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Man Enough for Me Blog Tour

Man Enough for Me Blog Tour

About the Author
Rhonda Bowen
is a writer and event planner living in Toronto. When not stressing over her job, she can be found at church stressing over the kids she teaches in youth class. She enjoys spending time with her family, trying on shoes she can’t afford, and enjoying life’s unexpected twists and turns.
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About the Book
Twenty-something public relations gem Jules Jackson has everything in her life under control, and that’s exactly the way she likes it. She’s got no problem handling two jobs, her crazy friends, and her difficult mother. But she’s just about given up on men—until she meets fine Germaine Williams …
Straight-up catch Germaine is eager to prove his worth to Jules, and she falls hard. But it’s soon clear Germaine’s keeping at least one big secret. And the deeper Jules digs, the more her balancing act, and her romance, begins to crumble. Now Jules can either turn to her faith and open her heart to love—or risk getting it broken…

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I’m Rhonda Bowen and I’m the author of MAN ENOUGH FOR ME. Man enough for Me is about Jules Jackson, publicist by day, and promoter by night. Jules is passionate about her career, especially her after hours job promoting new artists and helping them get exposure in Toronto’s growing entertainment industry.
She is also passionate about her family – even though her mother drives her crazy. She is passionate about her friends, especially her girls Maxine and Tanya. Yes, they bring a lot of drama to her life, but she knows she can count on them when it matters most. But above everything else, she is passionate about her faith and about following the path God has for her.
While working an event one night Jules meets Germaine Williams, a record store and nightclub owner who makes a lasting first impression. She can’t deny her attraction to him, and the fact that he shares a lot of her interests doesn’t hurt either. But there are things in Germaine’s life that don’t add up for Jules. Like the suspicious looking brothers she catches him doing business with, and the tension between Germaine and a good friend of Jules which Germaine won’t talk about. In fact the more time she spends around him the more she begins to worry that his passions are motivated by a not-so-pure source.
As her relationship with him begins to break down, so do her other friendships, her family relationships and both her careers. She eventually comes to a junction in her life where she must decide whether she will play it safe or risk everything for the chance at real happiness.

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Rhonda Bowen

Thanks for hosting me and my novel! I appreciate the support!


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