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The 11th Commandment

The 11th Commandment

By Lutishia Lovely

This is #8 of the Hallelujah Love series; let me introduces you to the “Lovely” couples

Frieda Moore Livingston and Clark Livingston. He thought he could turn a trick into a wife but Frieda got more game than Monopoly and secrets that he never bargained for. She has everything she’s ever dreamed of and “some”.

Hope and Cy (Cyclone) Taylor Have a awesome marriage built on trust and love, but a “Tricky” college sweetheart turns up asks him to do something only the good lord and a trusting wife would allow him to do.

Stacy Grayson Johnson and husband Tony’s marriage was good until an injury sidelined his football career and his life He’s not just having trouble with his knees but a “leg” too. Right before her eyes, the husband changes into someone she doesn’t want to know.

Bo and Darius Crenshaw Bo is the love of Darius’s life and has fought Stacy, other women and men off his superstar husband. But when Paz comes into the picture, shiggity just got real

Some have broken every commandment, every chance they got. and all of these relationships will be tried tested but which will be found true?

I really enjoyed this 8th installment or the Hallelujah Love series. Lutishia has a way of telling a story of faith, love and hope, that always commands my attention. Her characters are real people in a real world in real life and current storylines. Her stories always make you question your heart and make you ask what would I do in this situation? Lovely always prevails!

5 Star read!!!

The Eleventh Commandment-Lutishia-Lovely


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