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The Peacemaker by Author T.L. Criswell

A gate slams shut, sending a jolt of reality through seventeen-year-old Jayson Jackson's entire body. As an officer pats him down, Jayson secretly hopes that tomorrow, when he turns eighteen, his life will finally be his own. But he knows it will not be easy. Two years ago, he accidentally shot his best friend. Once again, Jayson is the victim of stolen opportunities.
Now left helpless as he awaits a judges decision to either let him walk free or give him a sentence that could land him in a correctional facility for a long time, Jayson reflects on the friendship he once shared with Michael-Stephens all-star athlete, high school scholar, and aspiring singer. On the surface, Michael, also known as Mr. Basketball, appeared to have it all. But no one but Jayson knew that he and Michael shared a powerful kinship created through similar childhood tragedies. Now with the help of his grandmother and his uncle Scott, Jayson must learn to reconcile his past in order to move forward with his future.
Gifted and phenomenal, T.L. CRISWELL's creative writing style gives life to her belief that what you put out into the universe determine your destiny. She is very passionate about living a happy and well-balanced life, which is reflective in her writings, often described as authentic, witty, humorous, and poignant. With an inspired desire for self-expression, Criswell is a spiritual person, as well as a freethinker who has been writing poetry and short stories since she was a young girl. 

At the age of 40 years old, with the help of a co-worker/teacher; Mr. Ben Smith, T.L. Criswell was able to find her literary voice. He would ultimately become her mentor, writing coach and dear friend. 

"I view my role as that of a coach of a talented athlete or performer. She, however, she is the star who puts in many long hours of work." One of my tasks is to help extract as much talent and potential from her as I can." ~Ben Smith

Acknowledging her ability to write reality-based themes, she captures the struggles of everyday people and is able to reach and touch the lives of so many.

"THE PEACEMAKER," her debut novel inspired from her phenomenal poem 'Stolen Opportunities,' which she self published in 2008, is a remarkable display of her passion and dedication to the well-being of children, humbly expressed through her gifted writings and poetry.

Her sophomore novel, "PEACE ON THAT: THE PEACEMAKER II," was released in September 2015 and opened to strong reviews...

"A historically detailed, emotionally rich story of three generations of men dealing with and sometimes evading their duties to one another." ~Kirkus Reviews~ 

"T. L. Criswell has given us the full throttle of storytelling and has taken readers on a ride of generational honor, dishonor, pride and loyalty." ~Vnae Amazon reviewer~

A native of Inkster, Michigan, born April 28, 1970, Criswell enjoys the support of her loving husband and children where they currently reside in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Other works include two short stories, several essays and poems. 
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Tiffany Criswell
"Young Adult Author of T.L. Criswell The Peacemaker"


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