Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Favorite Reads for 2014

Picking 10 of my favorite reads is not easy. I really had to go back and review my entire list of books; I read this year and choose the ones that I thought were AMAZING and OUTSTANDING. In all fairness and LOVE to all I have read, these are the books that really stuck this year. 
These books are in no particular order and I did list the previous book if it was part of a series

Here we go!!

A Wanted Woman by Eric Jerome Dickey

Old Man in the Club by Curtis Bunn

The Perfect Deception by Lutishia Lovely   
second book in the Shady Sisters Series Book 1 was A Perfect Affair

The One I Want by Donna Hill, 
Zuri Day and Cheris Hodges

For You I Will by Donna Hill 
4th book in the Sag Harbor series

Pink and Patent Leather by Candy Jackson

It’s Complicated by Portia Cosby

Forgive Me by Stacy Campbell 
second book in the series Dream Girl Awakened is book 1

 The Joneses by Shelia Goss

Til The Well Runs Dry by                         Lauren Francis Sharma

What were your top picks for 2014?



Great list! I saw a few that I missed out on, and am getting them!

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