Friday, November 26, 2010

The Black Friday special this year is RED HOT

Sale #1
The Black Friday special this year is RED HOT {clue 1}
If you are clever, you will clean up on this sale (clue 2)
I LOVE RED for the holiday, but I don’t do seasonal product (clue 3)
Red comes in many ways (clue 4)
Can you figure out the 4 ways Red is used (clue 5)
It can also be an antonym (clue 6)
It can be changed to be red (clue 7)
Read, can be a verb, a noun and a adjective (clue 8 )
The price is the number of letters in RED (clue 9)
If you have “read” the clues and “get it” go shopping
shop here!/photos.php?id=100662481230

Book Thongs this weekend only are
10 book thongs for $30.00
24 book thongs for $60.00
These DO NOT include the Limited Editions

Sale #3
In Honor of EDC Creations Black Book Weekend, Simply Said Reading Accessories has a special offer for every book club. Join us in this momentous tribute to the Gift of Knowledge. I was inspired to create a Limited Edition line of Book Jewels to honor the uniqueness of each book we read.

The one of a kind designs are an exclusive, distinctive, individual, extraordinary work of art just for your group or book clubs. I have acquired some fabulous pieces that are truly gorgeous. The amounts are limited. For your group or book club, I will create a unique piece for each member.

In addition to the Book Jewelry, I will also create a “Giftmark” for each member in your book club. It will feature your book club photo or logo and your club name and favorite quote.

The exclusive set of these Limited Editions are only $10.00

They also make a perfect gift for the book lovers in your life so take advantage of this special Black Book Weekend Limited Edition Special!

Orders for this special is code 10LTD.
Please email me at promptly to place your order. Place your orders now in order to receive it in time for your holiday gifts and Secret Santa’s.!/photos.php?id=100662481230


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