Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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Hard Times….
Times are hard right now, not just for me but for everybody.
I am a hairstylist by profession, and hair, is considered a luxury.
During hard times, it is the first on the list of the things that gets cut back or cut off.
I’ve watched my clients cut back from every week to every 2 weeks to every 6 weeks.
Don’t these guys realize they pay my salary???
I do understand.
I have cut back too. PEDICURES, WAXING, My favorite pizza, driving, cable, movies, and the worse yet MY BOOKS!!!
I can’t afford to spend the $100.00 or more a month on books.
That hurts more than anything and I think I am going thru withdrawal and it’s not pretty.
I am cranky and irritated because I can’t get away from my drama in a great read; Reading has always made me feel better.
It was either whew my life ain’t so bad or I traveled to a far away place and had a mini vacation, or maybe I fell in love and lived happily ever after, even if it was until my next read.
My books are my Calgon, take me away.
So, I am re reading, revisiting, remembering.
I often re read my favorite books.
The Hand I Fan with by Tina McElroy Ansa is my all time favorite book and I religiously re read it once a year. I must visit Herman and Lena once a year, and yes I still cry over the end.
I am re reading Rhythms by Donna Hill, which and whom I totally adore with all my heart.
I am also going to re visit all of my Eric Jerome Dickey, Gloria Naylor, Victor McGlothin and Bernice McFadden books which are on my short list of loves.
I am so grateful I buy when I can.
So when times are hard and I am to broke to buy, I can revisit my hearts, the ones that left a mark on my heart and I consider, my treasures.
My boys who are no longer boys, say “We live in a library”, I just smile and say, Thank God you do. But we can leave, when ever we want to.
Simply Said.
Literary Director
Debra Owsley
Grateful 1/2

What or whom are you grateful for today?


Linda's Passion

I hear ya!
I want pretty bookmarks but I'm squeezing every penny I got right now.

Simply Said Reading Accessories

Linda I am squeezing pennies too, so hard the have my thumb print in them !!!

Blue Planet

Hey, Deb! I understand. There have been a number of outside sources that have affected my life this year and I have often gotten pretty down about it and struggled to find my "happy place." Recently, I was turned on to a DVD called, The Secret and it helped me to understand many of the things I had been taught to stand on in hard times.

I call many clients to you despite this economic time, knowing that it is not them that provides for you. I wish you much joy and fulfillment as you re-read your various loves. And I bless you to a place where the sacrifices you make will be of those things that are weights and not pleasures.

Keep your head up and show 'em your thong :)...

Simply Said Reading Accessories

"Keep your head up and show 'em your thong" :)...
LOL Love That Avah !!!!
Oh I'm going to keep on showing my thong!!
The Secret happens to be very close to my heart. As amatter of fact Ask Believe Receive is Almost a chat for me. I know the secret is believing in the "MO BETTER" is on the way and God is always on time

Linda Beed

You're preaching to the choir Sis. I've had to reassess my spending as well.

As an author my books, for some are considered a luxury item.


Simply Said Reading Accessories

Linda I have taken to reading the excerpts on authors pages, and first chapters as a quick fix !!!!!!!!!!!
With-drawal is not easy, it just adds on to more books I need to buy

18 Authors

Ain't it the truth. But we always will find a way to get what we need.


I thought by now I would have gave away 500 thongs or more. -Life and its curves, it hits you in the head every time. -I don't sound good when I'm singing the Blues, so let me stop, before I cause you to cry... LOL.

Samara King

The state of the economy has definitely been reason enough to watch where money is going and how frequently.

Creatively, its hard not to feel the aftershock, but I'm a firm believer that things will bounce back!

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