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What Not to do

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What Not to do

Do you, the author realize that you are a celebrity? Well to us, the fans, you are. We want to be as engaged with you as we were with your book.

I recently went to a signing and I will not mention names but the author was arrogant, smug, and had an attitude. this was not a good look. The signing had about 30 people there either with books or ready to buy.

I thought hmmm great turn out, but the author was a turn off. What ever the problem was it should have been left at the door. All the excited fans caught wind of the attitude immediately. And the excitement died just a little.

I just figured once things got started it would be great, BUT NOOO. It worsened. The author acted as if WE ought to be grateful, they were here. HUH???

The author then proceeded to do a discussion about how great thou are. Not about the books at all. WT??? At the end of the boast, the author then told people with books line up here and the ones who did not have books, and I quote “GO buy one and get in line”.

I was mortified at the rudeness. So were others. At that point I did not want my books signed, but I stood in line to tell the author to read my blog today. And I refused to have my books signed, and I asked how “does that make you feel”. By the way, the ones who were told to “GO buy a book”; they left without making a purchase.

Authors we love you, appreciate us. You need to figure out what’s going to keep us running back to you, your site and the bookstore. Obviously this is not it. If this is how you do things, you should never, ever do any public interaction.

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Carleen Brice

I think I know who this was. I attended a reading here in Denver earlier this year where the same attitude and actions were present! I was VERY turned off.

Simply Said Reading Accessories

I was in total shock. I did not want to go "sister Gurl", on this person. NOT having my books signed I hope this made my point. I've met some world famous, NYT best selling authors, and never was I so mortified.


That thump was my jaw dropping. I am sorry you had that experience. My job that pays the bills is an Acccount Manager and no matter what I am going through personally I have to leave it at the door when interacting with my clients. Writing is my passion so I could not imagine being rude to someone who took time out of their day to show me support.

Simply Said Reading Accessories

Tracy rude is an understatement, THE AUTHORS's jaws dropped when I stood in line and then refused to have my book signed.

bettye griffin


Toyi Ward

If you ever catch me acting like that...bump me in the head and tell my mama. That's a shame.

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