Friday, August 9, 2013

You’ve Got It Bad

You’ve Got It Bad By Marissa Monteilh Dr. Makkai “Feelgood” Worthy is back in the highly requested sequel to Dr.FeelGood originally released in 2007. Makkai Worthy is a gifted heart surgeon and even more gifted in bed, which is where the name Dr.Feelgood, is given to him by his many lovers. Makkai somewhat settled down with the birth of his daughter, sister, nie

ce… Fonda, (Yes all in one) and Nurse Mary Jane Cherry. Everything is great until a birthday present tells that he’s up to his old tricks again. Mary Jane is the only mother Fonda has ever known. Her real mother (Monday), Laurinda Askins, left her the day she was born. Mary Jane became the surrogate mother and live in lover. Makkai was enjoying the stability but can not resist temptation and being thrown at him. Mary Jane leaves him after 5 years and the cycle that he once had starts all over again. Makkai blames his father for this generational curse. His dad taught him how to be a womanizer and also how to slay a woman in bed. His dad was a rolling stone and it seems Makkai is taking the same direction. Lois, Laurinda, Mary Jane, and the rest of the Worthy women, tell their stories in their own voice, in this fascinating look of how people get themselves caught up over a good piece of ….! And what lengths they go through to get what they want. Dr.Feelgood’s adventures take a serious twist that really cause him to take pause and revaluate his lifestyle and put things into proper perspective. But is it too late? You’ve Got It Bad was a GREAT read and I give it 5 stars! Marissa Monteilh has a way of pulling you into the story like a fly on the wall From the author of MAKE ME HOT comes a steamy tale of a popular heart surgeon and his four women, told in their own voices. They call him Dr. Feelgood . . . One woman would never be enough to satisfy noted cardiologist Dr. Makkai Worthy, better known by his sex partners as Dr. Feelgood. Womanizer extraordinaire, he's a chip off the old block of his rolling-stone papa and commitment isn't an option. At 37 and single, he's happier than he's ever been, living the lifestyle of the rich and fine. A gifted surgeon, Dr. Feelgood knows how to operate in the O.R. by day. But by night, it's his smooth operations in the bedroom that are driving his four main squeezes crazy. First, there's demanding-diva Georgia. She's bound and determined to be the doctor's one and only until suspicions arise that she's keeping something on the down low. Mary Jane is a sweetheart of a nurse who works in Dr. Feelgood's cardiology unit. He tries to stay hands off, until a player friend starts to make a move and he's forced to stake his claim. Self-absorbed Monday is as fast as the day is long, and she boasts that she can bag any man without getting serious; but the sexually talented Dr. Feelgood flips the script and uncovers another side of Monday. Spicy Salina's white husband is not one to share, so when he's sent to jail for choking the good doctor, the drama really begins. Dr. Feelgood's escapades as a true player could force him to finally settle down, or they might just motivate him to begin another affair of the heart. Watch out, because the ladies are lining up, and the doctor is in . . . Marissa Monteilh is a former commercial actress and television news reporter. A single mother of three, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently developing projects for television and film. Marissa again signed with HarperCollins for her third title, Hot Boyz, and the next year wrote two books for Kensington/Dafina. The first Dafina book, Make Me Hot (re-released as Morgan's Makeover in 2012), was a 2006 African-American Literary Award nominee. The second title, Dr. Feelgood, was released in 2007, and re-released in March 2011. Life Changing Books published Something He Can Feel in 2008. The self-published ebook version was pubbed on March 1, 2011. The long-awaited sequel in the Hot Boyz trilogy, called Hot Girlz, hit the shelves on October 29, 2011. Marissa's first ebook novella, The Six-Letter Word, was released in July of 2012, and an ebook novella regarding the ultimate best-friend betrayal, Turnabout is Fair Play, debuted on October 15, 2012. Both novellas were bought by Black Expressions and released as a one of a kind, 2-in-1 exclusive omnibus on May 11, 2013. And in July of 2013, the highly requested sequel to Dr. Feelgood, called You've Got It Bad, hit the shelves. The final title in the Hot Boyz trilogy, L.A. Husbands and Wives is set for 2015. Marissa is a regular contributor to the literary blog, Novel Spaces, and she mentors new authors, answering questions via a monthly conference call on a comp basis. Originally from Los Angeles, Marissa now resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her family.


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