Sunday, February 10, 2008

Presentation Is Everything

Presentation Is Everything
I do a lot of book events.
Book Fairs, Book Festivals, Signings, On-line events, Book Club Meetings, etc. I try hard to attend these events for business, but also because I am a Book Lover,
So it’s purely for enjoyment either way.
I have the ability to look at things from 2 sets of eyes.
One set see’s what is presentated and
the other see’s the business side of it.
Of course in seeing there is analyzing going on too.
I see a lot of what to do, and what NOT to do.

Here’s my 2 cent…
Atmosphere is everything
If you are a romance author, bring some romance with you!
and create ambiance.

If I were an author I would have a suitcase filled with props and tools to make my signing or table or booth EXTRAORDINARY.

Need A Theme ? Let Me Create One For you !!!
I can layout a theme and all the props you need to create a intimate setting!!!

When I do book events, I try to have a theme, or find out what the event theme is so everything pulls together.

The object of the game is to draw people in,
Once you get their attention make your pitch,

PUT THE BOOK IN THERE HANDS!!! I have seen many authors do this and they sell more than those who just point to them or hold it themselves

Keep your sales pitch 3 to 4 minutes at best, because that most peoples attention span, especially if you are at a book festival.

If you are shy, the props and setups will draw people to you.

Have attractive promo items
(HINT HINT) like
Giftmarks, Book Thongs,

That will have you info on it for future contact.

Have them sign a guest book. This builds your mailing list. Send a Thank You Note , after the event for coming, and what’s coming up from you, add a ½ mark and a book plate

At an instore signing,
You’re still a little shy, and you want to get the discussion started, or they are a little up tight because they are a little nervous.
Hmmmmm , what’s an author to do????

Play a game !!!

It breaks the ice and all of the people in the group win a prize

At the end of the discusson the most active participant wins a
Book Thong and a book
You’ll have a fan for life

Trust me, I started this business to support my book habit,
I am first and foremost a bookaholic !!!

If you are not the creative type and would like me to help you create a attractive display or create your bag of tricks, and other Promo Materials,
let me know

Some authors like to buy packages such as
Thongs, full size bookmarks, ½ marks, book plates and the love notes. They customize them and send them to different targets.
To maximize their reach,
Book Clubs
Book Events
Promotional opportunities

Your Giftmark
Can have
Your picture
Book cover
Contact information
Current and up-coming releases
Past works
Tour schedule
All of your books
Double sided for dual releases or anthologies

What Do I offer
Book Thongs
Book Plates
Note Cards
Press Packets
Promotional Tools

This is what I do but,
It’s all about you
Your work
Your words
Your readers
Your style
Your way
The ½ mark and a book plate fit in note card and is ready to mail very personal, a very nice touch from you to your fans

A favorite “GIFT-mark” might have a useable lifetime of many years, and thus might be viewed many thousands of times. Bookmarks are an under-rated and under-appreciated vehicle for advertising

Just My 2 Cents and My Sales Pitch LOL


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