Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wahida Clark

Thug Lovin is the 4th installment of Wahida Clark's series. 4****
I enjoyed the previous books in the series, Tasha ans Trae's relationship changed in Thug Lovin, which left me with questions. Wahida's style is her own unique voice and I admire her a lot. Her life has been a true testimony of what you can do no matter what

Thug Lovin'
ISBN-10: 0446178098 | ISBN-13: 978-0446178099

Tasha and Trae, the hood's favorite couple, are still together following the events of Thug Matrimony. Even with their relocation to sunny Los Angeles, the drama of New York cannot be escaped. From running a nightclub to dealing with models, shady lawyers, big money, new kinds of temptations, seductions, and drugs-not to mention new love interests-can this infamous couple weather all the storms and keep it together?

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Hi and thanks for featuring me on your blog. My names is mispelled and my home page is
Thanks again for the support.
Wahida Clalrk

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Hello Wahida and thank you for letting me know. I corrected the errors, sorry about that.

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