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She That Findeth by Kim Brooks

Meet Kim Brooks, author of She That Findeth  #shethatfindeth

About the Book

Ten years of believing, yet still no husband in sight for Shenita Love. The Bible does say “Wait on the Lord,” which, for Shenita, means waiting for God to deliver her a soul mate. Then again, God helps those who help themselves.
On her thirty-fifth birthday, Shenita’s fear of never starting a family has reached a fever pitch. Her trusty “rule book”—filled with guidelines for dating—simply isn’t cutting it. Soon Shenita is signing up for online dating sites, hitting on men at sporting events, and putting herself out there in ways she never imagined.

When Shenita stops playing by the book and takes matters into her own hands, she finds anything can happen.

Meanwhile, her closest friends are struggling with their own issues of sexuality, acceptance, divorce, insecurity, and financial strain. Always the faithful shoulder to lean on, Shenita wants to be there for them, but her desire to find a man leads her to an unforeseeable circumstance. A place where she must examine her relationship with God and reconsider her priorities.

Excerpt from She That Findeth

Chapter 1
“Happy Birthday to ya…Happy Birthday to ya…Happy Birth-day!” sang and clapped my three closest girlfriends at a small table inside a quaint restaurant in downtown Detroit.  Too bad it wasn’t karaoke night; that was Thursday.  But I was still too excited that my birthday fell on a Saturday in March this year.  That made up for the fact that it was my 35th and here I am celebrating it with a bunch of females.
     I love my girls and all, but sometimes a sister just wants the presence of a man.
     Here I am all decked out with my off the shoulder purple blouse, short fitted gray skirt, silver stilettos and matching Gucci bag yet no man to compliment me on how good I looked.  I had just gotten my hair cut and colored with a light brown Mohawk on top that faded to black in the back and my makeup was flawless.  I even bought and wore hazel contacts, which I was hesitant to buy at first because of my brown complexion – but they actually looked kinda cute on me.
     I was feeling this “new look” and new me, yet there was no man seated next to me to whisper in my ear how I was the finest thing in the room.  Nope, at thirty-five, here I am with not a prospect in sight.  No man, no boyfriend, not even a “special friend.”            
     Lord knows I just knew I would have been married with at least two kids by now.
     I’ve been believing God for a husband for over 10 years now.
     I keep my list of ten things I’m believing God for in a mate tucked away in the zipper part of my Bible cover and have done so for years.  I guess I never really attached a timetable to my requests – maybe I should have said something to the tune of, “Before my eggs dry up and I have to believe God like Sarah and Abraham, Lord.”  Maybe then my prayer may have been granted a little earlier.  At the rate I’m going, I’m going to have to take in vitro and believe God for twins.  Thank God for technology.
     “Haaaa-peeee-birthday…Happy Birthday…Happy Birthday…”
     I could tell the waiters and waitresses, all of diverse hues, were getting a kick out of my friends’ rendition of the Stevie Wonder classic as they grinned from ear to ear and nodded their heads.  I wondered if they had ever heard it before.
     Or maybe they were laughing at my girl Danielle, also known as Dani, who swayed wildly with her Android taking pics in one hand and her glass of Sprite on the rocks in the other.  If you didn’t know Dani was saved you would think she was drunk, and at just two years shy of forty, one would never know by the way she carried herself.  Always ready for a good time, Dani took pics of herself showing off her fresh makeover, which brought out the peach undertones in her tan complexion, and her new black-and-gold minidress, which flattered her tall, curvy frame; and she also took pics of me and the rest of the crew and uploaded them to Facebook simultaneously, half of which I hadn’t even seen yet to approve.  Lord, I hope she doesn’t tag me in any pics where I’m looking crazy.  Candid shots get on my nerves.
     “Make a wish, girl!” Danielle yelled while snapping her head swerving her long, black layered weave to the other side, almost hitting Jackie in the face.
     Jackie just looked at her and rolled her eyes as she proceeded to stir her black coffee.  She wiped the cheek where Danielle’s hair almost smacked her, probably hoping it didn’t turn her fair skin pink, as Jackie bruises easily.  She had stopped singing the song a while ago and looked ready to go home.  At thirty-six, Jackie appeared as if she had had enough of all the many years of singing birthday songs and probably wanted to catch a rerun of her favorite show, Law and Order, again.  With her being a prominent, well-respected attorney in the city she was greatly intrigued by that show.   I wouldn’t be surprised if my birthday festivities weren’t ruining all her normal Saturday-night fun.  Jackie ran her fingers through her short curly red hair, then rested her hand on her forehead.  
     “Yeah, Shenita,” sprang Pippa while scooting her chair in closer to the table and positioning her round frame just right as she pointed her light brown manicured finger toward me matter-of-fact, “The Word says in 3 John 1:2  Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth, so it’s okay to make a wish and blow out the candles.”
            At thirty-two and the youngest of the crew, I wondered if Pippa really thought I needed her approval based on The Word on whether or not I should make a wish?  I guess she didn’t know me as well as I thought she did, otherwise she would know I’ve been making wishes and blowing out candles ever since I got saved fifteen years ago.  I wasn’t convicted about it then and I sholl ain’t convicted about it now.
     Man, this birthday cake had so many candles on it that it looked like if I didn’t blow them out fast someone would have to call a fire truck.
 Thirty-five candles –  one for each year of my long, unfruitful life.
     I take that back, as a public relations specialist for the Detroit chapter of a national non-profit, One Love Initiative, from the outside looking in, I had all the makings of a success.  I literally have had hundreds of people come up to me in tears and say how the non-profit I work for, which as a result of fundraising efforts provides housing options for single parents and low-income families, how I, or at least how my efforts, changed their lives.  I love what I do, and thank God for the job that definitely keeps a sister’s condo association fees paid and Benz car payment up to date, but even still, I feel my life is lacking in one area.  Love.
     So with a big inhale and then a huge blow over the strawberry shortcake with my favorite cream cheese icing, I silently made the same wish I’ve been making since I was twenty-five:  “I wish to find true love and happiness”  Except this time I did something I had never done before with my wish.  I added these four words,
“This year, Lord . . . please.”

About the Author
Kim Brooks is the Award-winning author of non-fiction and fiction books for singles including Black Expressions Bestseller, He’s Fine…but is he Saved? and her newest novel release, She That Findeth.

Kim is a former guest columnist for Gospel Today Magazine and featured on The Word Network and she publishes a monthly eNewsletter, The Single Heart, and an online daily devotional for single women which encourages thousands worldwide and is subscribable for free on her website,

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Write Now Literary Group Presents Brown Girl Publishing

The Book

Door Marriage
, A chance encounter lands NBA star
Dallas Avery back in the arms of the woman of his dreams. A woman he hasn’t
seen in years. A woman he soon discovers just so happens to be his fi ancée’s
aunt! But Dallas’ fi ancee, Tori, isn’t ready to give up all that she’s worked
for, so she makes him a shocking offer – go through with the wedding and she’ll
still allow him to be with the one woman he now can’t seem to do without.
Dallas will get a family, something her much older aunt, Alicia can’t give him.
Tori will get the lifestyle she clamors. And Alicia will get the love she’s
longed for all her life. Everyone will get a little of what they want. . . and
maybe a whole lot of what they don’t.

slept with my aunt?”

The words still didn’t register, even though this
had to be Tori’s fifth time saying them. She glared at her fiancé, still
desperately trying to come to terms with the information her mother had blasted
to everyone at the packed Thanksgiving dinner table.

“Seriously? How is that even humanly possible
when you didn’t know the woman four hours ago?” Tori shouted.

“Tori, l-let me explain,” Dallas stammered.

Twelve pairs of eyes were now focused on the
not-quite-blissful couple standing at the bottom of the stairs just off from
the dining room. 


The Author


is the national bestselling author of Every Woman Needs a Wife and the
provocative new novel, Open Door Marriage. She started writing in December of
1999,independently publishing her first novels before acquiring a book deal
with an imprint of Simon & Schuster,and most recently a book deal with
Brown Girl Publishing—the offspring of mega-successful national bestselling
authors—Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley. She is a
contributing author to a New York Times Bestseller, an award-winning author, an
E. Lynn Harris Author of Distinction and a noted book club favorite on

The Book

Strict Confidence,
Fans of John Grisham and Mary
Higgins Clark will love this suspenseful rollercoaster ride that doesn’t let up
until the very end… Psychiatrist Allen Kline is forced to make the agonizing
choice of life over death when a killer approaches him with the horrific news
that he has abducted Allen's two sons. Who the killer is and why he has chosen
Allen to victimize is a question the doctor struggles to answer. What he
discovers just may haunt him forever. Things aren’t always what they seem…
Detective Ben McCallum is on a mission. Someone is viciously murdering little
boys and Ben knows the pain all too well. His son was one of the victims and
now, it’s up to Ben to bring the killer to justice . . . before two more young
boys die. As Ben struggles to put aside his personal demons to track a killer
hellbent on revenge, he’ll discover the killer’s motives hit close to home and
everyone will discover things aren’t always what they seem. In Strict
Confidence is an intense, harrowing tale that will shock, surprise and satisfy
readers with each suspenseful word and doesn’t let up until the very last page.

Chris Kline’s eyes fluttered open and he saw only darkness. He was lying on a
cold, hard ground—concrete, he thought, naked—no wait, not naked. He still had
his boxer briefs on. He sat up and as he did, a wave of unsteadiness came over
him. Whoa. He shook his head, trying to clear cobwebs, and when his equilibrium
settled enough, he tried to stand, but couldn’t because of a manacle fastened
around his right ankle. He shivered.

Where am I?

What’s going on?

Think, Chris. Think!


The Author

S. Joseph
began his writing career at the age of thirteen.
Commandeering his parent's computer, he sat for hours on end creating dramatic
stories of fiction that earned him the "best story teller in the Joseph
household" moniker. He then went on to win second place in the National
Scholastic Writing Competition during his senior year in high school, for a
short story he wrote, titled "Playtime" (A story that he does plan to
develop into a children's tale someday soon!) The novels at thirteen and the
short story in his senior year all helped to propel him on the destined path to
becoming a published author at the age of 27, with the release of his first
novel The Choices Men Make. 

The Book

and Patent Leather
, Sasha “Pink” Jansen has heard the
voice of God. He spoke loud and clear at her purity ceremony, when she was just
sixteen years old and Pastor Malik Stroman placed that ring on her finger. And
He was just as clear when He told her that purity ring would someday be
replaced with a wedding ring from the same man . . . all Pink had to do was
save herself. Dreams of a life with Pastor Malik were enough to keep the
privileged princess committed to her vow, dodging all kinds of temptation,
resisting every romance, and the whole time, keeping her eyes on the prize –the
day she would become first lady. There’s just one problem - Pastor Malik
already has a wife. But Pink is accustomed to getting what she wants - by any
means necessary. With her grace and virtue on the line - and what she thinks is
God’s word in her head - Pink is on a mission no one understands. She’s
determined to show Pastor Malik that they belong together – and come hell or
high water, she plans to get the good reverend to agree. Candy Jackson has
penned a page-turning tale of one-woman’s quest for love and the spiraling
descent she’ll take to get it.

It had been a long time, four years to be exact, but I was ready. The night I
had been dreaming about was finally here. My life was playing out like a
well-rehearsed script, and I had the starring role.

I wanted a life with him.

It was my time; sweet victory was in the air.

I was Sasha Simone Jansen and I had come to win.

Now, as I sat at my vanity poised and proper with
my hair done and make-up flawless, I stared at my perfect cocoa complexion and
smiled. I had to be the luckiest girl in the world. No, that wasn’t it. I’m a
Christian, and we don’t believe in luck


The Author

Washington, DC author, Candy Jackson is a cosmetology teacher who loves to create poetry and short stories. Her reading rose to a brand new height with the discovery of many black writers whose work exploded in the ‘80’s. An avid reader, she began to tap into her own creative side and decided to write stories of her own. Candy is the mother of three young adult children and one grandson.

The Book

Said Than Done,
is a touching new novel of love and
risk, featuring a sassy and skillfully created cast of characters that are so full
of life, they breathe, dream, and shout right off the page. Kingston Phillips,
a beautiful entertainment executive in the fast-paced city of Chicago, has
finally grasped the brass ring. But just as her friends and colleagues are
buzzing with her success, Kingston must return to Jamaica for her grandmother’s
funeral. While there, childhood tragedies, heartbreak, and family jealousies
come back to haunt her, threatening to shatter her dreams. Not only does
Kingston come face to face with the college sweetheart who left her
heartbroken, but her grandmother names her executor of her will and forces her
to make a life-altering decision.

Nothing would be the same again. That I knew for sure, though the uncertainty
of what exactly that meant sloshed inside of me as I unlocked the door to my
office and quietly asked my mother for guidance.

Instantaneously, a peace settled in my soul, just
as I knew it would; but the question marks still pricked at my brain.

Three hours later, my secretary alerted me via
the intercom that I had a phone call and the feelings of unrest surged again. I
pushed the Talk button.

“Kingston speaking,” I said.

“Job well done, Kingston.


The Author

Nikki Woods, the author of Easier Said Than Done, is a Multi-media personality, Social Media and Personal Branding Coach, Motivational Speaker and Voice-over artist, and the CEO of Nikki Woods Media. She is also the senior producer of the acclaimed, nationally- syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS), the most successful syndicated urban radio show in history reaching more than 8 million people on a daily basis.

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