Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Breaking All My Rules by Trice Hickman



Breaking All My Rules

Trice Hickman

She is

Erica Stanford owner of a very upscale life and bath and body shop named Opulence. She is gorgeous, smart, sexy and jaded from a relationship that wasn’t going to be her happily ever after.

He is

Jerome Kimbrough a handsome and sexy blue collar sanitation worker with dreams. He’s had a tough start in life but is ambitious and focused on what he wants. He’s paid for and still paying for choices he made

They are

on jury duty, and the defendant is not the only one on trial, they are being judged by friends, fauxs and past indiscretions and lives.

Dating a man like Jerome was against all her rules. Dating a woman like Erica was his dream..


always steps in at the most inconvenient time. When things and relationships are already fragile and guarded, crazy comes and causes unexpected interruptions, with a twist

This 5 star read was great!

Trice Hickman knows how to build anticipation and how to satisfy readers with challenging characters and provocative storylines.


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