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The Perfect Affair by Lutishia Lovely

The Perfect Affair by Lutishia Lovely

Lutishia Lovely is known for her Amen moments in her Hallelujah Series and her delicious drama in the Soul Food Series,
 in this first book in her newest Shady Sisters Trilogy, The Lovely one has a new voice to add to her growing arsenal of characters!

Jacqueline Tate is beautiful, brilliant, bold and  a predator 
Randall Atwater is a brilliant Dr., husband and father.

These two meet on the way to a conference, they are both attending and the games begin. For this Shady Sister, it's lust at first site. She sets her sites on the sexy Dr. He's enjoying the view and attention but has no idea he has become her fantasy and obsession, and the lengths she'll go through to get what she wants.

Problem is he's married and she doesn't  care, neither does her partners in crime, 
so she thinks....

I LOVED this book and looking forward to the next book in the series, The Perfect Deception due out at the end of the year. But right now if you want a GREAT read, order Perfect Affair right now, you won't be disappointed 5 Stars for this Shady Sister!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blue Butterfly by Marian L.Thomas

One ebook (Kindle, Mobi) copy of Blue Butterfly will be given away!
Paperback: 314 pages
Publisher: L.B. Publishing (March 3, 2014)
ISBN-10: 0984896759
ISBN-13: 978-0984896752
Book Title: Blue Butterfly
Genre: Christian Fiction,  Age Group 18+

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About The Book

There have been five black ballerinas that have made a noticeable mark in the world of ballet. Five that have fought to have the world see their talent rather than the color of their skin. Each has graced the stage as soloist and/or principal dancer. Precious Blue Johnson is set to become one of them. Precious Blue Johnson, young, country and naive, from Lutts County, Georgia, is traveling to the energizing city of New York to search for her birth father and perhaps make history by becoming the first black ballerina. Her simple mocha skin and thick lips will put her in the center of a movement, expose secrets and unlock the past as she steps onto the stage as the Blue Butterfly. She will be guided by the vivacious and wise Ms. Ann and fall in love with the alluring Ray Silvers. Ray brings the whole package. Enchanting eyes, a bright future as a doctor, and a willingness to love completely. To Precious, he is perfect. Except Ray’s package includes his deadly past. Will their love survive the one person who could end it all—his drug-addicted mother?

About The Author

Clean Fiction novelist Marian L. Thomas is a dynamic story-teller with five engaging and dramatic novels to her credit. Her books have been seen on national television stations and featured in print magazines and newspapers. She has also been a guest on many broadcast and online radio stations. Her titles, My Father’s Colors and Strings of Color both received the USA Best Book Finalist Award. What makes her books unique? Mrs. Thomas is a pioneer for clean fiction for contemporary female readers. She refuses to lace her work with explicit sexual themes or profanity. Ms. Thomas’ books are rich with ever-intriguing themes of race, family strife, love, courage, friendship and forgiveness. And yet her tales, which seem to pre-stage current tabloid headlines, are spelled out in ways that suit the delicate moral tastes of both the Christian Fiction reader and the Clean Fiction book reader. Ms. Thomas resides in a suburb of Georgia with her husband, family and dear friends.
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Excerpt Blue Butterfly by Marian L. Thomas
From Chapter One
They say on the night that I was born June 30, 1969the fringes of the moon could be seen peeking out through the thin layers of the clouds. They say that the rain had done come down so hard it felt like something was tearing away at your soul, drop by drop. They say my mama was laying in the birthing room screaming because I was ripping her life away from her. They say that the doctors wanted to cut away at her tummy, but she had done plain-out refused. She was an ebullient woman, with the heart of an unbreakable but beautiful stallion.
I ain't never seen the woman with eyes so blue they felt like they could reach down into the pit of your core and tell you about yourself. I ain't never seen the warmth of her smile or the way she could soothe my daddy with her kind-hearted words. People talk under their breath about her. Talk about how long her silky blond hair was or how thin and soft her frame was. I do alls I can when I hear them whispering about the woman who gave her life so I could dance in the rain on a hot summer day.
Just before she took her last breath they say that she stared into my eyes and smiled because I done come into the world with what she thought was the better part of her. The one feature that my daddy loved the most.
She was the one who placed the weight of my name upon me. Precious Blue Johnson, but everyone around here in Lutts County, Georgia, fixed my name at Precious.
My dear, sweet Daddy is a tall, well-stocked-around-the-tummy man. I heard that back in his heyday he sported a nicely trimmed frame of six feet, two inches. That his hair used to be slicked back so perfectly there wasn't a black woman in Lutts County that wasn't dying to give it a coat or two of sweet brown sugar with the very tips of their hard-worked fingers.

His shoulders hang now sometimes, but that wasn't always the case. No, it be said that when Charles Johnson used to walk down these dirt-filled roads, his shoulders stood towering with an air of confidence that one could breathe in from a mile away.
Once upon a time, it be rumored that his hazel brown eyes were fixed on singing his way out of Lutts County. They still talk about this fact in the rooms of their barely-able-to-stand homes, where they figure can't nobody hear them but God. Whispering under the dim lights about how it is such a shame that he wasted his talent on a white woman.
There are nights when I would wonder what his voice must have sounded like. I would hear him humming sometimes, but I ain't never heard the sound of butter flowing from his lips.

That's what they say he sounded like.

Hitting the Right Note by Rhonda Bowen

Hitting the Right Note 
 Excerpt from:
HItting the Right Note
Rhonda Bowen

JJ sat up with a start, momentarily disoriented.
            Something was pressing against her chest. She reached up her hand to touch it. Seat belt? As she blinked, clearing the sleep from her eyes, she noticed the open road ahead of her. Nothing but fields on either side and not a house in sight. She looked across at the beautiful man sitting in the driver’s seat, his profile highlighted by the morning sun, his long locks like thin ropes pulled back from his strong face. The morning’s events came rushing back to her.
            The sound of something instrumental whispered in her ears. Her eyes floated over to the console and, after observing the CD player going, widened when she saw the time: 9:21a.m. She shrieked.
            “I thought we weren’t going far!” She sat forward suddenly, only to be forced back by the seat belt.
            “We aren’t,” Simon said, his eyes still on the road.
            “We’ve been driving for two hours!”
            “We’re almost there.”
            “Where is there? You said we would be back by nine!”
            “Yeah. Nine p.m.”
            JJ felt another scream bubble up in her throat as momentary panic swept through her. “Simon! I have a life, a schedule. My boyfr—I mean manager, is going to be wondering where I am. What if they call me in for rehearsal?”
            “It’s a Sunday.”
            “My Sundays are very busy, mister.”
            “Look, if you want, I can have someone take you back, but you were the one who begged me to stay for your sister, and you agreed to help me out today as part of that deal.”
            “I didn’t know helping you out would require me to go cross-country.”
            “Not across the country,” Simon corrected. “Just a little out of town. But if that’s too much for you, I can turn around. It’s up to you, Judith.”
            She turned to look at him. Normally she preferred JJ, but something about the way his faint British accent wrapped around her name made her like it when he said it. Again, the control center in her brain reminded her that she did not know the person sitting next to her. But somewhere, in some irrational depth of her mind, she wanted to trust him, if for no other reason than to learn more about this intriguing man whom she had spent a whole year of her life thinking about. A year that could have stretched into two, had she not managed to convince herself she would never see him again. Sydney would definitely kill her for what she was about to say.
            “Okay, fine,” she said with a sigh. “But you still didn’t answer my question. Where are we going? I don’t think we’ve known each other long enough for you to be taking me long distance.”
            “But just long enough for you to know my schedule, right?” His narrowed eyes stole a glance at her. “How did you even know what time I started at the hospital this morning?”
             “Nurse tipped me off . . .”
            Simon shook his head. “So much for confidentiality.”
            “Don’t worry. I’m a special case. I used to volunteer there when I was in college. Plus I spent a lot of time in that hospital when my brother was transferred there last year.”
            JJ frowned as she remembered Dean. Simon noticed.
            “This the same brother who’s the father of your sister-in-law’s baby?”
            JJ nodded and looked out the passenger window. Simon whistled.
            “Sounds like there’s a story there.”
            JJ grunted. “You have no idea. Let’s just say my family is better than TV.” She glanced over at him then back out the window. “I don’t even know why I’m telling you all this.”
            “’Course you do,” Simon said with a roguish smile that gave her a peek into his personality. “I’m the man who saved your life.”

About the Book
JJ Isaacs’ dream of becoming an R&B star has come true, and it’s all thanks to Rayshawn, her amazing producer–and secret lover. But as JJ enters the spotlight, the relationship gets harder to disguise. And the more she hides the truth, the more distant she feels from her faith, and from her family’s approval. But support may come from an unexpected place…
When JJ finds herself helping her estranged sister-in law, Sheree, through a difficult pregnancy, she discovers a surprising ally. But she also becomes enthralled with Sheree’s doctor. Simon Massri is world renowned–and scheduled to leave the country. The more time JJ spends with Simon, the more she questions her choices–in love and in work. Now she’ll have to face some tough decisions. Can she make peace with an uncertain future–if her heart is in the right place?

About the Author

Rhonda Bowen knew she would be a writer as early as eighth grade when she wrote her first novel with a classmate in a dollar notebook. While waiting for the day to come, she spent a lively childhood growing up in Kingston, Jamaica and later attaining her Bachelor of Arts at the University of the West Indies. Not long after, her family moved to Toronto, Canada where she has worked in several areas including, public relations, event planning and now youth work, which is her main focus. Throughout this time however, her desire to write stayed constant. She eventually completed her first novel, Man Enough for Me, which was released under Kensington Books’ Dafina imprint in February 2011.
Since then she has published several other novels including One Way or Another and Get You Good. Her newest release, Hitting the Right Note, will launch on March 25, 2014 in bookstores everywhere. Rhonda is excited for this new title and for the path that God has for her life. 

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