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10 Tips for authors featuring Harrine Freeman

I asked author Harrine Freeman to give 10 Best tips for Authors for 2009. In this economy we can use all the tips we can get. I will be featuring more articles and tips from other business professionals and ideas that I have come up with too.

10 Tips for Authors in 2009

1.Network. Since we are in a recession and many small businesses and authors lack a marketing budget, attend as many free networking functions as you can. Check your local newspaper or local civic organizations for networking events in your area.
2.Promote. Always carry your business cards and at least 10 copies of your book with you. Every encounter with someone mention you are an author or hand the person your business card. You can also post your events for free on sites like You can also use social networks to promote your book such as,,, and
3.Create a website. If you don't already have a website, create one. If you can't afford to pay for a website, create a free one on or
4.Sell. Think of creative ways to sell your books. Sell them at barber shops, hair salons, networking events, conferences, grocery stores, libraries, and community events. You can also sell your book on or
5.Create a shopping cart. Create a shopping cart on your website or use Google or PayPal. Make it easy for customers to purchase your book and any other products you wish to sell.
6.Learn. Learn everything you can about marketing your book, selling your book, and how to run a business. As an author you are a business and you must promote yourself as a business. Some great books to use as a reference are 1001 Ways to Market Your Book by John Kremer and The Publishing Game by Fern Reiss. Do research on web marketing by visiting websites such as and, and
7.Revise. Review your book at least once a year and revise the content and publish the new version with a new ISBN or write a new book to keep yourself in the market.
8.Barter. Barter services with other authors or small businesses if you cannot afford to pay for them. This will save you money and help out someone else.
9.Create a newsletter. Create a newsletter and provide a sign-up sheet at each event you attend. Use websites like Icontact or Constant Contact to create your newsletter. You can also find free newsletter templates on Microsoft's website. A newsletter is a great way to promote your book without spending a lot of money.
10.Develop a plan. Develop a marketing plan for your book, plan at least 6-12 months in advance of what you hope to accomplish with your book. Set target dates for each goal and document steps taken to accomplish each goal.

Thank You for sharing Harrine

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