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80 Proof Lives -YA Fiction by Felicia S.W. Thomas

 80 Proof Lives (YA Fiction)

80 Proof Lives (YA Fiction)   Debut Novel by Felicia S.W. Thomas

Felicia S.W. Thomas is the author of 80 Proof Lives, her debut novel, which was released in February 2011 and published by Amani Publishing, LLC, in Tallahassee, Florida.

Felicia holds a B.S. degree in Journalism from Florida A&M University, and a Juris Doctorate degree from Florida State University. Felicia practices Unemployment Law. She is also an editor, as well as a freelance writer. Felicia currently lives in Quincy, Florida, with her husband and three children. She is hard at work on a sequel to her debut novel and other creative titles.

80 Proof Lives (YA Fiction)
Primary Subject Matter: Coming of age, cautionary tale that touches upon many issues young adults struggle with today.  80 Proof Lives is a young adult novel set in a small, southern town where graduation is optional but a life of despair seems mandatory.

This is the story of Fla (rhymes with clay), a 15-year-old girl who is brilliant but ignorant that she's supposed to be somebody great, because her emotionally abusive, alcoholic mother stifles her dreams and forces her to work for Miss Lipstick, the queen of the bootleg business and the local madam.

While working for Miss Lipstick during the summer of 1976, Fla learns why some people live inside a liquor bottle, as well as some life-changing information about herself that could plunge her into an 80 Proof life, or break that bottle hanging over her head to become somebody great.

~~ Now on the summer reading list for Crossroad Academy Charter School ~~

80 Proof Lives Book Review
Fla's plight is handled expertly by author Felicia Thomas in her ground-breaking new book 80 Proof Lives. The reader is moved to cry or to celebrate with Fla as she determinedly makes her way through her fifteenth year of a cruel life. Finally, Thomas brings the reader up short with an unpredicted plot twist that explains a great deal and may cause the reader to thunk herself in the head and ask, "Why didn't I see that coming?"

The author ties up loose ends and brings the novel to a satisfactory close. While closure is good, this reviewer still wonders what lies ahead for Fla and can only hope that this is the first in a series that follows Fla into what will undoubtedly be an interesting adulthood.  -- Liz Jameson, Reviewer


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ISBN-10: 9780981584775
ISBN-13: 978-0981584775
Target audience: 13 and older


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