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Par for the Curse

Meet Toyi Ward, author of Par for the Curse

Toyi Ward is a freelance writer, author & media host who specializes in contemporary issues that affect working women. After ten years as a Fortune 100 sales & marketing executive, she launched Toyi Ward Communications, LLC, a writing/consulting company focused on the enrichment of working women. TWC contracts with e-magazines, websites, and print media to create fiction and non-fiction projects that examine issues pertaining to today’s woman.

Toyi draws upon her life experience and corporate training to facilitate workshops and lectures that enhance the lives of women at work and in their personal lives. She is the host of "TOYi Talk-Authenticity with Attitude" on the Blog Talk Radio Network. When asked, she credits her tenacity for tackling women’s issues from her name. "It’s one half of the South African toyi-toyi, the dance of protest. My parents named me well."


Stormy has grown up with the warning that she is cursed. Raised in a family of eight women with twenty-four husbands among them, she has managed to escape the family’s legacy thus far. Things begin to change once she is given the details concerning a hex that was cast upon her great grandmother over eighty years ago.

Managing the antics of her adulteress young cousin, Riley, exhausts Stormy. Comforting the heartbreak of her older cousin Lourdes, angers her. After a devastating turn of events on par with her birthright, Stormy decides to seek a remedy for the family’s plight. She travels to New Orleans determined to find answers. Along the way she faces a quilt of obstacles and a set of choices that challenge her reality. Will she reveal the information or continue playing the hand she was dealt by an angry young woman in the Bayou?

Par for the Curse reveals the influence of voodoo and the impact of generational secrets on family, life, and love.

CHARACTER PROFILE: Q & A with Riley Briggs

Q. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

RILEY: Oh that's easy. I like the fact that I love me. What's not to love? I'm beautiful, saavy, fun, with the skinniest ankles of any women I've ever met. And I know how to work what my mama gave me.

Q. What mark do you want to leave on the world?

RILEY:I don't need to leave a mark on the world. I'm planning on sliding into the grave with a bottle of Hennessey and a bag of french fries.

Q. So you plan on taking Hennessey to heaven with you?

RILEY: Now there you go. No. I don't plan to take Hennessey to heaven with me. And yes, I plan to get in. I don't need to be all up in the spot. I'll probably just get inside the gate, but I'm cool with that. [laughs]

Q. Lourdes is so sweet and beautiful. Stormy is smart and ambitious. Where do you fit?

RILEY: For starters, I'm the prettiest. People say Lourdes is because she's so nice but I've always had more men than both of them. I'm fine. They are pretty. There's a difference. True, Stormy is ambitious but she doesn't do much with it. I've been all over the world and built my real estate business by myself. She has done alot with MY social network. MY influence is why she has done well. Nobody knows her. It's me they respond to.

Q. Wow! Okay. Tell me about your husband, Damon.

RILEY: What about him? Nothing much to tell. He's nice enough. He loves me more than I love him and that's most important. But you know Kendall is my man.

Q. Doesn't it bother you that he's married?

RILEY: No. His wife is crazy. She totally mistreats him and he deserves someone like me. We have a real connection. When you read the book you'll see that. He loves me.

Q. Speaking of the book, how did you like it?

I like the story, but I don't know if I agree with my portrayal. I mean, it made me look so selfish. I mean I guess it's about my family so that makes sense, but the next book needs to be about me.

Purchase Par for the Curse to read Riley and her family's story.

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Are you living Victoriously?

Victorious Magazine Launch Celebration

VICTORIOUS Magazine is the cornerstone of our public communication, providing access to articles representing our victorious message! By reaching out directly to each woman and touching on the concerns that are on her heart we are able to encourage her to press on toward her dreams to live victoriously, taking control of her own destiny and achieving her true purpose. Our editorial content is designed to validate the importance of the things that appeal to her on all levels - personally, professionally, spiritually, and mentally - in a way that only women can understand.

Our article categories include Destiny & Purpose, Inspiration & Empowerment, Stewardship, Victorious Living, Victorious Wellness, and Style & Grace. The publication launched its digital version March 30, 2009. The first print issue of VICTORIOUS MAGAZINE will hit the newsstands September 2009, with an initial circulation of 25,000.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What Not to do

all about me

What Not to do

Do you, the author realize that you are a celebrity? Well to us, the fans, you are. We want to be as engaged with you as we were with your book.

I recently went to a signing and I will not mention names but the author was arrogant, smug, and had an attitude. this was not a good look. The signing had about 30 people there either with books or ready to buy.

I thought hmmm great turn out, but the author was a turn off. What ever the problem was it should have been left at the door. All the excited fans caught wind of the attitude immediately. And the excitement died just a little.

I just figured once things got started it would be great, BUT NOOO. It worsened. The author acted as if WE ought to be grateful, they were here. HUH???

The author then proceeded to do a discussion about how great thou are. Not about the books at all. WT??? At the end of the boast, the author then told people with books line up here and the ones who did not have books, and I quote “GO buy one and get in line”.

I was mortified at the rudeness. So were others. At that point I did not want my books signed, but I stood in line to tell the author to read my blog today. And I refused to have my books signed, and I asked how “does that make you feel”. By the way, the ones who were told to “GO buy a book”; they left without making a purchase.

Authors we love you, appreciate us. You need to figure out what’s going to keep us running back to you, your site and the bookstore. Obviously this is not it. If this is how you do things, you should never, ever do any public interaction.

Simply Said

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Book Spotlight: When Lightning Strikes by Keya

When Lightning Strikes by Keya
How can you have it all – education, personality, and beauty - yet your life is flooded with a sea of troubles?

Imminent, new author Keya answers this question and more in When Lightning Strikes, a novel about Ms. Taylor Devereaux, her three best friends, and her spiraling-out-of-control life. Taylor is on the road to happiness and success. She is a gorgeous and classy woman with a thriving career and a wonderful fiancĂ©e. One day, Taylor’s near perfect world is turned upside down when she discovers her future husband is cheating.

To make matters worse, while trying to put the pieces of her life back together, she finds out someone at her job has filed a sexual harassment complaint against her. She realizes someone is out to ruin her life. With Taylor’s personal life, profession, and overall reputation at stake, can she overcome it all? Or, will the stress of it all bring out another side of Taylor?

See how Taylor reacts “When Lightning Strikes.”

View the online Media Kit from Keya's site:

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