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Distinct Ladies Bookclub celebrate 3rd Anniversary

Distinct Ladies 3rd Anniversary Party Oct. 10, 2009

The Distinct Ladies extends an invitation for you to celebrate this milestone with us. We have Memphis' Own Recha G. Peay, Best Selling Author Jihad and HollyGrove President and the Nation Best Selling Author Brian W. Smith.

When: October 10, 2009
Time: 4pm till 8pm Doors Open @ 3:30pm
Where: St. Paul Lodge on 423 East Georgia Street, Memphis, TN
Cost: $10 Per Person
Door Prizes, Food, Poetry and More

If you would like to purchase these books in advance or for more info, please email

The Distinct Ladies Bookclub
P.O. Box 271415
Memphis, TN 38167
Tiffany Rainey-President
Josula Williams-Vice President

Intimate Conversation with the Distinct Ladies Bookclub

EDC: Share with us the history of the organization and President's biography.
DLBC: Tiffany Rainey is currently the President and one of the founders of Distinct Ladies Book Club. She was born and raised in Memphis, Tn and currently still resides there. Not only is Tiffany a member of DLBC but she is also a member of the Order of Eastern Star, Sirius Ladies Social Club, and she is also a usher in her church.

DLBC was founded in October of 2006 with 4 women who shared a passion for reading. When we first started little did we know we would grow to be such a tight knit family. DLBC doesn't just read books, but we attend movies, plays, book signing, and we just love to fellowship with one another.

EDC: What is the vision for your organization?
DLBC: Our vision for our sisterhood is to continue to promote authors who are not as well known as some of the greats like Eric Jerome Dickey or Kimberla Lawson Roby. We want to continue to give back to the kids in our community.

EDC: Finish this sentence: Living your best life includes...
DLBC: Living your best life includes being with our children.

On your nightstand now: We are currently reading The Dopeman's Wife

Book all readers should own besides the bible: The Survival Bible by Jihad

Book you've bought for the cover: Casanegra by Blair Underwood

Favorite genre, series or sequels: Urban, Erotica, Christian Fiction

EDC: Your top three authors. Why?
DLBC: Brian W. Smith, President of Hollygrove Publishing is one of our favorite authors. Brian is a very down to earth person. He keeps your interest is his books from the beginning to the end. He also brings new talent to his company, that makes you just wanna read everything he has written.

Memphis Own Sheila Lipsey, author of Beautiful Ugly is also one of our favorite authors. Sheila is a Christian fiction author who always makes you wondering what's going on next. She brings everyday problems and drama into her books.

Jihad, bestselling author of Wild Cherry is a favorite author. Jihad brings erotica to street to "I am gonna keep it real" to you in his books. He always makes you wondering which direction he's going to write in. We have a few more that we love, but since you only asked for 3. I think I am going to leave it at that.

EDC: Name three authors you would like to do a phone chat with this year.
DLBC: Kimberla Lawson Roby, Wahadia Clark, and Jane Jordan

EDC: Share your news or events with us. What's next for your group?
DLBC: DLBC is planning their 3year Anniversary Celebration. It will be held on Oct. 10, 2009 from 4-8. We will have Jihad, Brian W. Smith, Recha G. Peay, and other authors will be stopping through as well. DLBC will be having spoken word, music, and giving way door prizes. Admission is $10 and seating is limited. For more info you can contact us at

You can find us at:

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