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Clutch your Pearls Girl Blog Tour

Clutch your Pearls Girl Blog Tour

I’m sure we all can remember as young ladies growing up, how we had dreams that we wanted to fulfill. We would often fantasize about them, we would share our dreams with our bestie and at times we would make efforts to make our dreams a reality. Now that we’ve grown up a bit and as we look back at our past experiences, some of those dreams are still futuristic, some of them are closer than before, some of those dreams are fulfilled and some of those dreams have been snatched away.
Futuristic Dreams: For those dreams that are still futuristic, I want to encourage you to continue to press forward until you see the fulfillment of those dreams. Keep speaking positively over them as you move closer to their completion. Remember that there is power in your words and you can actually have what you say. So keep saying it until you see it. Keep applying the works that are needed to see it come to pass. In order for a dream to surface into reality, it requires effort, courage, tenacity, stamina and speaking positively over it no matter what.
Dreams are closer, but not yet fulfilled: For those dreams that are closer than before, keep doing what you’re doing, but intensify it so that it can reach fulfillment as well. Whatever you do, don’t give up on your dreams. Your dreams are a part of you, so to give up on your dreams is like giving up on you. Roll up your sleeves and move forward.
Snatched Dreams: Sometimes during the course of our lives there are a series of events that may cause us to lose sight of our dreams and/or for our dreams to be snatched away. Sometimes our dreams are snatched away because of the people we have allowed in our lives. Instead of continuing to follow our dreams, we allowed them to talk us out of our own. This may mean you may need to severe the ties and begin dreaming again. Surround yourself with those who are desiring to do things that are similar to your own dreams. Dust off your dreams and begin going after them!
Completed Dreams: For those dreams that you have completed, I must congratulate you on your hard efforts. It is such a blessing when you have completed something you have deeply desired to achieve. Now that you’ve completed one dream, it’s time to work on the next set of dreams you’ve been dwelling on. It’s not over for you, you have just begun.
As long as we have breath in our body, our dreams continue to flow and grow. So today as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I encourage you to continue dreaming. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that was life changing for many people even after his death. The dream is still alive and so is the dream inside of you.
If you would like to post something on this blog entry, please do so by sharing some of your dreams and/or expressing encouraging words to the readers about the importance of working towards the fulfillment of their dreams.
I encourage you to dream again! Dust off those dreams and do what is necessary to cause them to become realities.
About the Author
Stephanie McKenny is a licensed minister who resides in South Carolina. She has written one novel and three non-fiction books. She facilities a yearly women’s retreat (dates for 2011 are May 19-21, 2011) and has recently started her own self-publishing company (J & J Publishing).

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About the Book

Is Mr. Right…Really Right? Some women are caught off guard when they finally find out Mr. Right isn’t so right after all. By then, their heart, mind, and body are already ensnared by an unhealthy relationship.
Relationships are what keep us all connected. Every woman wants a man of her own whether she wants to admit to it or not. We all have an innate desire to love and be loved. However, there are some relationships we should never entertain. Every man that comes into your life doesn’t necessarily deserve access to your heart.
This book is filled with sister wisdom that brings awareness to healthy and unhealthy relations, exposing unhealthy characteristics in men and pointers n helping you become the woman God intended for you to be.

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Thank you for hosting the Clutch Your Pearls, Girl Blog Tour with Stephanie McKenny.

Stephanie McKenny

Thank you so much for hosting my blog tour. I hope you were able to read the e-book. If you can post a review that would be great for Amazon. Thanks again.

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