Thursday, July 8, 2010


I love common sense; it’s the voice of reason amongst the madness. Just remembering the core values you were taught as a child, makes life easier, less stressful and brings less drama. Do unto others as if you were the others, is just common sense. I remember clearly listening to my Mom and Grandmother rambling on their” ism’s”. I also remember rolling my eyes saying what do they know. But I also clearly remember how even to this day, when they just made sense. Observing the obvious, and how the core values always kick in.

I just got finished reading
Angelia Menchan’s, Re-Rambled. She should have subtitled it “life in common sense”. I really loved her random discussions and observations on life. I laughed because I have often thought the same things and had these conversations in my head. Angelia’s thoughts are reminders of our core values. I found myself naming people at the end of each essay who I could dedicate it to, as well as adding an “ism” that I was reminded of from my core. This book is a treasure, of what makes just makes sense
5 Stars

Be the peace you seek


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