Thursday, December 13, 2012

50 Things You Can Do With a Gift-Mark

50 Things You Can Do With a Gift-Mark

The “Gift-mark” is a great little promotional tool that can be used several ways. It’s a little instrument that can sing your song! The gift-mark is durable, creative and different from the predictable types of bookmarks that are commonly used. Let me tell you how versatile useful they are.

Let me tell you a few ways they can be used!

1. As a bookmark

2. As a business card; these stand out more!

3. As an event ticket

4. As a invitation

5. As a party favor

6. As a thank you note

7. As a gift tag

8. As a keepsake

9. As a souvenir

10. It can fit into a note card

11. As a gift

12. As a reminder

13. As a media/press kit insert into you package

14. You can autograph them

15. You can mail them across the world and places you can’t get to

16. As a coupon

17. LTD Edition

18. Make it collectable

19. Post reviews here for a very special gift~”Review mark”

20. Your “private” members only fan club

21. Special invites for joining conversation or tour stops

22. Place them in a book for someone to find and explore

23. Give each character their own

24. Contest prize

25. As a call to action

26. Your tour schedule

27. As a “tip” mark

28. Have a poem printed

29. As a recipe card

30. An excerpt or synopsis

31. As a blog tour gift

32. As a holiday greeting

33. As a place holder at an event

34. As a journal mark

35. Share a favorite quote or a killer line from your story

36. As a audio book insert

37. Scan into computer and use in emails

38. As an incentive

39. Publishers to showcase all your authors

40. Anthology one for each who contributed

41. Literary service provider calling/business card

42. Book clubs pass these out at events you attend and let authors know you review

43. Send them where you can’t be~ Goody bags

44. Introduce your future releases

45. Past works in chronological order

46. Table display

47. You can sell them

48. A birthday greeting

49. Event souvenirs

50. Share your favorite quote


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