Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's Your Estimated Publicity Budget?

What’s your EPB?
Estimated Publicity Budget

Working with authors by way of “Simply Said” reading accessories"; my company doing custom
“Gift Marks” aka bookmarks,
book thongs,
book plates, and note cards,

A few common denominators keep reoccurring, such as
How much should I spend?
What should I invest in?
What will give me repeat customers?
What will keep me on there mind even after the book is finished?
What can I do to stand out from the rest?
What will give me more bang for the BOOK?

Well, I have been dealing with many authors in the last few years and these issues reappear almost every time.


Any promo material should be designed for REPEAT BUSINESS
You want and need to Be Remembered and Retained
You Do Not Want To use the same promo materials that others have used and disgared

Please watch the slide show I created about where your bookmarks end up at the end of a festival
It clearly shows, flyers and your average bookmarks littering the streets, in huge numbers, after the festival. This happens at every festival I have attended, there is no value to them, they are common and considered disposable.

Same stuff different festival.

Hmmmm, pause and think.

If you are a seasoned author or up coming with several books coming soon,
But.. How do you do this?????

First you figure out how much you want to spend on publicizing your book.
Do you want to spend $100.00 or $1000.00 dollars?
Who is your target audience?
What are you trying to achieve?
Who are you trying to reach?
Break it down…
Book signings
Contests from your site

How much do you estimate to spend per event?

It’s really difficult to really guess how many people will turn out to these events so estimate and then add 20%, at least

Well known events such as the B.E.A or Romance Slam Jam will pick up any overage from other events that did not have good turn outs.

Do you have a press packet?
You want to add a creative addition to your packet to stand out.

At you more intimate book club signings.
You want to give a gift for the invite and the hospitality.
What about the reader who adores you and comes to you with EVERY book you have written?
You want to THANK them for being loyal.

What about the FAN who lives in ALASKA, where your not doing any signings???
Do you disregard them? Just send them an email?

Don’t you want to stay in contact with your fan base?

How do you work you EPB ??
On a limited budget?

I have had many authors order a package of all of the above. They strategically, mailed to Book groups, had them for release parties,
Had many contests, mailed them to publicists and book stores and created quite a buzz.

The attraction was they were different and retained your information. It also showed that you went the extra mile to be noticed,
you the author did not want to be disposable.

Now I am not saying not to use flyers and other bookmarks they can be effective in some venues.

My product line is truly your”A” game your Sunday best
When you want to make a real impression that you are
Investing in yourself has packages to fit your budget and your promotional needs, please feel free to contact me for your marketing tools.

It’s really All About You
Debra Owsley
954 562-5709


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