is an antiquated male culture that needs to evolve to a more loving, caring and compassionate culture. When we create this cultural shift I believe the world will become a better place.

Each today, well-lived, makes yesterday a dream of happiness and each tomorrow a vision of hope. Look, therefore, to this one day, for it and it alone is life."

Website: Michael Taylor


Video LInk:

Friday, April 17, 2009

K.L. Belvin, A Man in Transition

When did you begin writing, and what brought you to it?
Well my writing came about as a means for me to get close to women. I found other brothers had weak game and when you write an erotic or romantic poem or story the women reacted to it. Over the years as I matured so has my writing and my choice of writing. Now I try to write works that are reflective of the man I am trying to be.

Your book Man in Transition, has a lot of personal ideologies, please speak about those thoughts.
Well I took a chance with poetry to be expressive of my personal changes but I felt it was needed. I am a born again Christian and this prompts my way of life and my book reflects the changes made as man. In my book the chapters were designed to show the reader what words come from a man who has changed his life for the better. The poetry ideas in my book cover fathers, love for mother, death, abortion, faith, teaching and even erotica. My thoughts are expressed since I have lived all that I write about...

You and your wife Tiffany are one of the cutest couples I know, which poems did you write just for her?
Oh thank you for the compliment. We really enjoy being married.

There are a few that were inspired by the feelings I have for my wife... Here they go.
Perfect Woman (if only in my mind) is one of my favorites
Ghetto Girl
The Smiles Not Seen, the Cries Not Heard (The Abortion Poem)
That Smile

Who is KL and what is he about?
KL is a man that has seen much and done much. My life at times can be confusing because I still haven’t figured out what my true purpose is. With that said I try many things to see if it’s the place I am supposed to be. I am secretly sensitive but I keep it hidden since people attempt to use it against you. My spirituality grounds me and keeps me focused on what is the right way to live. KL is about Love. The Love I have for my wife is a driving force to remain the man I am while finding ways to be better. I am about my people and history of my people. As an educator I try to bring a part of the past into the conversations had today. Our children need to see and hear the words from someone they trust. I am also about my own children. I haven’t always been the father I should and could be because I have multiple children with multiple women. I am not proud of the fact but, I don’t wear it as a badge of shame. I simply know I have to attempt to provide what I can within all I have for my children. Does that mean I am going to take care of everything they need, of course not. That is the punishment for living a life with no respect for life or self. I accept this fate and push forward because of it.
To sum it all up, K. L. is “A Man In Transition” and I am about constant change and positive growth. There is no room for whining or complaining. Prayer and actions are the weapons I choose.

Do you have any tips for authors and poets, like yourself, would you give to people starting this journey?

Study, Study, Study. Learn as much as you can about this craft and then decide if you’re going to make the commitment to do this. Writing is not a game and selling books is not for everyone. I would say understand marketing or get close to someone who does if you’re going to make it. You have to be ready to deal with disappointments and financial loss. You also have to surround yourself with others who are positive influences and doers in this line of work. Do give into intimidation of another success. Many authors will reach out and help so don’t be scared to ask for help. Attend conferences and be prepared to ask questions and learn.
Finally, have faith in your talents. Trust the Lord, he didn’t place you here for no particular reason.

What projects are you working on and what’s coming up?
I am in a Christian anthology coming out Father’s day called The Soul of Man. 14 brothers offering their connection with God for the world to see what “triumph” can look like through the eyes of black men. I am part of another Christian anthology called Bended Knee due out in November. This book only has 8 authors so the challenge was greater to complete. I am going to continue to promote my poetry book. However I believe that I am going to take a step back from writing and return to taking classes on becoming a better writer. I feel I am weak in the areas of professional writing and I need to truly dive into become a writer who’s work can be respected by all who read. If money will allow I plan on attending the Black Writers Conference and Reunion in Las Vegas in June
I am also considering starting my PhD in Education and course in writing.
“From Gigolo to Jesus” My life as a sexual predator. Is the title of the second book I am working on. I can see it completed and ready in late 2010. The book is about my life as an out of control fatherless young man who lived his life through sexual exploits only to found the Lord, completed my masters, got married, divorced, saved my relationship after infidelity to get remarried, reconnected all my children and take each day as educator serious enough to place my whole life under the scrutiny of today’s society. I feel it a story that needs to be told to possibly save some young men from going the route I took to find salvation and peace.

What has some of the highlights thus far in your journey?
The first day my first book came to my house.
Going to Tampa last year and selling a book when my books hadn’t been printed or delivered yet.
Writing a poem for young lady and seeing the tears come down when I read it to her.
Being asked to be one of the presenters for the poetry seminar at the Black Writer’s Conference and had only sold one book to that point...
Hearing from Best Selling Author, Mary B. Morrison and finding out she wanted my story in one of her novels.
Attending my first book signing and selling 15 copies of my book.
Being invited to a church that purchased 26 books.
Hearing one of my students say, “Mr. B, your famous now, You’re on the back of book”
There are more but these are a few that stand out.

Where can we find you on the net?

I can be found at my website:
Where my wedding video and poetry can be seen and heard.
Facebook screen name: KL Keith Belvin
My Blog:

Can you spit a little somethin’ somethin’?


(If Only in my mind)

I ask myself why I am so lucky. Is there a reason I am so blessed?
But you’re never supposed to question God’s work. I say God because how do you explain her patience with me.
There is something about the way she understands my needs. Are there other women who would love another’s children like her own?
Would another woman be strong enough to trust God and take you back when you have tasted the fruits someone else’s?
Her soul is pure enough to douse the evil that once filled my own.
My vanity, my pride and smugness has been replaced with concern, endearment and gratefulness.
I now concern myself with more than just my own needs.
Her smile fills my heart with joy.
Her tears burn at my soul and demands my immediate attention or screams for forgiveness.
I am blessed with an equal, so again I ask why I am so lucky.
Does God see something in me I don’t see? He must.
She is sexy beyond belief, even when she sleeps.
Can that comfortable look come from what I have brought to her life?
The world is funny, one minute you’re all alone, next thing all your dreams are being answered.
Thank you God!
Well the only course of action is to leave all my worries, fears, and concerns at Lord’s feet.
Something about having the right woman that makes each day, night and morning special.
I really do have the perfect woman if only in my mind.

By. K. L. Belvin

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's Your Estimated Publicity Budget?

What’s your EPB?
Estimated Publicity Budget

Working with authors by way of “Simply Said” reading accessories"; my company doing custom
“Gift Marks” aka bookmarks,
book thongs,
book plates, and note cards,

A few common denominators keep reoccurring, such as
How much should I spend?
What should I invest in?
What will give me repeat customers?
What will keep me on there mind even after the book is finished?
What can I do to stand out from the rest?
What will give me more bang for the BOOK?

Well, I have been dealing with many authors in the last few years and these issues reappear almost every time.


Any promo material should be designed for REPEAT BUSINESS
You want and need to Be Remembered and Retained
You Do Not Want To use the same promo materials that others have used and disgared

Please watch the slide show I created about where your bookmarks end up at the end of a festival
It clearly shows, flyers and your average bookmarks littering the streets, in huge numbers, after the festival. This happens at every festival I have attended, there is no value to them, they are common and considered disposable.

Same stuff different festival.

Hmmmm, pause and think.

If you are a seasoned author or up coming with several books coming soon,
But.. How do you do this?????

First you figure out how much you want to spend on publicizing your book.
Do you want to spend $100.00 or $1000.00 dollars?
Who is your target audience?
What are you trying to achieve?
Who are you trying to reach?
Break it down…
Book signings
Contests from your site

How much do you estimate to spend per event?

It’s really difficult to really guess how many people will turn out to these events so estimate and then add 20%, at least

Well known events such as the B.E.A or Romance Slam Jam will pick up any overage from other events that did not have good turn outs.

Do you have a press packet?
You want to add a creative addition to your packet to stand out.

At you more intimate book club signings.
You want to give a gift for the invite and the hospitality.
What about the reader who adores you and comes to you with EVERY book you have written?
You want to THANK them for being loyal.

What about the FAN who lives in ALASKA, where your not doing any signings???
Do you disregard them? Just send them an email?

Don’t you want to stay in contact with your fan base?

How do you work you EPB ??
On a limited budget?

I have had many authors order a package of all of the above. They strategically, mailed to Book groups, had them for release parties,
Had many contests, mailed them to publicists and book stores and created quite a buzz.

The attraction was they were different and retained your information. It also showed that you went the extra mile to be noticed,
you the author did not want to be disposable.

Now I am not saying not to use flyers and other bookmarks they can be effective in some venues.

My product line is truly your”A” game your Sunday best
When you want to make a real impression that you are
Investing in yourself has packages to fit your budget and your promotional needs, please feel free to contact me for your marketing tools.

It’s really All About You
Debra Owsley
954 562-5709

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia

Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia
Patricia Neely-Dorsey

I was introduced to Patricia and her book through an interview she was doing with Ella Curry for Black Authors Network, on Blogtalk radio. She was absolutely charming and in discussing her book, she brought back so many memories of spending my summers, in the south with family. Just hearing her accent, took me back to being a carefree kid enjoying the simple ease of southern living. Great food, uncomplicated life, unsophisticated, easy, and running through grass with no shoes on. Being a “Big City Girl”, this laid back country life at first was unnerving. I am a New Yorker. So this was a whole new world that I learned to embrace, and appreciate, over time.

When I got Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia, I started reading her “reflections” I fell in love with southern living all over again. Patricia speaks of everything from food to family, and all between. Her poems were a pleasant trip down memory lane.

It later dawned on me that maybe that’s where my affection for Magnolia bushes came from.

Celebrate the South Blog Tour
Patricia Neely-Dorsey's fascinating book of poetry, Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia, is a true celebration of the south and things southern. Using childhood memories, personal thoughts and dreams, the author offers a positive glimpse into the southern way of life.

The author states, "There are so many negative connotations associated with Mississippi and the south in general. I want to show a flip side of the coin. There is much to love about this much maligned and misunderstood part of our country."

I love a Mississippi morning,
On a summer's day;
Everything's so glorious
In the most delightful way.
The sun is peaking upward,
The earth begins to warm;
Magnificent works of nature,
Are simply just the norm.
There is a sense of wonderment
At how all things look so new;
The flowers glow with freshness,
From the past night's dew.
The beauty all around you,
Would take away your breath;
You'd feel you'd like to soak it in
Until there's nothing left.
There's nothing like a Mississippi morning,
On a summer's day;
It's such a grand production,
It seems we all should pay.
Copyright 2008 Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Recommended Southern Dish of the Day


• 3 medium yams
• 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
• 1/2 cup water
• 1/2 cup sugar
• 4 tablespoons butter
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Instructions (Makes 4 servings)

• Scrub yams. Place in a large pot. Cover with boiling water.
• Cook over medium heat for 20 minutes,until tender but still firm.
• Drain yams and rinse in cold. Peel yams and slice crosswise.
• Arrange in a large iron skillet. Sprinkle with 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg.
• In a saucepan, bring water to a gentle boil. Add sugar.
• Boil gently for 3 minutes. Add butter, vanilla extract and remaining 1/4
• teaspoon nutmeg. Spoon half of the mixture over the yams and simmer slowly on top of the stove for 5 minutes.
• Baste with the remaining syrup and simmer until yams absorb most of the syrup, about 20 minutes
• Remove from heat and let stand until ready to serve

Do you love the South?

Join Us Online at the Facebook "Celebrate the South" Group.

Visit Patricia Neely-Dorsey online at

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