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Marcia King-Gamble Interview


Hello Marcia King-Gamble , how are you!

Tell us, what led you to write Tempting the Mogul?
I had recently moved to Seattle. My editor at the time thought the setting would be perfect for a romance book. Most books featuring African Americans are set in urban cities. She felt that my readers would enjoy and maybe learn something from a book set in the Pacific Northwest. I also wanted to introduce characters with careers that were different from the norm.

Are any of the characters you or someone you know?

No not really. I'd been reading a lot about life coaches lately and thought that would make a different career. I also find men who color outside of the lines very appealing and so I created Salim Washington. He doesn't fit the mold. Salim is a trust fund baby who prefers to use his money to help those less fortunate. He's sexy and daring and my kind of man.

What genre is Tempting the Mogul considered?

Tempting the Mogul is considered a contemporary Romance.

What is Tempting the Mogul about?

Kennedy Fitzpatrick, my heroine has returned from her job in Japan coaching executives to find her car repossessed, and her house close to foreclosure. Desperate she is forced to take a job whipping Salim Washington into shape. He needs to assume his ailing father's position as television studio head. One problem, Salim does not want to be whipped into shape. He is much happier traveling the world and helping AIDS victims.

What were the easiest and the hardest parts to write?

This wasn't a difficult story to write at all. I had much of it laid out in my head. I just had to keep remembering that I wasn't writing a mainstream story with many layers. It can be challenging for me to remember that.

Does Tempting the Mogul have a sequel coming?

Yes, actually the next book is completed. This time Kennedy Fitzgerald takes a back seat. My heroine this time is a free spirit (shopaholic) and my hero is a financial planner and a total tightwad. It makes for an interesting pairing.

Has writing Tempting the Mogul, given you any AHHH HAAA moments?

It made me pause and think about the type of men I go for; Bohemian but with ethics, humanity and a generosity of spirit. These qualities can be a challege to find in one package. The 'all about me' approach is a total turn off for me.

You had another book in November, First Crush, let’s chat about that.

First Crush was set in Washington State wine Country. It starts off with a couple breaking up and then finding their way back to each other. Sound familiar? We've all been there.

How has your writing journey been?

It's had its bumps and bruises but here I am ten years later. I am very grateful for readers who allow me to keep doing what I love. Without you there would be no books on the shelves.

How many books have you written?

Twenty six in print.

Not calling any of your babies ugly, but which was your favorite?
My favorite book is Jade which is considered mainstream. I loved the setting both Vietnam and New York and I got to explore a romance that happened during a senseless war.

As a writer, what has been your epiphany?

Realizing early on that this is a business and as such it's all about the bottom line. You can be the flavor of the month one month and then the next gone.

What was the killer line in any of your books for you?

I can't think of a line right off but I can think of a title: Hook, Line & Single- my January release.

Let’s talk about Marcia! What do you have brewing?

I am currently working on a mainstream book and that's all I can say right now. Marcia is a pretty happy individual and has always been. I'm blessed with one of those personalities that when handed a lime I make lemonade.


When should we expect it?

There is no publishing date as yet.

Who do you like to read?
There are too many talented authors out there to mention. I do enjoy a good classic romance with characters that are full developed.

What did you do while writing? Music etc?

I'm a big multitasker. I can talk and write at the same time. The setting doesn't have to be perfect.

When you finished writing First Crush your November release and Tempting the Mogul ? How did you celebrate?

I slept a lot. I have had five releases this year which meant little or no social life and keeping some really odd hours. It felt good to sleep in,and to write when I want too now as opposed to having too.

What is you one guilty pleasure?

There is nothing I do that I am guilty about. I believe in pleasure for pleasure's sake. If it feels or tastes good, and doesn't hurt anyone, bring it on.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I'm not good at thinking that far ahead. Hopefully I will still be writing.

What do you want people to know about you?
That I'm down to earth and keep things real.

What is your Book and Contact information?

You can reach me at or
P.O. Box 25143, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33320
visit my website at

Marcia is my first custom order bookmark client.



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