Monday, December 21, 2009

The Hurting Women

Questions and Answers

Q: At what age did you begin writing?

A: I started writing at the age of 17.

Q: Is the Hurting Women the first book you have written?

A: The first book I wrote was called Poems of Prayers an Inspirational poetry book . It was a book a lot of people told me they were able to relate to. Real situations such as A Struggling Mother, A Prayer For My Father, Poems for soldiers that were deployed . Just poems and prayers that touch a lot of bases with people lives.

Q: What or who Inspired you to write?

A: I always enjoyed writing and always expressed myself to others better on paper. I would have to say God has blessed me with this gift and had touched my heart to write . And from there I knew one of my purpose would be inspiring others through my writing.

Q: What made you write a book about A Hurting Women?

A: Seeing and knowing how a lot of women have had relationship problems and always thinking there’s situation is worst off than the next. I wanted to inspire and let others know they are not the only one that’s been abused, cheated on, Or left alone to be both mother and fathers and etc. We all have a story to tell some just have more than others.

Q: Are you working on anything else at this point?

A: Yes, I’m working on a play about the Hurting Women as well as writing the sequel to the Hurting Women book which is called The Spiritual Warfare.

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now as an

A: I want to have at least one book come out a year. So in the next 5 years I would like to use my writing as the opportunity to start a youth organization for our future father and mothers. Ensuring that they stay on the right track. Rewarding them by giving out scholarships .

Q: What would you like to say to your readers?

A: Although we may experience difficulties in life, take it as a lesson learned. If we didn’t go through hard times how would we be able to help and relate to others. Reading my work is Inspirational and will always have a purpose behind it. Thank you to all that has and will support my work

The Hurting Women-Synopsis

Trice’s family always had high expectations for her. Growing up in the church she was always taught to live life righteous and be an example for others. When Trice found herself falling for her boyfriend Chris, she tries to mold him into being the man, she wants him to be. A man that Chris himself finds hard living up to. With friends and family constantly trying to warn her of the man Chris really is she has a hard time seeing it and tries everything in her power to prove them wrong. Not paying attention to the warning signs Trice could possibly lose her health and insanity.

Sharon, Trice friend is a strong women , but life has the tendency to making even the strongest become weak. Sharon, secrete child hood has a lot to do with how she perceives men to be. Always wanting a man with good looks and money has always clouded her judgment with her relationships. Because of it, she meets men that constantly lie and manipulate her. Fed up Sharon realizes she has no choice but to turn to the God. However, before she does nothing would make Sharon feel better than to pay those men back for wasting her time. Revenge is sweet she agrees but how far will Sharon go to get revenge on the men that made her life miserable.

Tracy the youngest friend has always tried to live her life perfect. Her parents are always putting her on a pedestal and bragging about how well she is doing in life. However, Tracy knows better than anyone her life is far from perfect. Afraid for her life, Tracy struggles and hesitates to tell family and what’s going on knowing that they too have problems of their own. However, time is running out for Tracy, and if she doesn’t say anything she could lose her life.

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