Sunday, February 9, 2014

Forgive Me by Stacy Campbell

Tawatha has spent the last 5 years of her life in prison for killing 3 of her 4 children. She has been released on a technicality, and Royce is there for her transition back into society. He has offered her a home and comfort but can’t give her back the thing she wants, a relationship with her only surviving child Aunjanue.

James Fulton owns a successful chain of beauty salons, but is missing something from the past

Aruba Dixon’s husband’s death from a disease sends her to a dark place and is not able to come to terms with it, Her parents out of desperation, connect with her Ex for help.

Victoria Faulk has come through her divorce landing on her feet. Starting all over again, she meets Emory.
None can move from where they are unless they learn to forgive and be forgiven .

Simply Said Says;

I loved this book it had all the right pieces for a great story that will keep you connect to the characters. The story was a lesson in relationship dynamics that we can all learn from.

This great story makes you ask yourself how much are you willing to Forgive to move on?

5  Stars for Forgive Me

Stacy Campbell is an author born and raised in Sparta, Georgia. A graduate of Albany State University, Stacy was bitten by the writing bug after hearing her elderly relatives share family stories on her front porch.  Her work has been published by the Detroit Writers Guild, Indiana Writers at Home, and Georgia magazine.

 Her first novel, Dream Girl Awakened, was published in February 2013 under Strebor Books, a Simon and Schuster imprint.  Stacy’s subsequent novels, Forgive Me, and Wouldn’t Change a Thing, are also under the Strebor imprint and will be published in 2014 and 2015, respectively. 

When she’s not creating new characters or honing the writing craft, she’s most likely spending time with her family, trying out new recipes, or dining at new restaurants for dinner ideas.


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