Sunday, February 10, 2008

This is what I do but, It’s all about you

This is what I do but,
It’s all about you
Your work
Your words
Your readers
Your style
Your way

The ½ mark and a book plate fit in an envelope and is ready to mail very personal, a very nice touch from you to your fans

A favorite “GIFT-mark” might have a useable lifetime of many years, and thus might be viewed many thousands of times. Bookmarks are an under-rated and under-appreciated vehicle for advertising

Simply Said Clients
Donna Hill
Marcia King- Gamble
Pat G’Orge- Walker
Michelle Monkou
Paula Chase- Hyman
Rochelle Alers
Elaine Overton
D’Bora LeBree
In gift bags for
Kendra Norman- Bellamy’s Cruise
Samara King
L.Martin Pratt/ KultureFirst
Te’an Swington
Deborah Slappey Pitts
Romance Slam Jam 2007
Hue-Man Book store
Da Book Joint
Book Lovers Lounge
African American Bookstore
Afro In Books and Café
Pyramid Books

Several Book Clubs
And several pending

Attended 2007
Miami Book Festival
National Coalition Of Black Women

And several book fairs
EDC Creations

Your Giftmark
Can have
Your picture
Book cover
Contact information
Current and up-coming releases
Past works
Tour schedule
All of your books
Double sided for dual releases or anthologies




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