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The Black Friday special this year is RED HOT

Sale #1
The Black Friday special this year is RED HOT {clue 1}
If you are clever, you will clean up on this sale (clue 2)
I LOVE RED for the holiday, but I don’t do seasonal product (clue 3)
Red comes in many ways (clue 4)
Can you figure out the 4 ways Red is used (clue 5)
It can also be an antonym (clue 6)
It can be changed to be red (clue 7)
Read, can be a verb, a noun and a adjective (clue 8 )
The price is the number of letters in RED (clue 9)
If you have “read” the clues and “get it” go shopping
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Book Thongs this weekend only are
10 book thongs for $30.00
24 book thongs for $60.00
These DO NOT include the Limited Editions

Sale #3
In Honor of EDC Creations Black Book Weekend, Simply Said Reading Accessories has a special offer for every book club. Join us in this momentous tribute to the Gift of Knowledge. I was inspired to create a Limited Edition line of Book Jewels to honor the uniqueness of each book we read.

The one of a kind designs are an exclusive, distinctive, individual, extraordinary work of art just for your group or book clubs. I have acquired some fabulous pieces that are truly gorgeous. The amounts are limited. For your group or book club, I will create a unique piece for each member.

In addition to the Book Jewelry, I will also create a “Giftmark” for each member in your book club. It will feature your book club photo or logo and your club name and favorite quote.

The exclusive set of these Limited Editions are only $10.00

They also make a perfect gift for the book lovers in your life so take advantage of this special Black Book Weekend Limited Edition Special!

Orders for this special is code 10LTD.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Caught Up by JB Burrage

BIO: Author JB Burrage is definitely a power to be reckoned with. An extremely talented writer, JB Burrage has written Caught Up, a street thriller that is comparable to the juicy story that you might hear going on in the neighborhood; and the sci-fi thriller Secrets Revealed, a story that adds a lot of realism to science fiction. But he is not done showing the world his talent. Author JB is also working on The Forbidden Lounge, the sequel to Caught Up, and a novel that will be better and juicier than Caught Up itself and is due to be released in 2011. He is also working on other projects that he chooses to keep secret, for now.

Jacob “JB” Burrage was born in Jackson, Mississippi and raised in Meridian, Mississippi. After leaving Mississippi, JB Burrage served in the US Army from 1999 until 2010. During his time in the Army, he has been to Hawaii, Egypt, Israel, New York State, Maryland, and Texas; as well many other states. While in the Army, he discovered himself and his true talents, and decided to pursue that by founding J. Burrage Publications.

Normally a science fiction writer, Caught Up was written in an attempt to express himself through other genres. With the release of Caught Up, JB Burrage is now focused on the publication of Secrets Revealed by the beginning of 2011 and the development of The Forbidden Lounge. He also has a blog series, The Chronicles, at The JBP Chronicles blog at


Jeremiah Blackwood is a young, dark and very eligible bachelor who is trying to defy the odds of the stereotypical black man in the dirty south and overcome the small town mentality that constantly threatens his success. Through hard work and determination, he honed his craft as a writer and began making his mark in the community when he met a caramel complexioned girl who could make Buffy the Body look like Miss Celie in The Color Purple. She seemed so innocent the first time they met. Her beautiful brown eyes beckoned him into her lonely soul. Her smile was enticing, yet friendly. He knew she was the woman of his dreams. Much to his surprise, he found that not only was she far from perfect, but soon realized that she was involved in some things bigger than he could wrap his small mind around. Find out what happens when a man gets caught up in a tangled web of lust, lies, and unadulterated drama.


We just laid there in the bed. I was holding her, and she was resting her head on my chest the way she always did after we made love. Tonight was no different. We were quiet. I think we wore each other out. Sex with Shirley was always good, but I didn’t want to get into it too much because I didn’t want to get sprung. I’ll be damned if I had a girl make me go crazy over some p**y.

We must have been quiet for about fifteen minutes. I was dozing off, but I didn’t want her to spend the night. She was here almost every night this week, and I didn’t want to see her too much. I was about to sit up so I could hint to her somehow that I wanted her to leave. Then, she started kissing my chest. Damn, her kisses felt good. I couldn’t stop her, so I just let her continue what she was doing.

After a few minutes of her kissing on and arousing me, she stopped and laid her head on my chest. She took a deep breath. It seemed like she had something on her mind.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Nothing,” she said.

“Are you sure?” I asked, concerned.

She said, “I’m fine, baby.” She was silent for a minute. Then, she spoke up. “Jay, do you love me?”

I coughed because my spit went down the wrong pipe. “Do I what?”

“Do you love me?”

What was wrong with her, I thought. What the hell was she sipping on tonight?

“Uh, Shirley, why are you asking me that?” I asked


“I want to know,” she answered. “Do you: yes or no?”

Now, I was silent.

“Oh, I see,” she said. “You want to hit it, but that’s it. Never thought about how this shit would affect a girl.”

Interview with the Author/Publisher:

1. What is the mission of your publishing company?

My overall mission/goal for J. Burrage Publications, LLC (JBP) is to publish, distribute, and promote quality books, as well as establish a foothold in the publishing world as a company to be respected and reckoned with. This is especially the case for novels that could really make an impact but haven't been given the chance by other publishing houses. Once JBP is ready to publish other writers, the selection for novels will be very difficult due to the fact that we do not want to just put any type of work out there. Our two mottos basically say it all, “Read into my Dimension, 3-B”, and “Taking over the industry, one book at a time”.

2. What year was J. Burrage Publications founded?

In the spring of 2007.

3. What is the website address for J. Burrage Publications?, currently has hundreds of unique visitors that view the site on a monthly basis.

4. What inspired you to start a publishing company for self-publishers/new authors?

I am the type of person who likes to have control over his own work, goals, etc. I started JBP after my first attempt with going with a publisher. When I realized I rushed into the project (a sci-fi novel called The Journal of John Baker, (which is what Secrets Revealed is based off of) and wrote Caught Up, I decided it would be best if I handled my own projects. I have made attempts to reach out to a few publishers and agents, which I can't even remember who they are now, but were rejected or didn't get replies back. This further helped me decide that I should just publish my own work. Plus I felt like a mainstream publisher would not understand my work and take away most of its effects. So, instead of dealing with that, I just simply did my research on the industry and started JBP.

5. What other publications are on the horizon for J. Burrage Publications?

Secrets Revealed is in the pre-publishing phase with an anticipated release date of on or about January 2, 2011. The Forbidden Lounge is currently being written.

6. Are there any other services offered by J. Burrage Publications?

Currently, there is J. Burrage Creative Services, which will be a network of writers and graphic designers. JBCS will provide affordable editing and designing services to self-publishers, businesses, and individuals just requiring certain projects. Website is for JBCS is Also, JBP is launching its own online bookstore, called The Book Store. The Book Store will carry JBP titles and will be another outreach to our reader base in addition to Amazon, whom we work closely with. Also, JBP will start publishing other authors within a year to a year and a half.

7. What’s the future of J. Burrage Publications?

I have a very ambitious goal for JBP within the next 5 years. I want JBP to eventually become a full media entertainment business, publishing books, magazines, stage play productions, and even screenplay productions.

Jacob L. Burrage (JB) can be reached by:


Telephone: (800) 940-5604

Social Networks:

Facebook: Jacob L. Burrage and Caught Up Book Club

Twitter: JBBurrage

MySpace: and




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Conversation with Gwynne Forster

Intimate Conversation with Gwynne Forster

Gwynne Forster, bestselling and award-winning author of When the Sun Goes Down, Blues from Down Deep, If You Walked in My Shoes, and A Different Kind of Blues, conjures a riveting story of fractured ties, secrets, and forgiveness in this powerful family drama in When the Sun Goes Down, the sequel to: If You Walked In My Shoes.

Gwynne Forster is a national best selling author of forty-five works of fiction, including her latest of nine mainstream novels, WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN. Gwynne is author of thirty-six romance novels and novellas, of which the latest novels are DESTINATION LOVE and YES, I DO. She has won numerous awards for fiction writing, including the Romantic Times 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award, the Romance In Color Author of the Year award, the Gold Pen Award and has been inducted in the Affaire de Coeur Hall of Fame.

Gwynne loves to sing, read and listen to music, especially jazz, classical music, opera and blues. She also loves to sing and dance, and enjoys entertaining at small dinner parties. She lives in New York with her husband, who is her true soul mate.

Listen to a lively interview with Gwynne Forster and BAN Radio host Ella Curry

BPM: Mrs. Gwynne, we are celebrating the holidays! What was your most memorable holiday from the past?
GF: My most memorable Christmas holiday was the first Christmas Eve that I spent with the man who is now my husband. I cooked a turkey, the first I'd ever cooked and, to my astonishment, it was a perfect bird. Many things happened that evening that we still joke about. We didn't know each other too well then, and we "tiptoed" around each other, each wanting to assure the other a happy Christmas and neither of us knowing how. We had a wonderful evening, singing, eating, listening to music, telling each other tall tales of our lives and, of course, exchanging gifts. I shall never forget it.

BPM: How do you celebrate the holidays? What are the traditions for your family?
GF: We celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve, always with a roast goose dinner and mounds of gifts around the Christmas tree. We began the Christmas Eve tradition when my step son--then a teenager--got his first girlfriend. Of course, he wanted to have Christmas dinner with her and her family. So we invited her for Christmas Eve, and he went to her family on Christmas day. We liked the custom. We open the gifts after dinner on Christmas Eve. One beauty of that is that I enjoy Christmas day with no work to do.

BPM: What are you most thankful for today? What does all your books have in common?
GF: I am most thankful for Jesus Christ in my life and for the health and well being of my family and myself.

GF: My books have different themes, but everyone of them demonstrates the importance of loyalty and common decency and the rewards of reaching for a higher goal. Website:

BPM: Mrs. Gwynne please tell us about your latest release, When the Sun Goes Down.
GF: When the Sun Goes Down deals with the strengths and fragileness of relations among family members. When self-made millionaire and widower Leon Farrell dies, he leaves behind a legacy of family dysfunction—and a missing will. The possible loss of a fortune only increases the existing tension between his three grown children.

While handsome slacker Edgar kicks back in anticipation of his windfall, middle child Gunther struggles to save his software business, and fiercely independent Shirley unsuccessfully tries to stay out of the fray. But things soon take an explosive turn. And as the siblings find themselves battling each other to protect their own interests, they’ll face choices that could bring them together at last—or tear them apart for good.

Caught in the middle of her brothers’ ill-will, and doing her best to keep the peace, Shirley is further unsettled when she falls for Carson Montgomery, the smart, sexy private investigator Edgar hires to tract down the will. And when Gunther suddenly falls ill, Edgar’s attempt to manipulate him causes a conflict of interest that will shock them all!

BPM: Are your characters a portrayal of real people?
GF: Not at all. Something about a person may give me an idea, but I invent my characters.

BPM: Who did you write When the Sun Goes Down for? Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
GF: I wrote it for my readership. I thought that the women and men who have read my novels over the years would enjoy a frank discussion of some of the problems common among people of African descent. I’m not sure you’d call it a message, because I make it a policy not to preach to the reader. My first agent told me that it is a writer’s duty not only to entertain, but to inform. I’ve taken that advice seriously, and in every book that I write, whether mainstream fiction of a romance, I include some worthwhile information as a part of the story.

BPM: If you could change one thing you from your road to publication, what would you have done differently?
GF: I wouldn't have written a romance as my first book. I write mainstream fiction, and some of my books have won awards, but they are always judged as romances, because reviewers associate me with romance. And when they complain about something, it's usually what distinguished mainstream women's fiction from a romance.

BPM: Do you write full time? Describe your writing schedule for your readers.
GF: I write full time. I get up around seven-thirty and usually write from nine to about four Mondays through Fridays. Important errands may interfere with the schedule, but that’s basically it. I write after dinner for about two hours, unless my husband and I are going out or have guests. I often write on Saturdays after I’ve finished my shopping and errands. I don’t write on Sundays. I work in my office, and I don’t listen to the radio unless there’s a program of Mozart music.

BPM: What do your do when you’re not writing?
GF: In the summer, I’m an avid gardener. I love music—opera and classical music, classical jazz, blues, some Sinatra/Nat Cole type popular songs and a couple of old fashioned country singers. I enjoy entertaining at small dinner parties and consider myself a rather good cook. And, of course, I read.

BPM: What does your family think of your writing?
GF: My family consists of my husband and stepson. Both are very proud of my success as a writer and read my books. Although my husband is an academician and not a computer expert, he makes my fliers, brochures, and bookmarks and does an elegant job of it.

BPM: What two pieces of advice would you give to aspiring writers?
GF: Don't be disappointed by rejections. When you get one, clean up the manuscript and send it to the next editor on your list. The appraisal of fiction is, in some important aspects, highly subjective.

GF: Learn English grammar, and cultivate an extensive vocabulary so as to express yourself precisely as you intend. Write each day and, if possible at the same time. Try not to get a habit of procrastinating, and don’t rewrite until, say, you’ve at least written a chapter. It’s best to rewrite after you finish a first draft. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. Join a writing group such as the local

RWA group and attend writing conferences whenever possible. Remember: if you write a page every day, at the end of a year you can have a book.

BPM: Thank you Mrs. Gwynne for joining us today! Readers you can find out more about Gwynne Forster and her books at:

When the Sun Goes Down by Gwynne Forster
Book Review: 5-Stars by Sharel E. Gordon-Love

Dysfunction can be part of a family even when one looks from the outside in and all appears to be well. In Gwynne Forster's When the Sun Goes Down, we find this to be so with the three Farrell siblings after the death of their father, Leon.

Leon Farrell was an odd character, who seemed to lose touch with real life and the children that most fathers would hold dear to his heart, especially after the loss of his beloved wife. However, he retreated within himself and played a cruel joke on his family, that could have them at odds with one another and ruin their relationships for good.

The eldest sibling, Edgar, was determined to get what was coming to him as a means to an end and continue to be the rebel that he is and live life on his terms. In the meantime, his brother, Gunther, and his sister, Shirley, tried to live their lives in spite of Edgar and the way they were treated by their father when he was alive. No doubt, their upbringing had a lot to do with who they grew to be, albeit, all three different in their own way.

When it was all said and done, secrets were revealed and hidden things brought to the light as this family strived to keep their families together and receive the things that they believed they were entitled to outside of their father and his eccentric ways. At the end of the day, it is about family and the things that we do to remain one.

What I loved about When the Sun Goes Down is how author Forster took her time to tell the story; there was no need to rush the storyline. I recommend this book to everyone who loves stories about family love and romance. This book was provided to me courtesy of the publisher for review purposes.
--Review by Sharel E. Gordon-Love APOOO BookClub

When the Sun Goes Down
ISBN-10: 0758246994
ISBN-13: 978-0758246998

"When the sun goes down on my life, you'll all come apart like ripped balloons." -- widower Leon Farrell

When stingy self-made millionaire and widower Leon Farrell dies, he leaves behind a legacy of family dysfunction—and a missing will. It's soon clear that his three grown children, Edgar, Gunther, and Shirley, don't handle loss well—the possible loss of a fortune, that is. And when Edgar hires a private investigator to track down the will, it's just the beginning of a search that will lead the siblings to re-visit their childhoods, uncover buried secrets, and ultimately learn for themselves what it means to be a family. For as tensions escalate between the brothers—with their peace-keeping sister caught in the middle—an unexpected conflict of interest is brewing that will shock them all—and either bring them closer together or tear them apart for good...    Peek inside the book and read excerpt chapters!

Purchase your copy today. Give as a great holiday gift book!

Once in a Lifetime by: Gwynne Forster
ISBN-13: 9780373831944

With a young daughter to support, recently divorced Alexis Stevenson jumps at the chance to become household manager for wealthy businessman Telford Harrington and his two brothers. Though she knows it won't be easy turning their bachelor-pad mansion into a home, she is determined to handle any obstacles, while maintaining a separate life for herself and her daughter. But Alexis isn't at all ready for the red-hot chemistry crackling between her and Telford—or the fact that she's suddenly caught in a maze of unexpected secrets and deep mistrust. But if she and Telford find their way through it—together—can they both embrace the love they so deeply desire?

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Free Money Now For African Americans

Private Companies Giving Free Money to African Americans?
And, NO! They Don’t Want the Money Back.

After spending 20 years of attempting to find organizations that give grants to People of Color, Dr. Donna and her daughters decided to be a part of the solution. They have written one of the most important books of this time, Free Money Now for African Americans.

“I wanted to create a well organized book filled with something that is nearly impossible to find in one location - grants for us. In other words, money to change our lives and money to make a great impact on our communities that we never, ever, ever have to pay back,” states Dr. Donna. “For organizations and those who dream of starting their own business, expanding, following their passion or being a block in the building of a greater community, the time has come; the time is now.”

Free Money Now for African Americans is the first and only book of its kind. Though there are numerous books for government grants, female grants and even a few on minority grants, there isn’t a book written specifically for People of Color. Separated by the most popular categories, so the readers can easily find companies giving out Free Money that matches them, this book of facts is segmented by church, HBCU’s youth, sports, children, health, schools, business/entrepreneurship and all art forms, just to name a few. Every possible subject is covered from organizations to individuals to community service.

The book also contains two bonuses. Free Money Now for College Students. Why pay for school when you don’t have to? And, How and Where to Get Grant Writing Assistance For You Absolutely Free.


Contact Phone Number:


Dr. Donna is a noted author and motivational speaker. She has been in the education field for over 50 years and has truly done her part and continues to play a part in leaving her unforgettable mark in the world. Her first book, Do You Have Kitchen Disease, continues to teach many people about nutrition with a revolutionary way of eating and caring for bodies. She is dedicated to enhancing lives globally one community at a time.

Mia More is the creator of Harmony Rhymes. A fun filled, nursery rhyme cd with tunes that stick in your head from the first time you hear it. This extremely important cd teaches children and reminds adults about love, health and wealth. She believes that if you can instill a healthy, positive, big thinking mindset in children - The world will automatically change for the better.

Project Name: Free Money Now For African Americans

1. Can we really get free money?
Yes, you can, you can't make them take your money, they don't want your money, it's 100% free!
2. Do we have to ever pay the money back?
No, you never ever have to pay the money back! This money is set aside enhance people’s lives and their communities.
3. Can I use the money for any type of business?
You can use the money for hundreds and hundreds of businesses and they are all listed in the book plus more.
4.How long does it take to get the money?
It takes approximately three to eight months and it’s well worth the wait. After all, you never have to pay the money back.
5. Can I use the money to expand my existing business?
Yes, you certainly can, you may also read the section in the book which list places where you can get free assistance in completing your applications.
6. Can I apply for more than one grant?
Yes, you may apply for as many as you wish. Simply follow what is asked of you on the applications.
7. Are there any grants for me to attend college?
Yes , we have a special section in the book for college grants and scholarships that you, of course, never ever have to pay back - Over 200.

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