Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Hope You Dance

Barack Obama
I danced in the street last night. I hooped and hollered, and I danced. Barack Obama won the presidential Election. My whole neighborhood was out screaming and crying. I laughed and joined in the celebration, but I didn’t cry. I reflected. On all those who made this possible. For all those who died for this. I danced into the tune of The Track of My Tears. They were dancing in Kenya, China, and New York and all over the world. My boys, whom I adore and my youngest who voted for the first time, danced with me. There was no “MOM WHAT ARE YOU DOING” they understood. They were as proud as I was. I danced in the street for joy. I danced for pride of this moment. I danced for the fact that I never dreamed that I would see this in my lifetime. I danced because I felt so many of us were on the same page. I slept last night literary in fear that I would wake and something had changed, they mis-counted, all the electoral votes were wrong. I woke this morning and turned on the T.V. which I never do in the morning. Presidential Elect Barack Obama won by a landslide, which is what I prayed for. That’s when I cried, and I danced some more.
I hope you dance
“It’s not the color of his skin; it’s the content of his character”
Martin Luther King is dancing too!
Amen and Amen,
I am full,
All I pray for now is 8 years,and that he and his family will be safe.


Dancing with God
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Linda's Passion

Well said! I, too, danced, shouted, and praised God who sits high!

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