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Dying on the Edge

Dying on the Edge Blog Tour with Francine Craft

Getting to know Francine Craft…

Since romance novels have a pretty set formula that they follow, how difficult do you find it to continue to write stories that will make loyal romance readers overlook that aspect of the book?
Actually, if you like romance, the plot ideas are endless. Where do you suppose those prolific writers like Norah Roberts and Brenda Jackson find their ideas. The world is full of romantic ideas. My head is and always will be full of romantic ideas.

Do you ever suffer from writers block? If so, how do you get past it?
Except for that 11-year period I mention when I was so hurt and upset when my first novel was published in 1975 by Berkley, an excellent publisher, and given a lurid, ridiculous cover and the copy was run completely unedited because it was interracial and a woman who obviously hated it sent it over as camera-ready, I have had no more blocks. I have enough novels in mind to last for 50 years.

How do you handle negative reviews?

I utilize the old southern saying: Consider the source. Some negative reviews are so plainly the hatchet job of someone who wants to want or has tried to and envies you your success at being published. These days a lot of people believe they can succeed without the effort it takes and they’re frustrated. Yes, I just consider the source.

About the Book

A Multicultural, Multilayered Romantic Voodoo Mystery) – Click here to view the book trailer


Film star Maggi French is on top of her game, and she wants billionaire real estate mogul Kurt Wilder for herself, even though he's married and has a child. He owns Wilder Film Studios, and Maggi's drive for power demands she have him as her husband. She'll go to any lengths to get him, including voodoo. Maggi lives on the edge of an emotional precipice. Will her hunger for Kurt provide the thrust that pushes her over?


Kurt Wilder has romanced many women and his wife knows all about them. Once he thought he'd divorce his wife and marry Maggi. Now he's drifting and she's clinging. Has he figured out a way to be free of her forever?

About the author

Francine is a long-time, prolific, bestselling multicultural romance and romantic suspense writer for publishers such as Harlequin, BET and Kensington. Her slogan is: Books that Warm the Heart the and Enrich the Soul. She is also popular on the international front, especially in the UK, and gets treasured fan mail from readers in the United States and worldwide. Several of her books have been translated and Harlequin distributed five as Introductory Books. She feels that nobody values their fellow humans more than she does, but adds that they can be trying sometimes which doesn't keep her from loving them.

With DYING ON THE EDGE, Francine has written and self-published a romantic voodoo mystery with Wheatmark Publishing and her own imprint of Craft's New America Press. Edge is well researched, written, edited and proofed. A lot of people who've read advance copies have loved it and she hopes you will too.

Leave a comment and be entered to win a wonderful Harry & David tower of treats courtesy of Francine! Winner will be randomly chosen by the author and announced on the last day of the tour.


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