Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Year devotional, God’s Great Blessings

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Thursday, October 6

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The Secret of Courage
It’s dark, cold and early. But I’m excited. On this morning, the most important thing I have to do is hear from God. And not just a little bit. I want to hear without limits. Isn’t that what we’re all saying today? That we want to be blessed by God this year? So we can bless God without limits?

And with those words, I started my latest book—a One Year devotional, God’s Great Blessings. I tried to write bold, that is. And to sound courageous. But I’m not courageous. Not every day. And surely not by nature. More timid that tough—and more quiet than bold—I often stand in the background, not challenging myself or my gifts or my God.

But with my new book, I was writing on virtues—God’s great virtues—that He blesses. So my devotional started safely enough, exploring “soft” virtues—listening, love, kindness and so on. But a One Year devotional goes 52 weeks. And God “don’t play.” So soon enough I was writing about the tough stuff—persistence, truth, unity, enterprise, justice. Then courage, too. But what would I say?

I was thinking perhaps of times I’d held back from a battle—not feeling “enough” for a challenge. But I’d forgotten what fuels our courage. It’s God’s promise that, when we walk boldly for Him, He walks with us. Talking to Joshua of the Bible, as the young leader readied to conquer the Promised Land, God said it like this: “Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9 NLT)

Jesus put it this way: “Take courage! I am here!” (Mark 6:50 NLT) He was talking to his disciples, walking on water—but the disciples were terrified, thinking he was a ghost. But Jesus assured them at once. Don’t be afraid. Instead, take courage. I am here.

Reading those scriptures again recently, I finally saw the secret to courage. That living with courage, taking life on--even when we feel weak—assures God’s presence goes with us. Just a bunch of Jesus talk? Or the real deal? I dare you to find out. Stop now and pray bold. Ask for God’s courage and presence. Then get moving, knowing that as you face your fears for God, the Lord will bless you with Himself.

Award-winning author Patricia Raybon’s newest book is the One Year® daily devotional, God’s Great Blessings. She is also author of two acclaimed memoirs, My First White Friend and I Told the Mountain to Move. She also collaborated with calligrapher Timothy Botts in his upcoming gift book honoring African American spirituals, Bound for Glory. Learn more at her website: PatriciaRaybon.Com

My Review
This is such a perfect gift for the holidays. The One Year God's Great Blessings Devotional, is a daily guide of virtures.
The virtures are; listening, loving, compassion, kindeness, generosity, peace, patience, forgiveness, mercy, gratitude, hope, praise, faith, joy,hospitality,reverence, obedience, righteousness, humility, purity, trust, knowledge, prudence, self control, contentment,dignity and modesty, silence and solitude, temperance, sacrifice, rest, vision, justice, truth, honesty and intergrity, repentance, passion and zeal, strength and vigor, creativity, unity, wisdom, courage, persistence, hard work, order and discipline, preparation, vigilance, commitment, service, thrift, enterprise and industry and completion.

Each virture starts with "His Promise" and "My Prayer" to start the guide through each particular theme. Patricia Raybon writes 6 very moving reflections about the theme and then has questions about how you reflect these to your own life and which changes you would like to make.

This beautiful leather bound book, is a wonderful gift for any age and truly a gift in so many ways.

The Bound For Glory book by Timothy R. Butts with reflections by Patricia Raybon is BEAUTIFUL! This is Celebrating the Gift of African American Spirituals through Expressive Calligraphy. The photos in the beautiful coffee table book are spiritual songs creativly turned in to works of art using beautiful art backgrounds and artistic fonts to lyrics of our most sung and beloved hymns. Also each song is paired up with a bible verse.
This is an amazing book and I suggest you buy 2 because you may want to frame some of the artwork!

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