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Iris Bolling's "The Heart Television Show"

"The Heart Television Show"

Richmond, VA, January 2014. Drama. Passion. Suspense. Intrigue. Welcome to the world of “The Heart Show.” The highly anticipated drama showcases elements that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats!

The Heart Show” is based on the award winning author, Iris Bolling’s, The Heart Series Books. “The Heart
Television Show” promises to be one of the most tantalizing shows of the season. This season of the show, revolves around the lives of political game changer, JD Harrison( Aaron Wiggins) and his captivating, witty love interest Tracy Washington (Morgan McCoy). The drama unfolds when secrets, lies, and violence erupts to destroy their lives and love.

The show will debut on February 15, 2014.

JD Harrison is a man on a mission; He wants to win in life and love. However, dark forces from the past and present are conspiring to detour his quest. Therefore, he enlist the services of his FBI friend, alpha male Brain Thompson, (Richard Jackson), to protect his interest. Safeguarding his interest also involves guarding his loves.

Brain’s job is not an easy task. JD’s sassy sister, Ashley Harrison (Troy Michel) has skeletons in
her closet, the sinister David Holt (Tremayne Norris) who threatens to derail the lives of JD’s inner circle.
Next, the love of his life,Tracy Washington, has dark secrets that could interfere his career and life! Her brother,TurkAl Day (Stephen “Dewon” Cheeks) is a career criminal with secrets and connections that can rock everyone’s world. In addition, Tracy also has a not so secret admirer, political powerhouse James Brooks (Mark Vincent) vying for her attention.

However, when game plan changes, who will be the woman in
James Brooks arm? JD also has to protect the ones he loves from, gang members, political adversaries, and himself, in order to save their lives and hearts.
Tracy Washington is a woman on the move. However, her past is scorched with pain, secrets, and untold truths. Along with her best friend, Ashley Harrison, she has created a very successful consulting agency.

However, old wounds and secrets have a way to catching up with you. Unbeknown to her, her brother’s “career” has made her a target. Therefore, Turk has assigned her a mystery bodyguard, Tucker (La’Mont Pierce) to protect her at all cost. That means anyone who steps to her will encounter a deadly wrath. In addition, she has a less than nurturing mother, Lena Washington (Angie Daniels) wants to play in a role in her life. However, at what monetary and emotional cost will Tracy have to pay? What secrets will be revealed?

“The Heart Television Show” was created by award winning visionary Iris Bolling. Iris Bolling had a idea to bring her written craft to television. Never one to listen to naysayers, Iris Bolling developed a plan to put her plan to action. She gathered initial capital for her television show by enlisting the help of the Kickstarter Program. Her fans demonstrated their love and loyalty to The Heart Book Series and “Heart Televison Show, ” by contributing to the success of the project. Iris bolling propelled her steam and creativity, into developing a show showcasing dynamic acting, producing, writing, technical, directing, and cinematography skills.

Iris Bolling hopes her courage and tenacity will assist other aspiring filmmakers to live their dreams.
“The Heart Television Show” creator and executive producer of the show is Iris Bolling. Nikkea Smithers served as the producer of the show.The show was directed by Dalvin Falconer. The Director of Cinematography is Quentin Tyson.The screenplay was written by Ciera Lewis and Iris Bolling.

Iris Bolling In April of 2010 Iris was named Debut Author the Year, at the Romance Slam Jam Conference. Her novel, Once You’ve Touched the Heart was voted the Readers Choice Award with Shades of Romance Magazine for, Romance Book of the Year. Iris was voted Romance Author of the Year and Author of the Year. Her novel A Lost Heart was nominated Romantic Suspense Novel of the Year, at the 2011 Romance Slam Jam.

In 2012, her novel, The Heart won Hero of The Year for her character Al “Turk” Day. Showing the ability to continuously introduce award winning novels, Iris’s introduction of her new series, Gems & Gents, titled, Teach Me won The Heroine of The Year at the 2013 Emma Awards for her character Diamond Lassiter. She just completed the script to Once You’ve Touched The Heart.

How did you start the process?
First, thank you for this opportunity. I had this idea in my heart for quite awhile. Initially, I thought this idea would require a major stakeholder. However, during that time. I made steps to have my dreams realized. It was during this time, I decided to take the bull by the horn and plan my own course of action. I utilized the KickStarter program. In addition, I used the money from my book sales and credit cards to finance my vision. I also had many good colleagues and friends that aided me during the making of the tv show. In addition, I had a wonderful cast and executive team that made it possible.

What do you hope to accomplish?
I want other authors to realize they can accomplish the same goal. There are many individuals who are doing the same thing. There are so many avenues that allow tv and movie development. We can greenlight our own projects.

 What is on the horizon for you?
 Well, I am currently getting ready for the screening on the show. I am also writing the sequel to Joshua! Busy. Busy. Busy!

About the Director Daven A. Falconer
Tell us something about yourself.
I'm a professional Taboo player. Well, in my mind anyway.

Who are your role models for directing ?
I admire different directors for different things. Robert Rodriguez is one of my favorite directors because he's basically a one man production team.  His first film he wrote himself, did sound design himself, did his own  cinematography, was his own camera operator.

I admire David Fincher's attention to detail and the worlds he creates in his films.  Se7en is hands down my favorite movie of all time! 

Martin Scorsese on the other hand focuses more on performance and character development.  His ability to bring brilliant performances out of his actors is truly amazing. I believe characters are the most important parts of stories and he does a great job of conveying that through their performances. 

Tyler Perry, I admire him for his hustle.  He knows what his viewers like and he caters to that. He stays to true to his viewers and himself and I respect that to the fullest.

What did you learn from directing The Heart tv show?
I learned how to work with limited resources and limited time.  Adversity is a great foundation for creativity and this project was a perfect example of that.

What is next on your horizon? I'm working on producing 2 short films right now and writing my first feature film. Also if Iris decides to do a second season, I'd love to be a part of that project.

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