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“SIMPLY SAID”, is my company. I offer personalized, hand made bookmarks, book thongs, book plates and love notes. I would love to customize some of these items just for you. These items are GREAT GIFTS TO FANS, GIVEAWAYS, BOOK SIGNINGS, PROMOTIONAL EVENTS, RELEASE PARTIES, AND CONTESTS for your website, as well as wonderful additions to your PRESS PACKETS.
THE BOOKMARKS can have your picture, current work, several of your recent works, coming releases, your biography, contact information, tour schedule, or what ever you decide you want. We can work out a design EXCLUSIVE to you. Full 2 x 8 and half size 2 x 4.5.
THE BOOK PLATES are great to send to your fans that can’t get to you. It can have your picture or a sentiment from you, just sign and mail.
THE BOOK THONGS are wonderful gifts for contest winners. They are “book jewelry” for the book lover. They come in 5 colors that can be mixed and matched to coincide with the cover of your newest release, or theme.
THE LOVE NOTES can offer a line or a phase from your book, which you feel is paramount, a great punch line, a verse, or a thank you note to your loyal fans. All cards can have a coordinating book mark made to match; both items only cost a .41 cent stamp to mail.
I really want to work with you. I do understand that bookmarks are an industry standard, but my bookmarks are not the standard. They are YOUR “A” GAME. I prefer to call them “GIFT MARKS” These are not throw away items. They are thank you gifts to loyal fans, book clubs, and gifts at more intimate signings. You will be remembered each time they are used. Let’s talk about what your needs are, what you would like, and how we can make this happen.
Thank You Debra Owsley
UNDER CONSTRUCTION check out my myspace/odebsimplysaid page

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