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Definition of Love by Nanette M. Buchanan

The Definition of Love by Nanette M. Buchanan

He said he knew a little about "true love", my ears tuned in.....
It had been weeks, no months, a few years.....since we had been just friends.

We had gone to heights where I felt pure pleasure, total ecstasy,
We had explored our minds, entwined our bodies, engaged in shared fantasies.

He said he knew what to say but didn't know what it truly meant
It had be said over and over we were the others angel......the love heaven sent.

We took no chances playing the other for a fool,
Our relationship was based on honesty, it was our silent rule.

He said he lived this night in his dreams from the time we met
We both new what was expected, our love would die now or move on to the next step.

I tried to tell him I loved him, what happened in the past, was explained and defined
His past, their love, was not our struggle, not a part of our time.

He said he thought he loved once before and failed, but found it was not true
Today she told him he was a father, and after three years, what was he to do

He said he didn't really know why he never knew about his responsibility,
But he was now known as "Daddy" to a little girl that was three.

He recognized himself in her tiny face and bright eyes,
He didn't want to lose our love for another, I listened, he cried.

We share our love with his angel, we know this was not a mistake.......
The definition of's never too late.

Copyright 2010, Nanette Buchanan, I Pen Designs

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