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Book Festivals and Events 2013

• Here are some book festivals and other venues that are happening in 2013. As more come up, they will be added to the list so check back often and sign up for newsletter.

• Please also check your local and state events in your area.

• Don’t forget libraries, churches, multi-cultural fests, and community activities that have yearly events

• If you have an event you would like to add or share please contact me so I can add your contribution to the list.

• It’s almost impossible to be at every event, so if you can’t be there… Send Swag, coupons, Skype, review copies and Ebook downloads.

• Some of these events are VERY expensive, Share and team up to split the costs

• Sororities, Fraternities and other organizations check regional events and local chapters

• If you can’t afford to vend at the event, go any way and network

• Some events are not selling venues

• While visiting these events, look up book clubs in the area. Let them know you’ll be participating, encourage them to come or arrange a book club meeting or 2 while you’re there


• Zora Neale Hurston Fest January 26- February 3 2013 Eatonville Florida

• National Coalition of 100 Black Women January 23-36 New Orleans, Louisiana


• Holla February 2 North Carolina

• Bronner Brothers Mid Winter hair show February 16-18 Atlanta Georgia


• Jazz in the Gardens March 16-17 Miami Gardens, Florida

• The National Black Writers Conference March 30, Brooklyn New York


• World Natural Hair Health April 27-28 Atlanta, Georgia

• L.A. Times April 20-21 Las Angeles. California

• Detroit Hair Wars April 28, Detroit, Michigan


• Romantic Times May 1-5 Kansas City, Missouri

• Romance Slam Jam May 2-5 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

• Book Expo America May 29- June 1 Manhattan, New York

• The Black Party (to be announced)

• Hudson Children’s Festival May 4 New York


• New York Book fest June 21 New York


• Romance Writers of America July 17-20 Atlanta, Georgia

• Harlem Book Festival July 20 New York

• Essence Music Festival July 4-7 New Orleans, Louisiana

• Delta Sigma Theta Centennial National Convention July 11-17 Washington, DC


• The Chocolate Social August 1 Atlanta, Georgia

• National Book Club Conference August 2-4 Atlanta, Georgia

• Bronner Brothers Hair Show August Atlanta, Georgia

• Tom Joyner Family Reunion August 29-September 3 Orlando, Florida

• Alpha Kappa Alpha National Conference August 7-10 New Orleans, Louisiana

• African American Literary Awards New York (Date pending)


• The Decatur Book Festival September 7-9 Decatur, Georgia

• Baltimore Book fest September 29-29 Baltimore, Maryland

• Brooklyn Book Festival September 22 Brooklyn New York

• The Congressional Black Caucus September 18-21 Washington, DC


• Black Book Festival October 24-26 Houston, Texas

• OOSA Pajama Jam October 26 Tentative date

• National Coalition of 100 Black Women October 9-13 Las Vegas, Nevada

• Cavalcade of Authors October 11-13 Chicago, Illinois


• Miami Book Festival November17-24 outdoor fair 22-24 Miami, Florida


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