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It's Kool to be Smart

Synopsis: The tale of a young boy who is ridiculed and disrespected by his school mates because of his God-given gift of intelligence. Nigel an 8-year old boy must learn how to overcome the persecution of his classmates while also dealing with the death of his father. Once home from school Nigel finds comfort with his two best friends Juan and Frankie (who attend catholic school). Each night Nigel prays asking God to take away his gift of being smart. Will Nigel be granted his wish or does God have a better plan for the boy?

Janice Reaves, the author
, grew up in a single-family household in San Francisco. The product of a neglected school district, she barely graduated from High School with a 9th grade education. It wasn’t until she went on to college where Janice remediated her education. She never believed in her true gift of writing, it was not something she enjoyed. However, Janice’s instructors would often return her assignments with comments such as, “great metaphor”; “wonderful transition”; or “good analogy”. Janice had no idea what her teachers were talking about. However, years later, on a dare, Ms. Reaves wrote her first book, and within 12 months her first work of fiction, Hidden Reality, was self published.

Janice Reaves hopes that the works of literature she pens will empower, encourage and inspire children to read and believe that they can become all that they imagine themselves being. Contrary to what Ms. Reaves experienced growing up, she hopes no child ever feels ashamed to read out loud or to be who they are; whether they are black, white, brown, or poor. Janice believes all kids are talented, she’s quoted as saying, “We just have to nurture that talent to ensure it is develops properly.”

Janice’s focus & mission is for children to know that God has made them all a promise and all they have to do is believe and achieve. She feels our disadvantaged youth can become writers, poets or whatever they envision for themselves. Ms. Reaves hope to someday create a traveling youth summit with an outreach extending from city-to-city and state-to-state.

Excerpt: Once home Nigel would cry to his mother telling her how mean the kids were to him at school. Nigel wished that he wasn’t so smart and maybe than the kids at school would like him. Nigel’s mom prayed with Nigel daily explaining why the kids made fun of him, because they were envious of him and wished they could be as smart as he was. Nigel found that very hard to believe so every night before he went to sleep he would pray asking God to make him not so smart, but every morning when he awakened nothing changed, he was still smart.

Interview with Janice:

Why do you write Children’s Books? I feel our children are in need of help. In so many homes there is no guidance, no direction, and in so many cases no supervision.

What do your readers like most about your book? They see that change is possible and this gives them hope of a positive future.

Is Kool to be Smart coming from your childhood experience? Yes! I think when a writer writes in some way or another he or she will pull from a known experience.

How did you create such an inspirational children’s book? I feel the pain of those around me and that motivates me to find a solution.

Will we hear more of Kool to be Smart?
Kool to be Smart will be a series that will empower, motivate, and inspire our children to be all that God has created them to be.

I heard that you became a writer because of a dare? Yes! A friend dared me to write a book and a year later my first novel Hidden Reality was born. I never enjoyed writing, I never considered my self a writer; but those around me saw a talent that I was blinded to. I had professors who would often write comments on my papers like “great metaphor” “wonderful transition.” I had no ideal what they were talking about. This is why I do what I do. I want to make believers out of non believers. I want our children to know that God has made them all a promise and if they believe they will achieve.

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