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K.L. Belvin, A Man in Transition

When did you begin writing, and what brought you to it?
Well my writing came about as a means for me to get close to women. I found other brothers had weak game and when you write an erotic or romantic poem or story the women reacted to it. Over the years as I matured so has my writing and my choice of writing. Now I try to write works that are reflective of the man I am trying to be.

Your book Man in Transition, has a lot of personal ideologies, please speak about those thoughts.
Well I took a chance with poetry to be expressive of my personal changes but I felt it was needed. I am a born again Christian and this prompts my way of life and my book reflects the changes made as man. In my book the chapters were designed to show the reader what words come from a man who has changed his life for the better. The poetry ideas in my book cover fathers, love for mother, death, abortion, faith, teaching and even erotica. My thoughts are expressed since I have lived all that I write about...

You and your wife Tiffany are one of the cutest couples I know, which poems did you write just for her?
Oh thank you for the compliment. We really enjoy being married.

There are a few that were inspired by the feelings I have for my wife... Here they go.
Perfect Woman (if only in my mind) is one of my favorites
Ghetto Girl
The Smiles Not Seen, the Cries Not Heard (The Abortion Poem)
That Smile

Who is KL and what is he about?
KL is a man that has seen much and done much. My life at times can be confusing because I still haven’t figured out what my true purpose is. With that said I try many things to see if it’s the place I am supposed to be. I am secretly sensitive but I keep it hidden since people attempt to use it against you. My spirituality grounds me and keeps me focused on what is the right way to live. KL is about Love. The Love I have for my wife is a driving force to remain the man I am while finding ways to be better. I am about my people and history of my people. As an educator I try to bring a part of the past into the conversations had today. Our children need to see and hear the words from someone they trust. I am also about my own children. I haven’t always been the father I should and could be because I have multiple children with multiple women. I am not proud of the fact but, I don’t wear it as a badge of shame. I simply know I have to attempt to provide what I can within all I have for my children. Does that mean I am going to take care of everything they need, of course not. That is the punishment for living a life with no respect for life or self. I accept this fate and push forward because of it.
To sum it all up, K. L. is “A Man In Transition” and I am about constant change and positive growth. There is no room for whining or complaining. Prayer and actions are the weapons I choose.

Do you have any tips for authors and poets, like yourself, would you give to people starting this journey?

Study, Study, Study. Learn as much as you can about this craft and then decide if you’re going to make the commitment to do this. Writing is not a game and selling books is not for everyone. I would say understand marketing or get close to someone who does if you’re going to make it. You have to be ready to deal with disappointments and financial loss. You also have to surround yourself with others who are positive influences and doers in this line of work. Do give into intimidation of another success. Many authors will reach out and help so don’t be scared to ask for help. Attend conferences and be prepared to ask questions and learn.
Finally, have faith in your talents. Trust the Lord, he didn’t place you here for no particular reason.

What projects are you working on and what’s coming up?
I am in a Christian anthology coming out Father’s day called The Soul of Man. 14 brothers offering their connection with God for the world to see what “triumph” can look like through the eyes of black men. I am part of another Christian anthology called Bended Knee due out in November. This book only has 8 authors so the challenge was greater to complete. I am going to continue to promote my poetry book. However I believe that I am going to take a step back from writing and return to taking classes on becoming a better writer. I feel I am weak in the areas of professional writing and I need to truly dive into become a writer who’s work can be respected by all who read. If money will allow I plan on attending the Black Writers Conference and Reunion in Las Vegas in June
I am also considering starting my PhD in Education and course in writing.
“From Gigolo to Jesus” My life as a sexual predator. Is the title of the second book I am working on. I can see it completed and ready in late 2010. The book is about my life as an out of control fatherless young man who lived his life through sexual exploits only to found the Lord, completed my masters, got married, divorced, saved my relationship after infidelity to get remarried, reconnected all my children and take each day as educator serious enough to place my whole life under the scrutiny of today’s society. I feel it a story that needs to be told to possibly save some young men from going the route I took to find salvation and peace.

What has some of the highlights thus far in your journey?
The first day my first book came to my house.
Going to Tampa last year and selling a book when my books hadn’t been printed or delivered yet.
Writing a poem for young lady and seeing the tears come down when I read it to her.
Being asked to be one of the presenters for the poetry seminar at the Black Writer’s Conference and had only sold one book to that point...
Hearing from Best Selling Author, Mary B. Morrison and finding out she wanted my story in one of her novels.
Attending my first book signing and selling 15 copies of my book.
Being invited to a church that purchased 26 books.
Hearing one of my students say, “Mr. B, your famous now, You’re on the back of book”
There are more but these are a few that stand out.

Where can we find you on the net?

I can be found at my website:
Where my wedding video and poetry can be seen and heard.
Facebook screen name: KL Keith Belvin
My Blog:

Can you spit a little somethin’ somethin’?


(If Only in my mind)

I ask myself why I am so lucky. Is there a reason I am so blessed?
But you’re never supposed to question God’s work. I say God because how do you explain her patience with me.
There is something about the way she understands my needs. Are there other women who would love another’s children like her own?
Would another woman be strong enough to trust God and take you back when you have tasted the fruits someone else’s?
Her soul is pure enough to douse the evil that once filled my own.
My vanity, my pride and smugness has been replaced with concern, endearment and gratefulness.
I now concern myself with more than just my own needs.
Her smile fills my heart with joy.
Her tears burn at my soul and demands my immediate attention or screams for forgiveness.
I am blessed with an equal, so again I ask why I am so lucky.
Does God see something in me I don’t see? He must.
She is sexy beyond belief, even when she sleeps.
Can that comfortable look come from what I have brought to her life?
The world is funny, one minute you’re all alone, next thing all your dreams are being answered.
Thank you God!
Well the only course of action is to leave all my worries, fears, and concerns at Lord’s feet.
Something about having the right woman that makes each day, night and morning special.
I really do have the perfect woman if only in my mind.

By. K. L. Belvin



Hey Deb, Thank you so much! You are one of the best in the game. Your love for reading and support for authors goes unmatched. The real blessing is the down to earth person you are. You are so much better in person, your online personality doesn't even tell the who story. Love you doll.
I am honored to have my words placed here on your blog. Keep up the great work. You are truly a positive mother, business woman and supportive fan of all authors out there.
God Bless you Love...

K. L. Belvin
Author of "A Man In Transition"

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K.L. thanks for blogging with me. I'm just doing what I truly love.

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