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Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father
Angela Benson

I knew this was going to was going to be an intriguing read from the prologue. A letter from a mother to her son. She was telling him she was a terrible mother because she didn’t call him on the things he’d done and not done. He promised to make her life easy and to be a rich and powerful man one day and that promise he kept. But Abraham was a successful man with a family, and another family that he ignored for 30 years. After the death of his mother, he tries to make up for the past, by reuniting with his abandoned family. Deborah, his daughter is making small cautious steps, but her brother Michael is hell bent on revenge and can’t get over his anger. Saralyn , Abrahams wife is not happy with his decision to make amends either, and makes no effort to be a part of this process of reconciliation, and gets in the way and throws many ultimatums.

This was a well written story, and I loved Angela’s voice telling it. You can really feel all the emotions from both sides and understand the hurt and love that comes with it. How do you trust someone how has hurt you so bad when they are trying to make amends? And how do you not let it effect your life in the process?

This book is a 5***** star read.

Meet Angela Benson, author of Sins of the Father
Angela Benson’s numerous novels include the Christy Award-nominated Awakening Mercy, the Essence-bestselling The Amen Sisters, and Up Pops The Devil. Currently an associate professor at the University of Alabama, she lives in Northport, AL.
About the Book
Successful media mogul Abraham Martin has great wealth, an elegant wife, Saralyn, and a rebellious son, Isaac. He also has a secret: a second family that no one knows about. Now, after thirty years—driven by the urging of his long dormant conscience—Abraham is determined to do the right thing by finally bringing his illegitimate children into the light…and into the family fold.
But beautiful, manipulative Saralyn will never accept the proof of her husband’s indiscretions. Isaac the heir, shaken by his father’s revelations, will fight mercilessly when his world is threatened, and may lose everything that matters as a result. And while Abraham’s forgotten daughter Deborah is open to the undreamed-of possibilities suddenly awaiting her, son Michael cannot forgive the man who cruelly abandoned them to near poverty. And he’s driven by only one desire: revenge!
Angela Benson’s Sins of the Father is a powerful story of a house bitterly divided—a rich, multilayered family saga of betrayal and redemption, rage and compassion, faith, forgiveness, and ultimately, of love.


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Angela Benson

Thanks so much for hosting me today here at SImply Said Reading Accessories. And thanks, too, for the wonderful review of Sins of the Father.

Simply Said Reading Accessories

I really enjoyed your book and look forward to reading your others. You have a wonderful voice, I could hear your telling the story. Great read!

Renee Williams

I'm reading the book now and I am really enjoying it.

Tyora Moody

Awesome! Debra, I'm glad you enjoyed reading Sins of the Father.

Angela Benson

Debra, I really appreciate what you said about my voice. That makes my heart smile.

Renee, I'm happy you're enjoying the story. It means a lot to me.

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