Friday, July 1, 2011

Message From a Mistress

Message From a Mistress
Niobia Bryant

Friends Jaime, Renee, Aria and Jessa, thought their secrets and husbands were safe amongst each other. Three of the husbands leave on a day long fishing trip, and over lunch Jaime, Renee and Aria get a text from the widow of the bunch; Jessa.
Yep all 3 ladies get the same message!
“You saw him for the last time this morning, Tonight he comes home to me. Thanks for not being woman enough 4 him xoxo”

Whoaaa….. Jessa is sleeping with one of their husbands and they have to wait until the end of the day to see which husband does not come home
Renee finds a bottle
Jaime finds Pleasure
Aria is ready to go into her very disguised sista gurl mode

All 3 ladies are in shock. Each thinking it can’t be my husband. But they all start tripping down memory lane. One finding signs that were not there, only her own ghosts. One wondering if her career has hurt her marriage enough for it to be him? And one who has had one discretion and who has paid and still paying dearly for it.
Jessa knows all of their secrets.

This book was AWESOME. I could not fathom, the day of getting that message and then having to wait and see if my husband would be the one not coming home that night. All of the ladies went through some serious agony. Each one is living 12 long hours of bitter and sweet. They all rush to Jessa’s home to find the house vacant and no clues. Wondering how could the all live within steps of each other and not notice she’s made moves on one of the husbands and out of the close knit community.

Well then….. All 3 husbands come home………

I was like WHAT???? And Jessa was too!

Mistress No More
is part 2 to the madness. The wives are all shook up from waiting to find out if it was their husband and when they ALL come home, the real stuff still hits the fan…. None of them are aware of the message that was sent. Not even the husband that is the one…….

And Jessa is mad as hell. She proceeds to blow their lives apart, with the confidences they shared with her
I am sooooo trying not to give the story away….

But we all know God don’t like ugly so
Run to the bookstore and buy both books and enjoy this double drama
5 Stars for each book


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