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“I Am Somebody” By Sabrina Williams

“I Am Somebody”
By Sabrina Williams

In 1971, Jesse Jackson proclaimed to the world, “I Am Somebody” by reciting his version of a poem written by Rev. William Holmes Borders, Sr.  During the Black (African American) Civil Rights era, Rev. Borders Sr. was a powerful activist, leader and pastor of Wheat Street Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.  Rev. Jackson’s version may have been simplified, yet each word still held the same power and strength as the original one written in the 1950’s.
With the recent accomplishments of Common and John Legend, the 50th anniversary of The March on Selma and the current affairs of our country; I often wonder have we truly overcome. Beatings, burnings and lynching’s still exist in some states. Housing and employment discriminations, poverty and unequal education levels still exist. Today, our government still debates whether Blacks (African Americans) deserve the right to vote.  As I write this article, in our great nation’s capital hearings and debates are being held on the Voting Rights Act of 1965. All of this reminds me of those three little words, “I Am Somebody”!
Regardless of your race, religion, nationality, or even gender; we all are “Somebody”. We are the purest form of LIFE, God’s greatest creation. We all were given divine insight to love and live abundantly. As a child, I experienced this divine insight for the first time. Today as an adult, this divinity breathes and roams within my soul. It is the passion that drives me to help others; to motivate them to see what I see..their full potential.
Life is filled with twists, turns, ups and downs. We as God’s greatest creations are “masters of our destiny”! Our divinity is the POWER to break barriers, move mountains and destroy adversaries.  “Greater is in YOU; than in the world!” so BE Greatness! When others tell you “No”, do what I do..flip that baby and say “ON”! Where there’s a will; there is a way! God is the Will so find your way! It won’t be easy but it will be rewarding! 
So stand tall, head up, feet planted and tell that problem, heartache, pain and stress…”I Am Somebody because Greater Is In Me Than In The World!”

I Am Somebody, I Am Somebody!  I May Be Poor, But I Am Somebody!  I May Be Young But I Am Somebody!  I May Be On Welfare, But I Am Somebody!  I May Be Small, But I Am Somebody!  I May Make A Mistake, But I Am Somebody!  My Clothes Are Different, My Face Is Different, My Hair Is Different But I Am Somebody!  I Am Black, Brown, White, I Speak A Different Language But I Must Be Respected, Protected, Never Rejected!  I Am God's Child, I Am Somebody!” – Rev. Jesse Jackson


Sabrina W.

Debra Owsley, thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts! Greatly appreciate!


This is deep. It makes you wonder, like you said, have we really made any progression? I think we haven't, I just think that for the sake of capitolism we have been given the illusion of equality, but the only progression this country has made is their ability to hide racism a little better. They have only become more tolerant, not less racist.

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