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Roy Glenn; No More Tears in The End

No More Tears in the End
June 2008

Following the death of Freeze, Mike Black and Bobby Ray are back in control of their organization, and it seems like old times. Black knows its time to get out of game before he loses somebody else close to him. But he hasn’t taken his eye off the man he believes arranged the murder of his wife. His sleepless nights could only end when everybody involved in her death is dead. The police say that the death of Tatiana Phillips was just part of a robbery gone wrong and was probably related to drugs. End of story. Whether that’s true or not, the Phillips family still wants to know who killed her. As a favor to the family, Nick Simmons agrees to look into the senseless murder. His investigation leads him to Loraine Robinson, a ride-or-die chick that’s involved in a little bit of everything and it’s all bad.

Roy Glenn

Known as the master of urban suspense
, Roy Glenn began writing his first novel Is It a Crime, what he then called “a different type of love story” in 1995. Unable to find a publisher he decided to start his own publishing company Brittney Press Publishing and released Is It a Crime, which became a best seller and gave birth to the popular character, Mike Black.
The novels that followed which include, MOB, Drug Related, Payback, Outlaw and In A Cold Sweat, as well as the recently released No More Tears in the End the seventh installment in The Mike Saga. Roy is also a contributing author of Girls From da Hood and Around the Way Girls 4 and Gigolos Get Lonely Too. His other novels include Crime of Passion, Body of Evidence and Ulterior Motive feature the character, attorney Marcus Douglas.
Roy was born and raised in The Bronx and currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida where he is working on several projects including Bury Me Deep and Commit To Violence, the next two books in the Mike Black Saga. And Killing Them Softly, an erotic tale of murder.

Contact: Amy Gochenour
(904) 710-6392
Local author creates best selling novels while receiving dialysis treatments
Nation's Leader of Dialysis Services provides welcoming/relaxing environment allowing patient to continue his writing career.

Jacksonville, Florida (June 2009) -- DaVita Inc. (NYSE: DVA), a leading provider of dialysis services for those diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and disease, has provided author, Roy Glenn, an environment suitable to create the storyline for his latest novel titled “No More Tears in the End”.
When he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure in September of 2008, Mr. Glenn, who had authored ten novels and three short stories, felt that his life would have to change. The biggest adjustment was not letting dialysis stop his life completely. He states he had to keep reminding himself that dialysis was just a small part of his life. He found that the friendly and welcoming team and physicians at DaVita Regency Dialysis in Jacksonville, Florida provided him with a relaxing environment which allowed him to focus that and continue to write his stories while receiving dialysis treatments.
Mr. Glenn proudly announces the release of his seventh novel of “The Mike Black Saga” titled “No More Tears in the End”. The highly acclaimed series is part of the mystery/suspense genre. Mr. Glenn has been called the master of urban suspense!

More Books By Roy Glenn

Is It A Crime
December 2003
If you’re looking for an exciting blend of romance, mystery and danger, Is It A Crime is one you have to read. It combines those powerful elements into an explosive tale of love on the edge. Is It A Crime tells the story of Mike Black, whose violent rise to power earned him the name Vicious Black. Although he has everything he ever wanted, none of it seems to matter. He becomes enchanted with Cassandra Sims, a beautiful woman involved in the drug business. When an attempt is made on her life, Mike rescues her and becomes her protector. On the trail of her attacker, their relationship develops with an intriguing journey through Washington DC, Miami Beach and the Bahamas in the backdrop. The pursuit leads them back to New York City where all the pieces to the puzzle come together.

Girls From Da Hood
October 2004
Nikki Turner, the Queen of Hip Hop fiction, with the help of her home-girl Chunichi and right hand man Roy Glenn, she's about to take street fiction to a place it's never been before in the Original Girls From Da Hood. If luck were money, Nina Thomas would be one broke sister. After taking a stab at stripping, she finds herself once again on the wrong end of a bad choice. Now she's on trial for murder, and the consequences of spending too much time with the wrong folks might just end up costing her life.

December 2004
Who say crime doesn’t pay? Because it sure does for Travis Burns. He’s the leader of a well organized, prepared, and over all else highly disciplined robbing crew, and he and his partners Jackie Washington and Ronnie Grier are living the good life. They Target banks, grocery stores, jewelry stores, and anything else that they can hit quick and come away with a large return on their investment of time. All three are college graduates who fell victim to corporate lay-offs and down sizing. Now they live by rules which have serviced them well in what do. They are, Until Travis runs into Me'shelle Lawrence. She's beautiful, intelligent and has no involvement in the life Travis leads. Now he must reconcile his loyalty to his crew, his love for Me'shelle and find a way to make it out of the game alive.

Drug Related
April 2005
When Mrs. Gabrielle Childers’ brother goes missing, the first person she suspects is her husband, Chilly, a major player in the drug game. Chilly, of course, denies any involvement in her brother’s disappearance, but Mrs. Childers is not convinced. She hires Nick Simmons, a former army special operations officer turned private investigator. He was once a member of Mike Black’s criminal organization and his investigation leads him back to a world of drugs and murder that was once his life. Nick gets so caught up, not only in the case, but with Mrs. Childers that it leads to his arrest and forces him to deal with a dark past that he left behind ten years ago.

Revenge is a dish that is best served cold
February 2006
Semi-retired; living the good life in the Bahamas with his wife Cassandra “Shy” Black, however that peaceful island life is disturbed when Black’s old friend Nick Simmons (Drug Related), decides to pay him a visit. Before Nick has the chance to reunite and reminisce with Black, the drama begins. After a wild shootout at Black’s Paradise, Mike’s restaurant in the Bahamas, Shy is kidnapped by South American drug dealers and taken to New York. Now Black must find his kidnapped wife, while fighting off a take-over attempt, and solve a murder with political implications, only to find that there is one man behind it all.

Gigolos Get Lonely Too
March 2006
Three men that have a way with the ladies struggle to keep their heads when each finds that love is more important than sex. It's a dream come true for Vernon Gordon -- a threesome with two of the finest women in Atlanta. Forget the fact that he's married, or that the two willing women are his estranged sister-in-law and his wife's best friend. Vernon's just out to get his. Carter’s found the woman of his dreams and to keep her, he’s all set to change his lifestyle as a gigolo. But all hell breaks loose when he agrees to meet Deanna for what he’s decided is going to be his last appointment. Rick has to find a way to make it out the game, when he falls in April. Now he has to find a way to cut loose, Laura, Yvette and Vanessa.

Crime Of Passion
October 2006
Attorney Marcus Douglas is hired to defend business man Roland Ferguson, who is on trial for the brutal murders of his wife, DesireĆ© Taylor Ferguson and her lover Rasheed Damali. When Ferguson is acquitted of all charges the victims sister, model Carmen Taylor demands justice for her sister. “If Roland didn't kill her, fine. Somebody did! What bothers me is that nobody is interested in finding out who did." She enlists the help of Marcus Douglas and together they begin an investigation into a case that involves drugs, prostitution, money laundering and murder that the police weren’t interested in perusing.


February 2007
After settling some unfinished business in the Baja Peninsula, Mike Black returns home only to find that his wife, Shy has been brutally beaten, shot to death. The police arrive shortly after he does. They take Black into custody and charge him with murder. Now Nick Simmons (Drug Related), the family lawyer, Wanda Moore, and an unlikely ally, Detective Kirkland must work together to find out who framed Mike Black for murder.

Around The Way Girls 4
July 2007
There’s a sayin’ that if you come from my part of town, that you’re from around the way. Around the Way Girls 4 features three stories that take a look at the lives of some street-smart who think they have the world in the palm of their hands, but are about to find out that things are not always as they seem. For Jada West it was All About the Money. From dancing at the best strip club to becoming the city’s top Madame, whatever it took to make piles of paper, that’s what she was about. Roy Glenn brings a different flavor to the around the way girl as Jada discovers that in the end, there is something more important than money. Essence ® Best Selling Author La Jill Hunt brings the drama in Thug Passion and Dwayne S. Joseph weaves a dramatic tale of love and betrayal in All For Love.

Body Of Evidence
October 2007
Panthea Daniels is stunned and devastated when she learns her husband of seven years is having an affair. She visits attorney Marcus Douglas to begin divorce proceedings, but sparks immediately begin to fly between the two. Things take a dramatic and unexpected turn as they engage in an illicit affair. After receiving pictures of the woman— “It’s not every day that you see your husband’s mistress.”— Panthea is arrested and charged with murder. The victim, Abril Arrington, was involved with several men, and she was conning them all out of money—including Panthea’s husband Scott. Marcus is convinced that each men, and not his client-turned-lover Panthea, have a compelling reason for killing Arbil. But as the investigation continues, Marcus is faced with undeniable facts that leave him questioning everything he thought he knew, including whether Panthea is capable of murder!

In A Cold Sweat
April 2008
Following the brutally murder his beloved wife, Cassandra (Outlaw), Mike Black still laying low in the burbs at the home of his friend Bobby Ray. Haunted by the fact that the people behind Cassandra’s death are still breathing, Black vows to find the people responsible and kill them all. He is distracted from that when assassins make and attempt on Black’s life and he finds that he has a new enemy, a group of drug dealers that called themselves The Commission. Originally formed as a buying co-op, their sole purpose was to protect themselves against Mike Black.


October 2008
While he is forced to deal with personal issues of his own, Attorney Marcus Douglas is hired by Angela Pettybone, an old college friend who called out of the blue saying that she needed to speak to him. Angela was his best-friends girlfriend in college, but Marcus was in love with her and the feelings are still there. Angela had just been questioned by the police in the death of Stephanie Covey, her boss, Robert Covey’s wife. Angela admits to having an affair with Robert. Marcus realizes that there is more going on than a simple affair and a murder, when the body count rise and they all are connected to Angela and Robert. Now Marcus must unravel the twisted details, and keep his personal feelings for her from clouding his objectivity if he is going to keep his old friend from going to jail.

Read an excerpt from Bury Me Deep, his latest work online


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